“I miss Ser Pounce-A-Lot.”

so… here’s a quick Anders sketch before anything might happen that makes me feel less like drawing him since i have yet to complete the game. i’m starting to guess something’s up though since he’s asked my hawke to literally dig up shit for him and all. But!! don’t tell me!! ; u ; It’s always the mages that get to me orzz


dug up some sketches i did almost a year ago (yea i forgot Bethany i’m sorry!! Y u YYYY) The freckled mage is how I imagined Adrian and the one to the left of Morrigan is how I imagined Fiona… I bet they’ll all turn out really different though! HAHAHA so we’ll see ; u ; (but i can’t wait!). And yea unidentified male mage with the stubble is my mental image of Rhys! ….i have a mage bias like burning