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Thanks for the +1700 followers guys <3 I have the sketch done since the last stream, but I just started with classes already, so the lineart and colours are going to be a little slow, but hey! here goes the first part. 

Fellwolves by @sanspar / bunny!blue & fox!papy idea by @keksbela

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161213 - Seventeen Melon Radio broadcast

HJS: After I’m done showering, Jeonghan always calls me

“Shua-ah shua-ah”

“Yes Jeonghan what?”

“Turn off the lights” 

*Other member completely agrees with HJS lol*

vid cr. king_0615


Anon ask: Can you do an imagine where the reader is Melinda and Phil daughter who tries to ask Daisy out during training?

warning: none?

(A/N): oh god this is short and sucks so sorry

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the warm light of the sun hitting your skin made you purr into the pillow , today was a perfect day to stay in bed , doing nothing more than sleep, but unfortunately , today was training day, and the worst part is that Melinda May a.k.a your mother , is your trainer. I know , with just the information of Melinda training you was enough to stay in bed protecting yourself with the blankets.

knock knock knock

“ugh…please not be my mom, please not be my mom you“ mumble while you get out of the bed , walking lazily to the door.

knock knock knock

“jezz I’m coming!” you scream opening the door. For your surprise, it wasn’t your mother, it was Daisy…OH SHIT IT WAS DAISY

“Daisy! what are you doing here?” you said , trying to act normal. Daisy was your crush since your father Phil Coulson introduced her to you ,and by the little smile that she was doing , you probably were looking like shit.

“Hey Y/N , Goodmorning to you too” She said giggling a little “May is waiting for you , is Training Day sooo yeah , I came to take you there”

“oh yeah, I forgot about training , I was too busy sleeping and enjoying my soft blanket” You said sarcastically

“hey! at least you have a soft blanket , I lost mine” she said with a little pout.

“God how can she be so damn cute?”, you thought

“how can you lost your blanket?” you asked her while you walk to your bathroom. Daisy sit down on your bed grabbing the blanket

“I took it to a mission once and well… It didn’t end well we had to run away from the situation , leaving my blanket in the process”

You came out of the room wearing your normal training clothes.

“You can use mine if you want” You said without thinking.

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