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“[On Well, I’ve been] I said ‘make sounds with your voice and I’ll record you backwards over this song but you’re not allowed to hear it’;  so he made sounds into the mic while I recorded and listened to it on the headphones. That’s the other voice in the background besides my voice. It went perfectly with the song. We were cosmic together.  The other song is ‘Soul Removal’. He sings and wrote the first half, and I wrote the second half, and you can hear the guitars on that. It has the thickness of a bunch of guitars, but the unity of one guitar. We weave in and out of each other in a really cool, natural way […] Me and River [Phoenix] used to have a good… we played together… a sort of communication that was intense, on just two guitars… but [I] can’t do that [now].   […] I have no one to play with anymore.” John Frusciante, 1995.