I fell in love with Krem’s character when I first learned about him and his troubled past, more so when I came across the chapter on his gender. Bioware handled the issue with grace, even going so far as to have multiple characters adamantly backing him up when the Inquisitor had the option to question Krem’s motives of “passing off as a woman”.

He’s so well-written in every way that it’s nigh impossible not to adore him.

…to say nothing of the amount of SASS this guy has.

So here’s a little tribute, with me trying to use the colours on the transgender flag. Cuz I’m corny like that.


Put simply, I meshed together the female Lavellan Tarot with my Character Alana. Since playing the game I’ve been incredibly inspired by the art and have prove so by purchasing way more DA items than I should. I found out after speaking with Mr. Thornborrow, one of the very talented concept artist of DAI, here were four individuals who created the art tarot cards. So this is for the awesome inspiration that is their art. Inquisitor Alana Lavellan and Solas tarot. Oil on some scrap wood that I found. I combined both pieces digitally and rendered them together to create my lavellan and Solas romance. Now to put these two pieces on my walls <3 @nthornborrow thanks again for the input and the minor correction on my last post and thanks again for all the attention it received. Tumblr peeps are awesome

Print available at :

Ok, first things first: I AM AMAZED that Aerys’ hairstyle post (here) got 1k+ notes. I expected it to have at least 200 but 1k??? I could die happy. 

Because of its popularity and the many people who want to do something similar to it, I have made a simple hairstyle meme which you all can do. It would be nice if you’d tag me when you post this meme because I’m actually really curious and excited to see what your inquisitors look like :)