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  • The Jewish People: White supremacists specifically target and terrorize Jews.
  • Tumblr: Huh? What? Come on, that can't be true; we would have heard about it from other activists by now! This must just be an example of whitewhitewhite Jewish whiners looking for pity or something.
  • South Asian Jews: White supremacists specifically target and terrorize Jews.
  • East Asian Jews: White supremacists specifically target and terrorize Jews.
  • Latinx Jews: White supremacists specifically target and terrorize Jews.
  • Black Jews: White supremacists specifically target and terrorize Jews.
  • Mizrahi Jews: White supremacists specifically target and terrorize Jews.
  • Native Jews: White supremacists specifically target and terrorize Jews.
  • LGBTQ Jews: White supremacists specifically target and terrorize Jews.
‘Goy’ ‘Goyim’ Jewish Racism

These are terms Jews calls people who aren’t their race. Every race has terms referring to others of different races. However, the Jews seem to have a word to clump up everyone who isn’t them. They don’t care what race you are, you are simply goyim. You are not a Jew, you are not the “chosen people” therefor inferior. It’s merely a term they use to be elitists and to put the rest of us below them. Whether they mean to or not, that is what the word implies. It’s extremely fucking rude and they try to act like they are the front of progressive thinking yet they keep this shit up. I’d prefer if you stopped calling people goyim, but that would be making you abandon a glorious part of your culture of labeling anyone who isn’t you as inferior. I wouldn’t want to take that away from you.

Just remember, if you’re a European, Asian, Middle Eastern, South American, Native American ect. The Jews don’t care, you are simply goyim to them. The rest of the world has moved on with nationalism and racism. Maybe it’s about time Jews do the same? They don’t seem to mind genocide other races for their precious holy land. They don’t seem to mind going about every day calling us goys. They don’t seem to mind having a land just for them and trying to keep it just for them. I don’t see them taking in refugees, do you? They have their own agendas and it’s nothing the modern world wants. Before you label me antisemitic, just remember arabs are semites too, and the Jews seem to have no problem discriminating against them. 

Go ahead and search ‘Goyim’ on tumblr, you’ll see exactly what I mean. You’ll even see terms come up like “goyim gonna goy” and other racist shit. These hypocrites shit on every race for their sins in the past yet do the same thing. They’re a joke and are no different than the Nazi’s they criticize so hard. And I’m sure I don’t need to go into how privileged they are. Owning the banks, media, and all. Just look it up for yourself. Oy vey!

Jews on tumblr, 2010: wow there sure are alot of nazis organizing on your platform and all you need to do is hire moderators to ban them for hate speech, harassment and breaking the TOS

Tumblr management: idk, what can you do

non Jews, 2016: fuck where did all these nazis suddenly come from!! 

i’ve been having a problem with all the “basics of jewish culture” and “what you shouldn’t say to jewish people” posts because i personally don’t relate to a lot of it?? i mean, i don’t get offended by a lot, but of course there are some things that bother me so i thought i’d make my own post

keep in mind, this is just in regards to me, my opinions, and what you can and shouldn’t say in front of me. everyone else has their own opinions on what bothers them.

  • i personally don’t have a problem if you’re not jewish and call me a jew. that’s what i am
  • HOWEVER, do not use jew as derogatory or as a euphemism for cheap, greedy, etc. those are stereotypes and they’re gross
  • greedy does not equal jewish
  • and also if you’re not jewish don’t say stuff like “jew nose” or “jew curls” idk that irks me just compliment me on my hair
  • mostly jew nose though, that doesn’t slide ever, jew curls is fine if we’re close
  • speaking of appearances, i happen to have blonde hair and green eyes which is not how “most jews look” so don’t say i don’t “look jewish” because jews don’t look any one way
  • holocaust jokes are not funny
  • the hitler walk is not funny
  • you’d have to greatly cartoon-ize and exaggerate hitler in order for anything to do with that man to be even remotely funny
  • (the one thing that gets a pass is the auschwitz card in cards against humanity because that game is deliberately designed to be fucked up)
  • the two most used ways to spell our december holiday is “hanukkah” and “chanukah”
  • but please dear god if you use chanukah don’t say it with the american “ch” sound like “chair” and “chopped” because it’s not only horribly wrong it is a little insensitive and you just look dumb
  • it kinda sounds like you’re getting mucus out of the back of your throat
  • just stick with hanukkah until someone demonstrates it
  • the jewish calendar is a lunar calendar and all holidays begin at sundown
  • i.e. christmas eve is the first night of hanukkah this year, and it starts whenever the sun sets, so if it says hanukkah starts on christmas on your calendar, no, wrong, it’s the night before
  • also there are 8 nights of hanukkah i don’t know why people still don’t know that
  • and don’t say happy yom kippur it’s not a happy holiday
  • antisemitism is still VERY REAL, especially with the current political climate, and it might only get worse going forward. please be respectful, don’t make insensitive jokes, validate our customs and traditions and history and what’s considered disrespectful. and please, don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything. i’m more than happy to answer them the best i can

happy hanukkah, and a merry christmas to the goyim!!

okay but all this talk about steven potentially being jewish like rebeccasugar can we please have an episode where steven is having his bar mitzvah??? imagine this:

  • greg teaching steven how to sing his torah portion
  • amethyst getting a little too intense with the throwing of the candy
  • and subsequently pearl scolding amethyst for being too hard with the throwing
  • …after she questions why you even throw candy and is concerned steven would get hurt
  • the crystal gems getting aliyahs and stumbling over the transliterated hebrew
  • also they all wonder why they have to go back to their seats they have to protect steven and must be beside him at all costs
  • connie getting super into the whole bar mitzvah thing and does a lot of research on it because it really interests her and makes steven happy
  • garnet getting the honour of lifting up the torah and everyone that doesn’t know her is scared she’s going to drop it but she actually lifts it effortlessly. with one hand.
  • pearl was the party planner for the big bar mitzvah party and she’s scurrying around at the last minute making sure everything is perfect but also because she forgot humans eat food and had to find a caterer super last minute
  • pearl freaking out when they lift steven up on the chair
  • garnet is the one lifting the chair. just her.
  • amethyst whines about when her turn on the chair would be (or she would be the chair)
  • also greg was the cantor for the entire service and he make sure everything was an acapella rock opera

To my fellow Jewish comic book fans, please remember that Cap doesn’t belong to Nick Spencer. He always has and always will belong to us.

Like the golem, superheroes were created by Jews to protect ourselves; to see ourselves represented as brave and strong and valiant when the rest of the world said we were anything but. And in the golem story, erasing one letter of the truth creates death.

Marvel and Spencer have done exactly that. In erasing the truth of Cap’s Jewishness (just like they did with the Maximoffs), they have created something dead. Fake. HYDRA!Cap will never be the truth. We are the truth.

im so sick and tired of people having to hide that they’re jewish

im so sick and tired of famous people having to hide that they’re jewish

I hate that people think antisemitism died with the holocaust so no one gives a shit about modern antisemitism

its very much alive and well

I mean I joke that I want more hate asks bc I have a lot of sass but at the root of it its 2016 and I got a fucking ask about converting a famous jew to christianty

and honestly, when I think about it, that famous jew, mayim bialik is literally the only jewish celebrity to be incredibly open about her jewishness and not be afraid

we should all be like mayim bialik

but we can’t even be safe on fucking tumblr so we can’t

im so sick and tired

Identity Policing
  • Tumblr Social Justice: identity policing is completely unacceptable!
  • Jumblr: Great! I guess that means that you guys won't-
  • Tumblr Social Justice: Ashkenazi jews are white Europeans, not real jews. Jews of color don't exist. This isn't antisemitism.
  • Jumblr *exasperated*: hypocrites.
Attention Jews and Roma of Tumblr

As many of you know, I’m a senior in Israel. As I’m sure all of you know, senior classes in Israel have trips organised by the Ministry of Education to Poland to due a tour of various labour camps, death camps, ghettos, and more. (For those who cannot go to Poland, for whatever reason, the Ministry of Education also has organised tours in Israel based mostly in Jerusalem.)

B'ezrat Hashem, I’ll be in Poland on October twenty-sixth until November first. I’ll be the first one in my family back in Poland after four members fled and the rest (ה׳ יקום דמם), were slaughtered.

So I’ve got a lot to do. I have a lot of family who were never mourned properly. I want to deliver a letter to my great-great-grandfather (murdered in Drancy), for one, and read tehillim for various others.

If anyone else has never been back to Poland, will never go, or just wants me to say a prayer for someone, please tell me their name and their mother’s name, or just their name if you can’t. I don’t know yet exactly where we will be, but tell me the place they were murdered and I will try my hardest to pray closest to that spot. When I get that information, I’ll edit this post.

I also plan (and this is mostly aimed at Jews, but Roma are more then welcome to join in) to bring a rock (or two or three or however many) from Israel to lay in Poland, so if you would like me to lay one for someone in particular, and perhaps decorate it with something (nothing too out-there I am not even a little bit a good artist), just let me know where to lay it.

So, please try your hardest to get the info to me by October twentieth, but if you see this late, stone requests are fine till the twenty-third, and I can take prayer requests until the twenty-sixth. (Possibly after. Depends on the wifi in Poland.)
If you want something not listed, just ask!! I’ll do whatever I can to get it done!!

Have a happy sweet new year everybody!!

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