so the puzzle pieces MAY be starting to slide together, with the new content, a few of the scenes might line up and i’m gonna put them in order (mostly for my sanity honestly) 

@orphanblackpotato caught this amazing gem right here from the extended trailer which shows that sarah is in what appears to be something similar to rachel’s viewing room (where she had been watching home videos and stuff) and potentially talking to cosima. 

now, as @jewvian pointed out earlier on when they first released the shortened trailer, it appeared that ferdinand was watching cosima and sarah talk, but the composition of the image was weird. the composition of the image was weird to me too but i chalked it up to mainly just the sake of editing for the trailer. 

HOWEVER, the composition makes a lot more sense when a later scene comes into play. later in the extended trailer we have two shots of ferdinand and sarah from either side of the glass

oh and also i just noticed that ferdinand has a bloody bandage wrapped around his hand????? possibly due to that attack from ?rachel? or ?mika? earlier on in the trailer?

as i said earlier, the room that sarah was potentially talking to cosima in looked A LOT like one of rachel’s viewing rooms. and rachel’s viewing rooms had the glass doors. 

so NOW the composition of that earlier shot that jewvian pointed out makes /a lot/ more sense. ferdinand is outside the viewing room and sarah’s inside, potentially talking to cosima on skype.

i keep saying “potentially” beause if sarah’s in rachel’s viewing room, i would NOT put it past rachel (or ferdinand, i cannot figure that asshole out) to set something up in which sarah is promised a “conversation” with cosima but instead all she gets is a visual feed, but not an audio.

now, in the trailer, we can clearly hear cosima say “are you okay?” so i’m going to assume that cosima can see and hear sarah. but perhaps rachel set it up so that sarah could only SEE cosima

…which may very well explain sarah shouting “I’LL KILL YOU FOR THIS” at ferdinand. because there’s a chance that sarah could have seen cosima’s visual feed, and while cosima was distracted with her skype call, perhaps rachel had someone on the outside manage to do something to harm cosima, or possibly capture her. based on sarah’s volatile reaction, it’s easy to assume that it’s something pretty bad.

that and coupled with one other screen that i managed to pause on

which shows the screen again in the same viewing room, but now the image is clearly being cut off and the screen goes black. so whatever happened to cosima caused sarah to immediately and violently react against ferdinand, who had been watching the whole time.

so those are my thoughts on that. i just hope i’m wrong about something happening to cosima because i, like sarah, will also kill a bitch if they harm her

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hi! i'm new to the orphan black fandom and i was wondering if you could suggest me some orphan black blogs to follow (i'm so glad i found your lovely blog, btw!!!!) x

thank you!! im sorry i haven’t been posting much ob lately :’) that’ll definitely change when it comes back (so soon!!) anyway, these are a good place to start:

@orphanblackzone @motherofscorpions @valiantprincess @jewvian @clonetcetera @delphinecorniehaus @jossicat @evelyneluft @ebrolutionary @dreamdelphine @aurochiooot @smanninq @evlynebrchu @orphanblackismylife @sestrachristian @tatianagm @tatlmaslany @thronesforclones @pastelbrochu @maithology @bthchilds @cosimacallsbullshit @tatclone @regalclone @corporateclone @delphinecxmier @propertyofdyad @dlphinecormier @thecloneclub

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Rachel duncan with the letter A? :)

A. Fire, flames, or excessive heat.

Rachel lights a candle (click, click as her clumsy fingers struggle with the lighter) and thinks of two girls who died in a fire: a stranger named Veera Suominen (who, she’s only just become aware, never died at all) and Rachel Duncan (whose absence she would love to mourn if at all she could).

The flame dances, perfectly controlled, on its leash - its wick - and Rachel toys with it, dipping her fingertips in the orange glow, watching it falter, moving before she can even feel the heat.

She smothers the little flame, remembering absently the sounds which followed another fire (which raged and wasn’t so simply extinguished) and breathes in the silence as well as the candle’s soft lilac scent, though on the wings of memory the screams fade slowly.

Send me character(s) and a letter and I’ll write you a three-sentence fic!

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I know this is like random afff but maybe beth x angie with the letter P? (you don't have to if you don't ship it or something I'm just thirsty for copcop lol)

P. While driving or in/around a car.

Angie feels that, as senior officer, she should be the one behind the wheel, the one determining the how, where, and when of their travels, but Beth changes behind the wheel: her shoulders drop, the tightness in her forearms and the backs of her hands loosens, her jaw unclenches, she talks with her hands again.

Angie really misses how Beth used her hands to weave extra meaning between and among her words, how they danced through the air above a dinner plate (occasionally knocking into things like centerpieces), how they crossed the space between Beth and Angie.

One hand, be as it may without eye contact, is better than she’s gotten in months, and Angela Deangelis is not one to shirk any sort of progress.

Send me character(s) and a letter and I’ll write you a three-sentence fic!


“The news comes right in the nick of time,” says Fawcett. “It’s what makes Felix a hero in this moment — he’s multitasking. He’s trying to save them all and somehow he manages to do it. That’s the part that gets me. I’ve seen this episode I don’t know how many times and every time Felix is in the car talking Cosima off the ledge there and saying, ‘Cosima, you can do this. You’re not alone’ — it gets me every single time emotionally. It’s really Felix that has to step in with the two girls and go, ‘Hey, you two, smarten the hell up! We can do this!’” [x]

(Felix keeping cloneclub together. Requested by @jewvian)

-6 things i’m in love with
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one song: Waving Through a Window- Dear Evan Hansen

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One Song: Like Birds - Prairie Empire

Two Movies: Hidden Figures & The Holiday (I cry every time okay)

Three TV Series: Person of Interest, Orphan Black & Brooklyn 99

Four People: Amy Acker, Tina Fey, Hilda Doolittle (”H.D.”) & Carly Comando from the band Slingshot Dakota 

Five Foods: Peppers, lasagne, hunter’s chicken, pizza & chocolate biscuits (but honstly the peppers are the most important bit of this section)

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Okay but just imagine. Jane Austen hearing the tardis landing and running excitedly outside, because she hasn’t seen Clara in ages and she’s missed her sO MUCH.

But then she sees the doctor walking out solemnly, his eyes filled with tears, and she knows.

Her legs turn to stone and she feels her heart being ripped out of her chest. She just stands there, unable to say a word or even move as the doctor slowly approaches her.

He doesn’t say much. He never was much one for words at times such as these. He hands her an envelope, explaining that Clara wrote it a while back and told him to give it to Jane if anything should ever happen to her.

You can tell that even saying this is tearing him apart, but he gets it out because he knows he owes Clara this one last thing. Jane hugs him, tears streaming down her face, and the doctor winces but forces himself not to pull away from the embrace.

“Dear Jane,” the letter begins.

“I love you.”