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I think you and theculturalvaccuum have brought this up before, but why do D&D love the "we don't choose who we love" bit so much? Unless you're speaking in strict terms of sexual attraction, you actually have a great deal of choice who you love. I really don't understand why D&D find this so g-d clever, but it seems pretty clear this is a spot where they're convinced they've "improved" on GRRM's work.

Yeah, like, this is really not a major theme of GRRM’s, is it? And when it’s there, it’s not quite so positive (Robb and Jeyne).

I’m not sure I really want to psychoanalyze why it is that D&D are so drawn to this sentiment, especially when there’d be heavily unsavory implications based on certain um…patterns of what they seem to find romantic (especially in Benioff’s works). Like, whatever their reasons are, you hit the nail on the head that they think this is an improvement, for sure.

Maybe this is their idea of being progressive? It’d be about as misaimed as everything else they do.


“Help me.” She clutched at him. “Please. I used to watch you in the yard, playing with your swords. You were so handsome.” She squeezed his arm. “If we ran away, I could be your wife, or your… your whore… whatever you wanted. You could be my man.”

Theon wrenched his arm away from her. “I’m no … I’m no one’s man.” A man would help her. “Just… just be Arya, be his wife. Please him, or… just please him, and stop this talk about being someone else.” Jeyne, her name is Jeyne, it rhymes with pain. The music was growing more insistent. “It is time. Wipe those tears from your eyes.” Brown eyes. They should be grey. Someone will see. Someone will remember. “Good. Now smile.” ― The Prince of Winterfell, A Dance with Dragons.

“(…) It was not right that she should look to him for rescue. What had she been thinking, that he would whistle up a winged horse and fly her out of here, like some hero in the stories (…)? He could not even help himself. Reek, Reek, it rhymes with meek.”

- George R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire.

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Hi Butterfly! Thanks for your amazing content and analysis! Do you have any thoughts on the unfortunate mistresses of Aegin IV? Did any of their stories particularly interest you? Or his children with them (other than Bloodraven/Bittersteel/Daemon Blackfyre/Shiera)? Is there anyway to know what happened to them? What are your thoughts on Barbara/Missy/Bethany extension of the Blackwood/Bracken feud? Thank you so much, I would love to know your opinions!

Hey, you’re so welcome! Well, you can see my previous posts on the nine mistresses of Aegon IV under, um, the obvious tag. (Though others might be found under their specific names, as well as the names of their children.) They all interest me about the same as any minor character in ASOIAF (although I’m slightly biased towards Melissa Blackwood because I love Blackwoods and Bloodraven), but I do have to say that Bellegere Otherys had the most adventurously interesting life, Cassella Vaith one of the saddest, and Merry Meg (ironically) the most tragic. (Bethany’s life was also pretty godawful.)

I’m afraid I don’t know which “them” you mean when you ask what happened to them, Aegon’s mistresses or their children. In case you mean the children: Meg’s girls became septas; Bellegere’s children (other than Bellenora) probably had ordinary lives in Braavos or became a trader/pirate like her (and Bellenora became the first Braavosi courtesan called the Black Pearl); I have a few ideas about Missy’s girls; and we know what happened to Aegor, Brynden, and Shiera.

If you mean what happened to Aegon’s mistresses:

  • Falena Stokeworth: probably died in disgrace at Harrenhal
  • Megette: beaten to death by her husband
  • Cassella Vaith: became the “mad old Lady Vaith” who Dunk managed to offend when he was in Dorne (probably by blurting out that Aegon IV was long dead and would never send for her)
  • Bellegere Otherys: either died during one of her smuggler/pirate adventures, or retired to a comfortable life in Braavos with her riches and her fame (which she may have also used to enable Bellenora’s career as a courtesan)
  • Barba Bracken: died resentfully at Stone Hedge
  • Melissa Blackwood: died at peace at Raventree Hall and was buried under their weirwood (there’s also a statue of her in the godswood)
  • Bethany Bracken: was executed (along with her father) after being forced to watch her lover Terrence Toyne be dismembered piece by piece
  • Jeyne Lothson: probably died in disgrace at Harrenhal
  • Serenei of Lys: died in childbirth

All I can say about the Blackwood/Bracken feud in relation to the mistresses is “ugh”. The story of the Teats is vaguely amusing, but the fact that Bethany was groomed (such a telling word) by her father and sister to seduce Aegon and displace Melissa, in hopes of the Brackens profiting again from a connection to the king, is incredibly creepy and disgusting. And what happened to Bethany in the end was godawful (as I said above). With that object lesson, I’m honestly surprised that Falena tried the same thing with her 14-year-old daughter Jeyne less than a year later (though at least it didn’t end quite as badly for them). Aegon the Unworthy was a loathsome sleazebag, one of Westeros’s worst kings who died as horribly as he deserved, and no good ever came from trying to profit from his indiscriminate, thoughtless, and selfish sexual predilections.

Hope that helps! If you have any other questions on this or any subject, just let me know.

–– ♕ Jeyne enjoyed this vast new world to some extent. She didn’t understand how women’s legs weren’t absolutely freezing (she would keep her gowns) or how people were not blatantly terrified of ‘cars’, nor did she understand where the moving pictures came from. But running water was nice, lights without candles was far easier and the smell was certainly better. The most valuable feature by far was the absence of a Lannister guard breathing down her neck. She hadn’t realized that she’d been staring until the feet her eyes had been locked upon shifted uncomfortably. Oh, my apologies! It’s just… She cocked her head at the shoes curiously, before tilting it the other way. Does that not hurt your feet?

Baby, It's Dark Inside

Challenge accepted and completed. If I had to write a song for the book Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts or basically any dark-ish book, this would be it. Now someone actually do it. Srsly. Then post it on YT so I can enjoy the creepiness of it.

I really can’t stay (Baby, it’s dark inside)
I’ve got to go ‘way (Baby, it’s dark inside)
This evening has been (I’m hopin’ that you can win) 
Unexpectedly nice (I’ll leave you fast, my heart is like ice) 

My mother will start to worry (You’ll die soon if you don’t hurry)
Father won’t wait at the door (Can’t you see evil at the shore?)
So really, I’d better scurry (Don’t wait for me, please hurry)
Well, maybe just half a minute more (This really is becoming quite the chore)

My neighbours are dead (Baby, it’s bad out there)
Surrounded by red (No one to help you out there)
I wish I knew how (My eyes hold darkness now) 
To stop this hell (Get away, there’s dark in this shell)

I oughta say no, no, no sir (Mind if I stop you from moving closer?)
At least I’m gonna say that I tried (You really need to run and hide)
You really can’t stay (But baby, I'mma hold out)
Oh, 'cause it’s dark inside.

I simply must go ('Cause it’s dark inside)
But our love did grow (Baby, it’s dark inside)
Our time now has been (This dark will cause me to sin)
So nice and warm (Look into my eyes, at that storm)

You’re starting to act suspicious (Your soul looks delicious)
Don’t know why I didn’t see it before (Now don’t go believing the lore)
But I’ve heard your kind is vicious (Words of the superstitious)
Maybe I’ll stay a minute more (Never heard such nonsense before)

Let’s make a new home (Baby, I’ll freeze you out there)
How 'bout we just roam? (Might leave you on your knees out there)
But this has been grand (I can kill you with this hand)
Oh, but don’t you see (How can you do this thing to me)

There’s bound to be a tomorrow (Maybe one with too much sorrow)
We don’t have to always fight and hide (I won’t forgive myself if you died)
You can’t keep away (Get over my hold out)
Oh, but you’ve got light inside.

I read the Catelyn ASOS chapter last night where Robb executes Karstark and it hit me that even if the RW hadn’t happened, Robb a) was gonna die fairly soon and b) he knew it. He was gonna die in battle trying to get out of the Riverlands or he was going to be captured, taken to KL, and executed as a traitor like Ned.

Had he not married Jeyne, had Cat not released Jaime, had Karstark not murdered the Lannister boys, he probably would have been alright. Hell, even if just one of those things had happened it would have been okay. But he’d lost the Frey men and the Karstark men, so he didn’t have enough fighters to make an advancement anywhere. At that point, he knows the Freys wont let him pass through the Twins. Lysa wasn’t going to open the Bloody Gate for him to sail North. And to sail North from the Trident would take him right past the Iron Islands.

Jeyne says that all Robb was doing was staring at maps – poor Robb knew this too, he had to have. He had to have been searching for something he hadn’t thought of before. And it makes his execution of Richard Karstark even weightier, IMHO. Instead of saying “Fuck it, we’re doomed anyway,” he sticks to his honor and executes Karstark KNOWING the Karstark men will abandon him, KNOWING that Harrion would denounce him. Like Ned, he was going to be honorable to the very end. Those few lines about Robb putting his crown on his head and saying “he killed my honor”–Being an HONORABLE KING UNTIL THE END????? ugh Robb y u hurt me so bad, tho?

Cat knew it too. She’s the one who told him him the truth instead of consoling him “that it would be alright.” And when Jeyne walks away from Cat, Cat notes her childbearing hips and thinks her hips might be the most important thing of all. AKA HER ABILITY TO BEAR AN HEIR. Cat also knows that Robb may likely die very soon, and that Jeyne’s production of an heir, the next KITN, is the only thing that could save the claim the Starks had to the North. (Believing Bran and Rickon dead of course, and the girls as all but lost as Lannister hostages.)



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What do you think of the idea that Arya will end the series by permanently becoming Nymeria, her direwolf?

Well, that wouldn’t be permanent: 

“They say you forget,” Haggon had told him, a few weeks before his own death. “When the man’s flesh dies, his spirit lives on inside the beast, but every day his memory fades, and the beast becomes a little less a warg, a little more a wolf, until nothing of the man is left and only the beast remains.”

And I think she snaps fully back to herself in TWOW (thanks to the shock of hearing Jeyne Poole referred to as “Arya Stark”) and stays that way, m’self. 

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so i accidentally came across anti-reylo blog and my jaw dropped. i mean... there are actual people who specifically run blogs just to hate stuff... can you imagine hating yourself, other people, and life so much to dedicate your time to openly scream "I HATE THIS" like a 7-year-old ?? and WE are fucked up?? im speechless - AJ.


I haven’t come across any such blogs but I don’t doubt they exist. Honestly, as someone who comes from the Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones fandom, wherein some people literally ship a murderous rapist with his abused wife, not to mention OHMYGOD all the incest, it makes no sense to me. Reylo is pretty tame compared to Ramsay Bolton/Jeyne Poole, or Joffrey Baratheon/Sansa Stark, or Robb Stark/Jon Snow. Seriously, Ramsay Bolton is a serial killer and rapist who likes to flay people alive. Joffrey Baratheon ordered Sansa’s father be executed in front of her. Robb and Jon are half siblings. But the antis are up at arms over Reylo? Um, okay, sure. 

I feel bad for them, actually. I love the Star Wars/Reylo fandom, and feel like it’s all so positive. I love interacting with people and reading meta and seeing all the great fanart. I get such a warm fuzzy feeling from all of my Tumbling because of how awesome everyone is. It blows my mind that there are people who spend as much time on Tumblr as I do but they spend it focused on such negative things. Like, where’s the fun in that? 


P.S. I mentioned this once before, but did you know that Peter Pevensie/Aslan/Edmund Pevensie (from the Chronicles of Narnia) is an actual pairing (rare, thankfully, but still)?! Incest beastiality slash! Also, in that universe, Aslan is basically Jesus, so add a level of blasphemy to that. How is it that in a world where that exists, Reylo is the thing people are upset about?! I mean really?!

P.P.S. NOT that I believe ANYONE should be shamed for what they ship!!! I feel like shipping is a deeply personal thing and sometimes things just hit you… It’s not really a choice. I think people should ship whatever makes them happy, and if it squicks me personally out I’ll avoid it. There are ships I find distasteful and don’t understand but no one is making me ship them so whatever.
Theon: Fluff and Love

(Word Count: 1,595)

It had been nearly two years since Theon Greyjoy had escaped the capture of the Bolton’s with Jeyne Poole, the girl the Bolton’s were saying was Arya Stark. Theon should have died at the hands of King Stannis Baratheon, the King of the Seven Kingdoms, and he would have if it hadn’t been for Lady Y/n. Being a Northern, y/n grew up knowing the Stark children and Theon once he became a ward of Lord Eddard Stark. She should have hated Theon, should have watched with a bright smile as he was killed, but when the time came she couldn’t bear the thought. She had already lost Robb and her brothers to the Northern march South, she didn’t want to lose Theon as well. So she vouched for Theon and somehow managed to talk the King into allowing Theon to come live with her and her servants in her Father’s castle.

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