listen, my love.

i know he has eyes like diamonds, and when he looks at you they bounce off of your sunlight and blind you. i know he has words like water and you keep drowning in them. i know he has lies like moonlight, but you’ve always loved the darkness. i know, baby, i know.

but you keep getting weaved into his web and he’s wrapping you up so tight you can’t find your way out. you’ll take one step away just to be brought back home again. he is your new home. this wasn’t a choice for you. i know, baby. i know.

when he breaks your heart for the last time–and i’m not talking about the times where he’ll mention that other girl he used to be interested in, or the way you and him used to lay together but it’s all just a joke now–no, i mean when you finally leave him. when you’re finally free of all his games. when it hurts to say his name. when you can’t breathe without feeling like it should be your last breath.

when this happens, when you can’t stop writing about him and to him because you want him to come back you need him to come back, i will be here. i will be here with a boiling cup of tea and your coffee the way you like it, i’ll be sitting here with your guitar and note book, and a pillow for you to rest your aching head on. i’ll be here for you. i’ll be here until you can be there for yourself. 

i know. i know, i know.

—  your friends will always be there–k.m.p.

Satanist visits class to demonstrate free speech boundaries

Jex Blackmore, director and spokesperson of The Satanic Temple of Detroit Chapter, spoke to Professor Timothy Boudreau’s Media Law class on Thursday, explaining her beliefs to the students.

Blackmore was invited by Boudreau to speak to the class so they could see views that would be restricted without the First Amendment.

“Her beliefs and her expression of those beliefs are protected by the First Amendment, and the First Amendment protects her right to exercise her religion as she sees fit,” Boudreau said. “I think the First Amendment is designed to protect that sort of [unpopular] speech.”

Blackmore explained to the class that her religion does not involve sacrificing goats, witchcraft, or the literal worship of Satan. Instead, Blackmore said, The Satanic Temple views Satan as a rebel standing against an all-powerful authority, a metaphor for fighting off tyranny and questioning what is sacred.

The Satanic Temple has often protested for the right to openly express their beliefs. When the state of Oklahoma allowed a monument of the Ten Commandments to be placed at the state capitol, the Satanic Temple demanded they be allowed to place a statue of Baphomet next to the monument. When the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled all religious displays illegal on public property, The Satanic Temple had the statue moved to Detroit.

According to Blackmore, the temple has received backlash for its beliefs.Blackmore says she receives thousands of threats a day, including death threats, and about one threat a month credible enough to report to the police.

“A couple of weeks ago someone sent me the kind of ammunition they were buying to kill me with,” she said.

When the Baphomet statue was unveiled in Detroit, the Satanic Temple gave attendees a decoy location as a safety precaution, where they would show their tickets to learn of a second location. There the guests would have to speak a passphrase to finally be led to the actual event.

Blackmore said she hoped the students learned from her presentation to challenge notions and facts created by the media and to use it to promote ideas that are unpopular, but necessary.

Graduate student Josh Whicker said he attended the presentation even though he was not a student of Boudreau’s.

“I’m interested in The Satanic Temple and their political activities, and also what they stand for and how that contrasts with how they’re perceived,” he said.

After the meeting, Whicker discussed setting up an RSO for Satanists at CMU and working with Blackmore’s chapter.


Sophia Jex-Blake (1840-1912) was the first practicing female doctor in Scotland, and the leader of the campaign which saw the first female students accepted to study medicine at the University of Edinburgh. All throughout her life she was a devoted militant for medical education for women and other feminist issues.

She was motivated to secure access to education and careers in medicine for women after visiting several schools in the United States, and constantly applied to universities in Scotland and lobbied at a national level until she was accepted, along with six other women, in 1869. The group was met with much hostility and even violence by male students, but she persevered and eventually opened a practice which provided vital care to poor women.


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The Satanic Temple interrupts pro-life national day of protest

On August 22nd, 2015 The Satanic Temple of Detroit interrupted the pro-life national day of protest against Planned Parenthood at the Detroit and Ferndale, Michigan locations. The Temple employed radical political theatre to illustrate the theocratic agenda imposed upon female bodies.
With wrists bound in prayer, two women were drowned in milk at the hands of male clergy. Their bodies callously veiled by the maternal bath. An American flag furnished with a symbol of The Satanic Temple framed the scene, followed by a message: “AMERICA IS NOT A THEOCRACY. END FORCED MOTHERHOOD.”

The Satanic Temple’s core tenets outline the following points:

(1) One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.

(2) Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world. We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs.

The highly politicized pro-life movement advocates for the abolition of Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides critical preventive and primary reproductive health care services to low-income women. The current cornerstone of their argument stems from a fabricated, fictional story that clinics “sell baby parts for profit”. The August 22nd protest was directly intended to irresponsibly perpetuate this contrived story in an attempt to leverage misunderstanding for political gain and impose the moral opinions of some upon a diverse community.

The Satanic Temple strongly opposes the promotion of misinformation and believes that all people are entitled to make informed decisions about their health, family and future without coercion. We will not remain voiceless when the philosophical and religious opinions of those in power are utilized to legislate morality.  The attempt to do so violates American foundational values of freedom and liberty.

Satan is representative of the eternal rebel, enlightened inquiry and personal freedom. We consider our action a form of worship; the rejection of tyranny is an affirmation of selfhood. So long as perverted theocratic systems of power attempt to manipulate our communities and distort truths for political gain, we will rebel.

Click here to read the interview with Jex Blackmore, Detroit’s Satanic Temple director.