I do push the boys, and you can see it with someone like Liam. When I first started working with them—and he’ll tell you the same—he wouldn’t want to wear any color, any patterns or stripes. He knew what he wanted - grays, blues, blacks. That was it. And I don’t know what happened … I think we broke for the summer and he came back to work and I was like, “Liam, what happened to you? Did you go through the Hot Tub Time Machine and come back out? You’re sizzling like bacon right now! What’s happened?” It’s really weird how people grow so quickly.

Interviewer: Growing physically?

Yeah! Physically, mentally. He came into his own and I could see that. And I very much style based on people’s personalities, their body language. And I was like, “This boy has got some confidence! I can work with that!”

—  Caroline Watson on Behind the Boy Band article about Liam +

Down in Hell, surrounded by all those poor unfortunate souls, Jezebel dreams that someday her prince (or princess) will come. She wants a whole new world where she can just let it go. She just wants to be part of our world and feel the love tonight.

Enjoy the musical trailer for Saints Row: Gat out of Hell!

"Christian Blogger" Thinks Tights are Lustful--and I Think She's Right.

Self-righteous blogger and all-around martyr, Veronica Partridge, took to the internet to express her difficult decision to leave tights behind for good. After consulting with her husband about the attire, he claimed that “seeing women in yoga pants was something he had to consciously try to avoid CAUSE DDDDDAMN LADIES CHECK OUT ALL THAT THIGH MEAT”*. I get it. I think tights are lustful too…I would totally bone my tights. (See above)

After years of advocating for tights as pants, I get why people think they’re too sensual. I mean, have you worn them? Between the stretch, the warmth, and the pattern variety, I’m surprised more people aren’t turned on by them.  Nothing is as comfortable. If I could put a ring on my tights, I would. I would abandon an otherwise perfect marriage because I saw someone else enjoying the elastic pleasure of $10 tights from H&M. 

Just picture us, curled up on the couch, me accidentally embarrasingly teasingly dripping peanut butter straight from the jar onto my tights as I binge-watch Downton Abbey in the dark.  Ooof. I should have added a NSFW warning.

In fact, it is 100% my tights, and not  at all what’s under them that drives creepy old pervs upstanding gentlemen who just want to be able to see women as men human animals wild. That’s why ANY time ANYONE at ALL wears tights it’s a problem.

^^ sexual ^^

^^ sexual ^^


^^ AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! ^^

So yes. I get it. It’s a totally normal reaction to a person wearing fabric on the lower half of their body. It most certainly warrants a conversation with your hubsand–much less a melodramatic blog post. Making fart sounds with her mouth would not be a more intelligent argument.

*paraphrased I’m sure

xo - Akilah

Really interesting (and disheartening) post over at Jezebel by author Catherine Nichols, about sending out her manuscripts to agents under her own name and that of an invented male author.

Within 24 hours George had five responses—three manuscript requests and two warm rejections praising his exciting project. For contrast, under my own name, the same letter and pages sent 50 times had netted me a total of two manuscript requests. The responses gave me a little frisson of delight at being called “Mr.” and then I got mad. Three manuscript requests on a Saturday, not even during business hours! The judgments about my work that had seemed as solid as the walls of my house had turned out to be meaningless. My novel wasn’t the problem, it was me—Catherine.

Read the whole piece here.

– Petra

anonymous asked:

Hi :) I read today that there's a strong link between the contraceptive pill and Crohn's Disease. Do you know if this is true? I've been taking the pill for 2 years now and my family has a history of Crohns (my dad suffers quite badly with it) - should I stop taking it?


POP SCIENCE ARTICLES DRIVE ME CRAZY.  I just read an article in Jezebel that you probably read as well, stating boldly in the headline that pills “cause” Crohn’s Disease.  Now, nowhere in the article was there a link to the study they were talking about, just a link to another article that ALSO had no link to the actual study.  

Since I actually know how to do this stuff, I looked through various scientific journals and searched a couple databases until I found the article, and let me tell you, it says nothing of the sort.  Jezebel, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Terrible, fear-mongering reporting.

The actual study, Oral contraceptives, reproductive factors and risk of inflammatory bowel disease, came out in 2013.  It states:

“In two large prospective cohorts of US women, oral contraceptive use was associated with risk of [Crohn’s Disease]. The association between oral contraceptive use and [Ulcerative Colitis] was limited to women with a history of smoking.”

The numbers they report are that people who are currently using combined hormonal birth control pills are 2.88 times more likely to be diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.

In the USA, 0.32% of people have Crohn’s Disease.  Taking birth control pills brings that percentage up approximately to 0.92-ish%.

If you have a very strong family history of Crohn’s Disease and other risk factors, I think it might be wise to reconsider using combined hormonal contraception (estrogen containing).  Look into a progesterone-only or non-hormonal method.  Also, stop smoking.

However, for everyone else, don’t panic.  Your risk just increased from very very very small to only very very small. If you really can’t abide by the risk, switch to a progesterone-only or a non-hormonal method, but don’t just stop using birth control!!!