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As a content creator I love it when people redesign my ocs. It's nice and fun seeing how other people interpret your characters! It's never offensive unless theyre trying to be offensive. Plus if alot of people are mad at the design, it's up to the content creator to at least take that into account and ponder on the criticism.

it baffles me personally because people treat it like someone is redesigning their ocs. people alter designs and redesign characters all the time, its nothing new and i wish the fandom could respect that

Guys I’m just gonna say this:

If you have a problem with cursing/jexing/jinxing in any form? That’s fine.


Big freaking BUT here.

That doesn’t make it your mission in life to go around judging other witches and telling them they absolutely shouldn’t ever curse. You have your reasons for not cursing. They have their reasons for doing so.

Let. People. Live.

Agree to disagree and move along.

A Date With Darkiplier

[Fanfiction written by Jex, who preferred to not have their username included]

You and Dark had been seeing each other for a little while now. Or maybe he was seeing you. You weren’t sure if you ever had a choice in the matter. There was something about you that he desired, and so he had to have you. And you, of course, were fine with that.
You weren’t sure what he was or what he could do, but you felt safe with him even with all the unease you felt if he came home with even a speck of red on his grey suit.
You couldn’t remember being happier than you were when you were with him. In fact, you couldn’t remember any of your life before him. Did you go to school? Did you have a family? It either didn’t matter or it never existed to begin with.

You were on a date, you think. There was wine and a meal and his dark eyes piercing your soul as the world faded around you. “All you have to do is let me in…”

It was that simple. He had purred those words to you over dinner and you felt as if your life had truly begun. It was exciting. He made you feel that, together, the world had endless possibilities.

He had spent a lot of time with you at first, showing you the stars and far off places you could never have dreamed of visiting before he came. You would look at the endless sky or the never-ending landscape before you. He would only look at you. His eyes were cold and black but his smile filled you with such warmth you hardly noticed. They were like black coals of an ancient fire gone out long ago, and although you trusted him, there was a feeling in the back of your mind to never let those embers be stoked against you.

Only once in your time together had they come close. He had started going back to work, at least you assumed it was work, but he would still take you to dinner. Booking out the restaurant, never the same place twice. He always picked, but you never disagreed on where to go. You wore the outfit he picked out for you and held open any door that came before you. He pulled your chair for you, ordered for you, even once dotting the corner of your pretty mouth with a napkin for you.

He allowed the waiter to pour your drink. The next thing you knew you were back at home and he was yelling furiously. At first it was at you. “How dare you let anyone look at you. You belong to me. Understand?!” He bellowed with a voice that made the walls shake and your knees go weak. He saw a tear in the corner of your eye and he straightened himself, pulling his jacket tight. He took a deep breath and sighed. He told you in the most gentle voice he could muster that there was cake for you in the fridge and to help yourself to it as he had some business to take care of. Then, without a word, he pulled the waiter to his feet and led him by the arm towards the big black doors that slammed behind him.

You had seen his persuasion room before, although you had never seen it used. Most of the time you forgot the doors leading to it were there, but on occasion they would be open and Dark would be inside arranging his array of tools about in ways that suited him. His eyes would flicker in your direction, but he would pretend not to notice you as the doors closed quietly to separate you. Such heavy doors shouldn’t be able to make such little noise, especially in comparison to the loud slam you had heard when the waiter was lead inside. You didn’t dare think of what was done to him, fearful for a time that your lover was doing terrible and unthinkable things to someone who gave such an innocent passing glace in your direction, but the waiter came out on his own that day. Unblinking and calm, leaving the house you and Dark shared without a word.

“I’m going away for a while.” His words cut through the silence over dinner some time later, “Something I have to take care of. Stay here, won’t you? You are free to move about the house as you wish. Except for The Room of course. You know better than to go in there without me, Don’t you?” His words were like honey. He touched your chin gingerly as he spoke and your ears became hot with blush. He seemed to take enjoyment in seeing you so easily swooned by him.

He smiled. It didn’t reach his eyes. It was a warning as you felt the space around you feel electric like the static of an old television set after being turned off. Before you could say anything, you found yourself nodding. And he was gone.

There was a hollowness without him around. The house had always felt alive, almost like a home, but it was now quiet. You kept checking to see if the fridge was still working and the lights would still turn on. They did, but the silence was deafening. Wasn’t there supposed to be the humming of wiring? Some indication that it worked? Anything? It never occurred to you that there weren’t any clocks in the house. No watches, no digital time piece on the oven, no indication of time passing at all. You became suddenly very aware that you might be trapped here.

You kept up with your house chores, you puttered around and did whatever you preferred to do when passing the time, but you kept finding yourself staring at the black wood doors that lead to the one place in the entire house you weren’t allowed to go without him. It was as silent as the rest of the empty house, but something about it felt as though it were calling to you. No matter where you went, no matter what you did, your thoughts kept going back to those doors. At first, you felt guilty not thinking about Dark. Surly he should be your every thought, every waking hour dedicated to him. But right now, just for right now, those doors called to you more than he ever did. Was it the chance to defy him? No, the thought filled you with dread. Maybe it was because it was the only place left in the entire house that felt like it once held him. You could have tricked yourself easily into thinking he never existed or that he never set foot in your home before, but those doors lead to the one place you could feel a part of him with every fiber of your being. Your bones ached as you stared. The doors seemed to grow larger. Wait. You were walking towards it. You hadn’t noticed your hand outstretched to touch the doorknob until the burning silver handle touched your finger tips. You pulled away to see the red burn marks and held your hand close to you as you tried to comfort yourself. You didn’t understand what came over you. You turned to leave, but the door opened. You felt the cold air blast against your back. Shivers ran down your spine and you peered over your shoulder. Emptiness. It was as if the room absorbed some of the ambient light in the hallway in front of it. You had never known space to cast shadow before. Against every instinct in your body, you stepped inside. Florescent lighting from no noticeable source flickered on and you gasped.

It was completely barren. No tools, No blood, No weapons. Nothing. Just a white room with the familiar buzzing sound of office lights surrounding you, The walls and floor completely indistinguishable from one another. Nothing but white.

Time to go. You had to leave. Your body screamed at you that something was wrong and for once you listened. You turned around to go back the way you came but you faced a white wall where the door should have been. You felt around desperately, trying to find any indication that there was a way out but to no avail. You were trapped.

You froze and tensed a mere moment before you felt his words behind you. “Are you happy with what you’ve found?”

His breath was hot against the back of your neck and you spun around on reflex. He was nowhere near you. In fact, he was almost to the other side of the room, and you didn’t know how you didn’t see him standing there before. You stared at him, panicked, and he stared back. You must have stopped breathing at some point because you were suddenly gasping for air. You felt as if your body forgot how Oxygen was supposed to work and you weren’t getting enough air. You kept staring, begging him with your eyes for help, but he was out of focus. You clasped at your chest and watched as he chuckled from the center of the room, walking towards you. The sound of his shoes clicking against the ground filled you with fear. He wasn’t smiling anymore.

His voice began to ring in your ears, “I Thought I told you not to come in here. How could you possibly think you could get away with this?”

You tried backing further into the wall but you felt the solid cold space behind you tip back. You stared up at him as he walked down the now-wall towards you. You’d be in awe of his abilities if you weren’t so afraid. You scrambled to your feet and ran as fast as you could, not caring where you went as long as it was away from him. But no matter how far you got from him his voice was in your head, and you couldn’t tell where your thoughts ended and his voice began.

“You couldn’t handle being away from me for a measly hour? You really are desperate.”
You didn’t dare look behind you.
“So eager to see me again, you broke the one rule I gave you… And for what? So I would come back and scold you like the child you are?”
You struggled to stay on your feet,
“Well… I hope it was worth it.”

The room went dark. You shivered as you turned to face him again. You could see him so clearly against the void the room provided. His face kept shifting from pure rage to blank slate. “I hope it was worth it.” His voice barely above a whisper. “Because everything I’m about to do…Is your fault,”

You blinked and he was directly in front of you. Without thinking you shoved him him away, causing the blackness around you to sputter with slivers of white. He cried out in shock and lunged at you in a blind rage as he yelled. You pulled yourself away from his gaze and ducked away from his grasp. You began to run forward but your foot somehow missed solid ground. You tumbled through darkness and as suddenly as the yelling started, it stopped.

Birds. You couldn’t believe how much you missed the sound of birds. You brought yourself to your feet and dusted yourself off, looking around and adjusting your eyes to the sunlight around you. Where were you? A park? There were people around, a few kids, maybe a dog or two. Not quite sure where you were, you walked forward along the dirt path, shaking and jumping at any loud sound. You look up just in time to see a Frisbee nearly hitting you in the face before it’s grabbed mid-air.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry! Are you alright?” You turn and look. He looks a lot like Dark but… his eyes are kind and his smile is genuine. “Hey! Didn’t we go on a date? Wow! I haven’t seen you since we saw that play, how are you?”

Mark… You couldn’t believe it. You nearly threw your arms around him but he braces you gently and helps you calm down. You begin to tell him what happened after seeing Dark’s little performance at the theater and he nods along. You’re not quite sure if he understands you or not, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He either didn’t remember being shot after briefly being abducted by Darkiplier or he didn’t want to think about it. Either way, He seemed really happy to see you again. “Say this might sound weird, but I’m really in the mood for ice cream. Do you want to come?” He asked, offering you his arm. Hesitantly, you take it. It’s not as if this goofball could be any worse than what you had just endured, right?

–Written by Jex

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Any time Kaibara is on a beach, and she sees a seashell, she giggles to herself for a moment. A friend of hers likes seashells. A lot. And it makes her smile. She had a small collection at home and occasionally spreads them all out, sorted by size and colour in a fan shape outwards from the silver box she keeps them in. (All this from "Mori likes seashells" lawl luv u)

What is the cutest headcanon you have for my muse?

Lesbians do not usually leave records of their lives. Those who do may not include any details which would identify them unmistakably as lesbians. They may confine themselves to information about their ‘public’ lives. They may be aware of the dangers of being too forthright in a climate hostile to lesbians: the autobiographies of several well-known lesbians of the 1930s, for example, are so circumspect as to be misleading. They may not identify their experience as lesbian because it does not coincide with the current definition of lesbianism. For example, it is not certain that Eva in Dear Girl recognised herself in Edward Carpenter’s version of the female 'invert’.

Even where the documents exist, their suppression may begin immediately after the author’s death. Family members and literary executors withhold access to incriminating papers and sanction safe biographies. One of Constance Maynard’s executrices apparently destroyed a particularly revealing portion of her intimate diaries. Scholars select material for publication to fit their preconceptions, often overlooking vital references because they are simply not equipped to see their significance. Publishers too will pander to market prejudice and omit controversial documents which may have legal repercussions.

From suppression to actual distortion is only a small step. There are many ways to 'normalise’ a lesbian. One is to deny any close relationships she may have had with other women. This is not difficult. Biographies and history books are mostly about people who have been famous in public life, a world dominated by men. Moreover, a woman’s position in society is largely determined by her relationship to men: father, husband, son, mentor, colleague. As a result, biographies of women are mostly about the men they knew. Since women are correspondingly absent from public life, and friendship is not yet a topic of much fascination for conventional historians (compared with, say, marriage, love, sex or children), women’s relationships with other women are largely ignored in biographies and history books. Regarding them as insignificant, or perhaps reluctant to accord to them the significance the primary sources suggest, historians remain extraordinarily indifferent to the strength of women’s feelings for other women. […]

Hand in hand with the diminishing of women’s feelings about other women goes the compensating exaggeration of women’s feelings about men. Gifford Lewis states that Edith Somerville, who lived and wrote in partnership with Violet Martin, became a 'singular woman’ as a result of a male ex-suitor’s marriage to another woman. Octavia Hill’s passionate friendship with Sophia Jex-Blake was written out of mid-twentieth-century biographies, while a hasty engagement which lasted exactly one day was elevated into the romance of her life, with Hill holding the young man’s memory 'sacred to her heart till the end of her life’. In fact she lived for the last 35 years of her life with another woman, Harriet Yorke.
—  Lesbian History Group, Not A Passing Phase: Reclaiming lesbians in history

Since it is already summer and I’m just stuck at home, listening to music is one of the things that I love to do most of the time. This month, I discovered a lot of good tracks (both old and new) that I’m really excited to share with you guys, though I really don’t know if someone here on Tumblr has the same music interest as me. By the way, i’ll start to put ✨ beside my most favorite song/s every time I post my monthly tracks. Hoping that you guys would try to listen what I have for my April’s playlist! ♡

Ed Sheeran

  • Dive
  • Perfect


  • Gold
  • Feels

The Chainsmokers

  • Bloodstream ✨
  • Break Up Every Night ✨
  • Don’t Say
  • It Won’t Kill Ya
  • Souls ✨
  • Wake Up Alone ✨

Wish 107.5

  • Daniel Ombao - Drunk (cover)
  • Jex de Castro - Lost Stars (cover) ✨
  • The Juans - Perfect Strangers (cover)

Chelsea Cutler - Your Shirt

Emmit Fenn - 1995 ✨

FRND - Be Happy

Lauv - Breathe

Linkin Park - Heavy ft. Kiiara ✨

MAX - Lights Down Low ✨

Parachute - She is Love

Please do try to listen to these songs and let me know what you think about them. Happy listening! 🎶