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Feldrabbiner (field rabbis), German Jewish chaplains in the First World War. These two pictures show the variant insignia used by Feldrabbiner: the Magen David on the cap band (Christian chaplains wore a cross in the same place) and large Magen David necklace for easier identification. All chaplains wore the standard armband, red cross with horizontal purple bar, in addition to their religious insignia.

The chaplain on the left is Rabbi Dr. Siegfried Klein, winner of the Iron Cross. He was murdered in Auschwitz in 1944.

aura218  asked:

Your post about the anti-semitic census was v surprising! As a follow up, if you please: Why did more ethnic Jews join the WWI German army than other ethnicities? Or, why did the other ethnicities join in fewer numbers than the Jews? ty!

I do not know, sorry! And no one does, really. There was no systematic polling in those days, to ask people why they joined the army – or why they did not. 

Historians can speculate, of course, but this is one of those questions that is hard to prove definitively.