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To celebrate the birthday of my eternal love, Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition (2010), I decided to finally sit down and ACTUALLY design my main Fallout OC, “Bad Choices” Lexington. There she is, my sweet misguided darling. Fun facts, her Colt is named “Choicemaker” and has “Choose The Right” engraved on the barrel, and also the background of this drawing is an actual photo I took of Nipton; if you squint just enough you can see it way in the distance! 


forget hogwarts houses in the new era you sort characters by who they can correspond to in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This is just a screencap redraw of these (link). tbh I don’t understand why there’s so much Vulcade content when I’m 99.99% sure this is how they’d interact

(oh wow tumblr blurred these bad, click on them to see the full detail)

Some (late) birthday art for my pal @turianosauruswrex !!!!

It’s her wannabe-Legion Courier Jules McAllister doing what she does best–annoying Vulpes, purposefully mispronouncing his name, and generally being obnoxious lmao

This comes back to bite her though in the massive FNV RP me and @turianosauruswrex have going on, hehe. We have a tag for it if anyone’s curious: (link)

Speaking of The Professor, there was that one time I did a crossover with my Prof ask blog and BB’s Aquabats ask blog except I was late to everything and generally awful to work with because school and other problems so I ended up making a comic last-minute that Beebs had essentially done already lol

I never published it for obvious reasons but I might as well toss it up now. If people don’t recall, the crossover was that Jimmy was broken and the ‘Bats had to stay with Monty while Jimbly Jambly was being repaired, and during that time MCBC had randomly imbibed one of the Professor’s secret science-y concoctions in hopes of regaining powers, but all it did was make him temporarily toggle through abilities, with hi-larious results. 

On today’s edition of Art Literally Only Jexis Cares About: Random Hajile!

Yeah, this rad dude from the also rad game Snatcher is my new URL’s namesake. I’ve been doodling Snatcher characters and I figured this was done enough to pop up. I’m working on some Gillian Seed doodles now, too.

So hey, this is also a good opportunity for me to plug my Snatcher livestream I’m doing tonight! Check it out the details here!