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Thanks for the +1700 followers guys <3 I have the sketch done since the last stream, but I just started with classes already, so the lineart and colours are going to be a little slow, but hey! here goes the first part. 

Fellwolves by @sanspar / bunny!blue & fox!papy idea by @keksbela

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161213 - Seventeen Melon Radio broadcast

HJS: After I’m done showering, Jeonghan always calls me

“Shua-ah shua-ah”

“Yes Jeonghan what?”

“Turn off the lights” 

*Other member completely agrees with HJS lol*

vid cr. king_0615

I was surprised somebody wanted to see this, tbh :p but I loooove DNCE, so why not?

RFA + Saeran quoting DNCE


  • The two of you were at a party. His colleagues told him it was just a little get together, but NO, it was a big crowded party
  • He didn’t want to stay if you weren’t feeling it, but you brushed it off, telling him it would be good for both of you doing some networking and why not? Having fun.
  • But Zen would rather have some different kind of fun, just the two of you… alone… at his place… you know.
  • But he didn’t want to be super obvious about it, and it looked like you were enjoying the small talk with some acquaintances, so he called you as he watched you from the bar. “Hello?”
  • “Side by side, walking home, stumbling home, getting curious: What’s on your mind?” “Right now? Huh… I’m wondering what you’re talking about…”
  • “Cause what’s on mine, a dirty mind, why so serious?” “I’m not serious, Zen, I’m just confused. What are you saying?”
  • “Babe, the stars above will light the way, just take my hand and hear the words I say…” “It sounds like you’re saying the lines from a musical” you giggle “Okay, I’m down for this, go on…”
  • “Come and roll with me, we’ll rock them body moves. Me and you, body moves.” “Oh… so you want to… dance, right?” “Coming home with me, oh babe, let it loose! Me and you… body moves.”
  • “Oh… I get it.” He chuckles imagining how flustered you are right now. “Zenny, if you needed  to go home so much, you could have just said…you…” “I don’t need it, but you know how bad I want it…” Shit, his voice is so sexy…
  • You start walking, looking around to find him, but he’s nowhere to be seen. It takes you to get outside to feel someone embracing you from behind. It’s Zen, burying his face in the nape of your neck and grinding against you lightly. You let a small gasp as you feel how bad he wants it. “What’s wrong, babe?” “N-nothing. Let’s just get out of here, you… gotta know that I’m feeling this…


  • It’s been the third night on a roll you stayed over, but went home before he could wake up.
  • You’re not doing it to be a jerk, is just… he looks so tired and so cute in his sleep you don’t want to wake him up, and you need to change your clothes because people are vicious and talk about stuff like that at your workplace.
  • And though he understands all this… he really wants you to stay for real, waking up by his side, having breakfast with him and then he can go to college and you can work feeling ready and refreshed in the morning.
  •  But boy blushes just to the thought of asking you, so he remembers that song you’ve been listening a lot and calls you: ”Baby, you don’t have to rush! You could leave a toothbrush at my place!” “Well, uhm… good morning, Yoosung!”
  • “We don’t need to keep it hush, you could leave a toothbrush at my place…” “Oh, is this because I said I was going to use yours? Don’t worry, honey, it was just a joke, this would be gross and…”
  • “When you’re standing there in your underwear and my t-shirt from the night before.” Oh… that escalated quickly… “Yoosung, are you okay?”
  • Of course he’s not! He’s read as a beet, but boy is determined to say at least all the bridge: “With your messed up hair and your feet still bare… would you mind closing the bedroom door?”
  • “Oh… is this about the last nights, honey? Please don’t be hurt, I just don’t to wake you up! And you know I have to work early in the morning, I can’t go there with the same clothes from the day before, people are mean and gossip a lot, you know? But I… really like spending the night with you…”
  • “I don’t want this to end and there’s no need to play pretend. If you stay with me again, would you mind closing the bedroom door?” “What do you mean by not wanting this to end? Yoosung, you’re…?”
  • “I… yes, MC, you could leave a toothbrush and all your belongings at my place… Would you mind… moving in with me?”



  •  Okay, this woman is a completely different person now from who she used to be.
  • She smiles a lot more, hums her favorite songs while baking and even dances around her room.
  • Lately, there isn’t a single thing that can take this sunshine smile away from her face. Not even this chaotic rainy day after a night getting turnt with you at a bar.
  • You’ve texted her about getting a little late to the cafe due to the storm and she can feel your frustration even through some mindlessly typed words. So… why not calling you to bright up your spirit a little?
  • “Today is gonna be a good day! Don’t care what anybody else say!” “Jaehe? Hi! Yes, the trains still aren’t working, I don’t know when will I see you, I’m sorry… ugh… and this damn hangover… how are you, by the way?”
  • “Advil, good pill. Head pounds like the bass at the party bus.” “What? Yes, the bus isn’t working either! I just asked how were you doing? Are you feeling well?”
  • “I feel like a million bucks in a toilet, my head to my toes to my soul has been poisoned!” “Shit, that bad, huh? I’m so sorry if I made you drink too much…”
  • “Living proof that even when your whole life has been destroyed, you still can enjoy it!” “Oh… I… I’m not sure if you’re just being dramatic or getting all emotional again like last night…”
  • “Today it’s gonna be a good day! Don’t care what anybody else say!” “Yeah, you’ve already said that… wait! Jaehee, are you still drunk?”
  • “What? No, silly! I just remembered this song you sang at the karaoke last night…” “Oh, you remember? Ugh… so embarrassing!” she chuckles “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, not in a good day like this!” “How can you keep saying it’s a good day, Jaehee?” “Well, it’s always a good day for me ever since you came along…” NNNNG YOU GOTTA SEE HER EVEN IF IT MEANS YOU’LL HAVE TO PUSH THE TRAIN BY YOURSELF!



  • You’ve fallen sick. Nothing too alarming, just a small flu.
  • Not to him, he’s so concerned he keeps calling Jaehee to check on you every 30 minutes.
  • Of course he would check on you himself, but… unfortunately, he’s abroad for a business trip, which only adds more to his concerns.
  • And everytime he calls, he sounds so guilty and upset for not being there for you, and now you’re feeling guilty for getting sick and making him worry so much. Oh… he never wanted to make you feel bad.
  •  No, next time he calls, it will be to calm you down and make you feel good! Yes! What was that song from that group you like? Oh… “Hello?”
  • “Lady, do you feel okay? Is it hard to breathe? Hard to sleep? Getting weaker every day…” “Jezz honey, I already told you it’s just a flu, calm down.”
  • “Need something to ease the pain? You can count on me for a fee…” “What… what do you mean?” you chuckle nervously, knowing that when he starts with this sultry tone, there’s no going back.
  • “You’re gonna need a real good doctor…” Yes, he already came and prescript some vitamins.”
  • “Doctor Me…whenever you feel the fever burning hotter, call me…” “Jumin, I… okay, I really miss you…” seriously, there’s no going back!
  • “Yes, my princess, I’m going to make you feel better when I get home, but I suppose there’s a way to make you feel good for now…” this man… only him to make you feel sexy with a running nose and swollen eyes…



  • He’s worried because you seemed a little gloom the last few days
  • You told him is just a problem with your father and are already on it, but everytime he calls you, you seem even sadder.
  • It’s hurting him! Because it isn’t fair! Just now that his brother is stable and living a normal life? No more family drama! Family is supposed to be about support, happiness… just like the one he’s starting with you and Saeran.
  • And he knows all about the problem with your father, it’s always the same problem with him and his… cheating tendencies, and yet, there you go once again to cool things off between him and your mother.
  • You tell him how draining this is, and he feels bad for you thinking that this is your responsibility when it’s not. No, he needs to take you away from this mess just a little…
  • “Baby, put on your high heels, runnin’ shoes and let’s just run away!” “Saeyoung?” “Yeah, I got the plan to kill your blues and all it take sit’s just you and me!” “Blues? Why? I’m not sad…anyway, what are you up to?”
  • “I got a full tank lady and I’m ready to drive! I got a full tank baby, just look up at the sky!” “Ah yes… the stars always calm you down, right? Well, it won’t hurt if I try, I guess…”
  • “You said that you hated here, so why don’t we disappear? If you want to go the moon, I’ll take you there, baby, zoom!” “Oh… I thought we would be going there only in our wedding… anyway, I… don’t hate in here, Saeyoung, but… thanks.”
  • “Where you going? I’m going too!” “S-seriously? Will you come to my parents’ house and stay with me? Oh, I… I would be so happy! You have no idea!”
  • “Yes, don’ worry! I’m coming! Do you mind if I bring Saeran with me?” “Oh, not at all! I would love to have you both here! Thank you, honey!” he feels his heart fluttering from how much your tone has already changed from happiness “Nah, no need to thank me, what is family for, anyway?”



  • Okay, he loves you
  • But sometimes it annoys him as hell when you treat him like a baby! He’s your boyfriend, not your son!
  • Yes, he’s aware that his recovery is a journey and all, but he’s being pretty normal these days, having a normal relationship with you. But it’s not normal how you always refrain yourself from flirting with him because you’re worried he might not be ready for this.
  • Actually, what worries him is that you might be… scared of him. And this is something he wouldn’t be able to live with.
  • No, he can be a cool guy who you can have fun with. You know, just like the people in that weird music video you showed him with the giant cake at the beach! So he calls you
  • “Oh no! Seeing you walk around like it’s a funeral! Not so serious, girl, why those feet cold?” “What are you saying, Saeran? I… I’m confused…” “We’re just getting started, don’t you tiptoe!”
  • “Saeran, are you… okay? You’re not making much sense, and I… get worried when this happens, you know…”  “Talk to me, baby!”
  • “Talk to you? Hum, okay… what are you doing right now?” “I’ll keep on hoping we’ll eat cake by the ocean!” “Oh… that would… be fun! I would love to go to the beach with you one day!”
  • “God damn! See you licking frosting from your own hands! Want another taste, I’m begging ‘yes, maa’m’! I’m tired of all this candy in the dry land” he listens you clearing your throat, oh… are you getting flustered? Good.
  • “Yeah, I’m tired of dry land too. So, uhm… what exactly are you trying to tell me?” “Only if you tell me what you’re really thinking…” “Right now? Oh, I’m uhm… thinking of the beach thing, I… would really like to see you on shorts…and… nothing else…” he smirks: “Okay, let’s go to the beach then! I’ll wear shorts and you bring the cak… no, bring ice cream, it’s better!”

Jezz.. Karlie what you want, sorry Call it what you want, is so smooth and like you can listen it anytime of the day!

also Karlie what you want, sorry again, Call it what you want in acoustic version sounds even smoother like.. and the lyrics are so deep and meaningful!

Not in my top three but Karlie what you want, damn Call it what you want deserves all the bows 🙌🏼😍

anonymous asked:

I was just in a car accident today. Can I have Gaara cuddling and/or comforting s/o after a bad day u_u

Oh no! I hope you’re alright! Car accident’s can be brutal, I know from experience. So I wanted to get this out to you as fast as I could. Hopefully it makes you feel a little better <3

~Mod Whipski

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Anon ask: Can you do an imagine where the reader is Melinda and Phil daughter who tries to ask Daisy out during training?

warning: none?

(A/N): oh god this is short and sucks so sorry

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the warm light of the sun hitting your skin made you purr into the pillow , today was a perfect day to stay in bed , doing nothing more than sleep, but unfortunately , today was training day, and the worst part is that Melinda May a.k.a your mother , is your trainer. I know , with just the information of Melinda training you was enough to stay in bed protecting yourself with the blankets.

knock knock knock

“ugh…please not be my mom, please not be my mom you“ mumble while you get out of the bed , walking lazily to the door.

knock knock knock

“jezz I’m coming!” you scream opening the door. For your surprise, it wasn’t your mother, it was Daisy…OH SHIT IT WAS DAISY

“Daisy! what are you doing here?” you said , trying to act normal. Daisy was your crush since your father Phil Coulson introduced her to you ,and by the little smile that she was doing , you probably were looking like shit.

“Hey Y/N , Goodmorning to you too” She said giggling a little “May is waiting for you , is Training Day sooo yeah , I came to take you there”

“oh yeah, I forgot about training , I was too busy sleeping and enjoying my soft blanket” You said sarcastically

“hey! at least you have a soft blanket , I lost mine” she said with a little pout.

“God how can she be so damn cute?”, you thought

“how can you lost your blanket?” you asked her while you walk to your bathroom. Daisy sit down on your bed grabbing the blanket

“I took it to a mission once and well… It didn’t end well we had to run away from the situation , leaving my blanket in the process”

You came out of the room wearing your normal training clothes.

“You can use mine if you want” You said without thinking.

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