jey coleman


This Just In: Jey Coleman Insulated Sport Coat

$120 @ Daffy's 

I bought a winter coat in July.  I bought a coat that was more than $90.  I’m ok with these things.  I plan ahead and I sometimes go over my spending cap when I don’t think I’ll come by something any other way.  

I spent the entire fall/winter looking for an insulated sport coat that I liked.  No, for real.  Check my archives.  Polo, Uniqlo, Burberry, Zegna, Hackett, etc.  They either didn’t fit well, were too much, or were missing important details.  

This one has every detail I want except two.  Three button (with zipper), chest pocket, side vents, surgeon’s cuffs (they need to be cut open), throat latch/throat button, flap/patch pockets and a great fit.  It’s missing elbow patches, navy suede elbow patches.  I can have those added though.  I also wish it was a bit longer, but it does cover my butt.  I might have the sleeves shortened a bit too.  Besides that I’m extremely happy with this thing.

They had it in navy as well, but there was something about this grey that just looked right to me.  I don’t own any black clothes, so I’m curious how I’ll work this into my wardrobe.  I guess we’ll see in several, several months.  Thanks, Daffy’s.