Theon Greyjoy taking Jeyne on a date to watch the Notebook because he thinks it’ll make her emotional and he can put his arm around her and comfort her but it ends up with Theon gross crying over ice-cream because “their love was too real”. 

This really confuses me...

Sandor Clegane: Murders Mycah and laughs about it, becomes enamored with 11 year old Sansa, intimidates and mocks her several times, holds her at knifepoint, tells her he enjoys killing, says men women and children are just meat and he’s the butcher, never really shows remorse for his actions.

Many Asoiaf fans: Omg, he’s so badass and misunderstood!! He cares about Sansa in his own way, they’re like Beauty & The Beast, it’s so romantic! He had a horrible childhood, I feel so bad for him!

Theon Greyjoy: Decides to side with his blood family, takes Winterfell, allows Ramsay to murder the two Miller’s Boys, immediately has horrible guilty nightmares afterwards, gets captured and tortured by Ramsay, regrets all he has done, eventually finds the courage to escape and rescues Jeyne Poole in the process.

Many of the exact same Asoiaf fans: He’s a monster!! He betrayed the Starks and murdered children, he can never be redeemed! He deserved what Ramsay did to him, JUSTICE FOR THE MILLER’S BOYS!!

This is something I’ve never understood about the Asoiaf fandom and probably will never understand. 

For the record, I have no problem whatsoever with people liking Sandor and I don’t even hate the guy myself. What I don’t understand is why many people insist on making excuses for all of his actions while contradicting themselves at the same time by holding other characters up to higher standards. So Sandor has a few funny one-liners so that cancels out all he has done? I just don’t get it.

the-dornish-bear asked:

it's weird too that Sansa is the smokeshow of the bunch on the show because of sophie turner being all that wow. Arya was meant to be the prettyone at least in my reading, because she gets compared to Lyanna. I though shit if she looks like Lyanna and rheagar was willing to start a war to get with that Arya must be the one destined to be the beauty of the stark kids.

?????? Sansa’s been mentioned as being prettier than arya quite a few times??? They don’t say arya’s ugly, just unkempt and obviously not grown into herself yet, and yeah she resembles the stark side of the family (lyanna) more than the tully side, which is sansa.

but bruh sansa is basically bombshell status in westoros. Like, half of KL mentions it. Cersei, Bobby B, Petyr, Tyrion, the hound, Jeyne, Marillon, like its mentioned ALOT in text that she’s a babe.

sophie turner is A+++ perfect casting for sansa. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you make a gifset of parallels of Sansa's firendships with Jeyne Poole, Margaery and Myranda Royce, please?

That’s a great idea! I can’t stop thinking the way Myranda’s friendship could parallel these other two :) I’ll try to fix boths, but maybe I’ll have to make two sets, is that ok?


women of colour in a song of ice and fire

q'orianka kilcher as daenerys targaryen
gong li as cersei lannister
kerry washington as catelyn stark
nathalie emmanuel as sansa stark
willow smith as arya stark
sonam kapoor as margaery tyrell
naomie harris as melisandre
aisha hinds as brienne of tarth
chipo chung as ygritte
jessica sula as jeyne westerling


asoiaf minor characters meme: (1/10) characters ➝ JEYNE POOLE

The girl was slim, and taller than he remembered, but that was only to be expected. Girls grow fast at that age. Her dress was grey wool bordered with white satin; over it she wore an ermine cloak clasped with a silver wolf’s head. Dark brown hair fell halfway down her back. And her eyes … That is not Lord Eddard’s daughter. Arya had her father’s eyes, the grey eyes of the Starks. A girl her age might let her hair grow long, add inches to her height, see her chest fill out, but she could not change the color of her eyes. That’s Sansa’s little friend, the steward’s girl. Jeyne, that was her name. Jeyne Poole.