jexis's art

Some (late) birthday art for my pal @turianosauruswrex !!!!

It’s her wannabe-Legion Courier Jules McAllister doing what she does best–annoying Vulpes, purposefully mispronouncing his name, and generally being obnoxious lmao

This comes back to bite her though in the massive FNV RP me and @turianosauruswrex have going on, hehe. We have a tag for it if anyone’s curious: (link)

Oh here’s a silly thing I’m probably never going to finish (sorry Sparks) but yeah Sparky convinced me to make a netnavi so that way hers can dublsoul with it, haha. So here’s the netnavi I came up with and drew in the Battle Network style–Lieutenant.exe (also a joke because there’s a Colonel.exe so why not Lieutenant??? haha so funny I’m sorry)!

She has woodcust style and abuses the Hell out of it, along with shameless Program Advance usage. Her folder would make most people cringe because of how broken it is (so basically she fights exactly how I play the MMBN games heh).

Here’s some Aquabats rule 63, since I haven’t seen much yet. I can imagine that Missy Bat Commander here is dragging Jamie along to see something stupid and/or needlessly expensive.

If there’s one criticism I could have of the Super Show, it’s the lack of a real female presence, although I understand why that is because that’s just the band’s make up. Perhaps that’s why I like the idea of fem!‘Bats so much…

Deviantart link:

Speaking of The Professor, there was that one time I did a crossover with my Prof ask blog and BB’s Aquabats ask blog except I was late to everything and generally awful to work with because school and other problems so I ended up making a comic last-minute that Beebs had essentially done already lol

I never published it for obvious reasons but I might as well toss it up now. If people don’t recall, the crossover was that Jimmy was broken and the ‘Bats had to stay with Monty while Jimbly Jambly was being repaired, and during that time MCBC had randomly imbibed one of the Professor’s secret science-y concoctions in hopes of regaining powers, but all it did was make him temporarily toggle through abilities, with hi-larious results.