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So I am absolutely fuming. A few weeks ago, I was called to the dean’s office to discuss the antisemitic bullying I’ve been enduring since freshman year (I’m a senior now). Here’s a brief run down of some of what I’ve had to suffer through these last three years (this doesn’t even scratch the surface):

• A swastika carved into my desk, along with the words “ich haße juden” ie “I hate Jews” in German
• Intentionally spit on, usually accompanied by the word k*ke, the most vile word a Jewish person can be called
• Pushed into lockers/to the ground
• Called a “dirty Jew” more times than I can count, usually once a day

I identified the main perpetrator by name. There is proof he is a Nazi as he has a fucking swastika tattoo on his arm for everyone to see. Close after I went to the dean, the boy I accused was called to the dean. He denied everything, and received NO punishment.

I have several witnesses to these events, he is very vocal about being a Nazi, and he is the head of a neo-Nazi gang that is very active on campus. And the administration did NOTHING. I want everyone to know that antisemitism is alive and thriving, and affects Jews everywhere every day, and the world does not care. The world remains silent.

it is absolutely our responsibility, as leftists and jews, to combat the conflation of All Jews Everywhere with the state of israel. it’s not right or fair, but nobody else can or will do this for us, however well-meaning they may be, however much they may be our allies.

it is our responsibility to stand up to the people who would say “the state of israel” and mean “jews”, and say “jews” and mean “the state of israel”. it is our responsibility to speak out and say “you are not me, you do not represent me, you do not speak for me, we oppose you and that which you support”

From the end of the Civil War until the beginning of the twentieth century, the United States witnessed the emergence of a full-fledged antisemitic society. Like the hysteria exhibited during the war, the institutionalized bigotry that developed afterwards reflected the biases of practically every stratum in society. As immigration figures soared, and as a significant Jewish presence emerged in the United States, people in every walk of life, from respectable working, middle, and upper classes to agrarian protesters, Protestant and Catholic spokesmen, and members of the lunatic fringe increasingly focused on the allegedly deleterious characteristics of Jews that they believed impinged on American lives. Having been thoroughly indoctrinated as children, and having absorbed conventional attitudes simply by living in the United States, Christians believed in the superiority of their faith and few Gentiles questioned the fact that the United States was, and of right ought to be, a Christian nation. They held on to traditional views of Jews as Christ-killers who remained obstinate in their determination not to accept the truthfulness of Christian teachings; as dishonest businessmen always out for material gain; and as strange, crass, and aloof individuals who insisted on standing apart from the community in which they lived. Thus, despite their acceptance as citizens in the United States, the Jew was “everywhere an alien.”

Leonard Dinnerstein, Antisemitism in America (1994)


I knew what this was the second I saw it on my steps this evening. The wording is unmistakable. “A message of hope and gladness” is the most goyische phrasing and is probably recognizable to Jews everywhere.

I’m disgusted. I’m disgusted by ethnic Jews who use themselves (or allow themselves to be used) a bait to try and convert more of us. I’m disgusted that Christians think we need hope, as though we don’t have it without Jesus. We are not imperfect, unredeemed Christians. We are not a problem to be fixed.

(Side note: This was not targeted at me in particular. It was on the steps of my multi-unit building, not even inside, where the names are listed.)

Israel bows its head in memory, gratitude to nation's fallen - 1 May 2017

Israelis around the country and Jews everywhere will be taking time today to pay respects to the 23,544 men and women who died from war and terror attacks since the early days of the Jewish settlement in the country.
Memorial Day events begin with the official State Ceremony at Mt. Herzl Cemetery in Jerusalem, during which a two-minute-long siren pierces the air and the country comes to a standstill in respectful silence.
Throughout the day, additional ceremonies in memory of the fallen are taking place across the country.
Later this evening, sorrow will be replaced by celebrations as the country transitions from Remembrance Day to Independence Day and city streets fill up with revelers, celebrating the state’s 69th birthday.

  • Hashem: Okay, so for like two minutes on Saturday I want you guys to be quiet while you wait for your family to wash their hands and make a blessing on the bread. Shouldn't be too hard, can't be more than two minutes of quiet.
  • Literally all Jews everywhere: MMMmmmmMmm!!! MMMMMMM!!!! MMMmmmMmm NUUUUUU!!!! MMMMMMMM!!!!! *Bang silverware on plates* *Hum to Yiddush tune* *Snap fingers and point at the table and bang their hands to convey there is no salt on the table* MMMMMmmmmMMMMMmmmMmmmmMMMM nuUUUUUUU

anonymous asked:

i feel like surrendering the magen david to israel is like... affirming them in their quest to equate zionism with judaism. i think if anything, we need some way to subvert israel's usage? sorry if that didnt make any sense.......

no you’re completely right and that’s the first argument i thought of although on the flip side hypothetically speaking if all jews everywhere stop using the magen david as a religious or cultural symbol (not plausible by any means) then wouldn’t it become solely zionist and stops being associated with judaism? i also agree that we need to find some slight alternative i just don’t know yet what that would look like

Also, as far also can tell, most non-Zionist Jewish movements seem to use past (and to a lesser extent current) failures of Ashkenazi Zionists to fully treat non-Ashkenazim as members of the Zionist project to justify not being invested in trans-communal Jewish solidarity: non-Zionist Ashkies are invested in Ashkie solidarity, Mizrahis are invested in non-Zionist Mizrahi solidarity, and the two are only interested in shared goals so much as they involve opposing Zionism. To my mind that seems to be a dangerous nullification of the idea that all Jews everywhere are or should be part of the same larger family (while simultaneously respecting our cultural differences within the larger Jewish community).

  • Anontisemite: Whether or not you're willing to admit it, whether or not you even realize it, you are oppressed. I mean look at the ridiculous dress code, being forced to cover everything from toes to hair, just put on some pants already and don't wear long sleeves when it's too hot, it's not healthy! Being forced to be a housewife and bear children, you're living like it's 1950. You are supporting patriarchy and holding back feminism by adhering to a patriarchal religion.
  • Gentileproblems: I’m being oppressed by dressing how I want you guuuyyyzzzzz…. :( I don’t know how I stand it.
  • Also, literally nobody is making me get married? I’ll get married and have children because that’s what I want out of life, but those aren’t the only things I want, for crying down the sink! My ambitions won’t end the moment I get engaged, because I’m an actual human being, not a weird cause for you to champion without my say-so. Get lost, I’m not interested.
  • Anontisemite: Look honey, it's not your fault that you don't recognize your own oppression but you and other women like you need help. Religion is merely a farce created by men to control women. The feminist cause wants to help you, that's what we're here for. Of course you think you're husband will let you chase your ambitions once your married but that's not how religious marriage works. You'll be nothing but a trussed slave and that's a tragedy.
  • Gentileproblems: Can someone please tell Jacob he is oppressing me he still hasn’t messaged me back and I’m thinking this is to do with our horrible patriarchal religion.
  • Arothejew: Jacob! Young man, what do you have to say for yourself
  • Jacob-the-pianist: I'm sorry I'm male, I'm sorry I'm white, I'm sorry I'm male, I'm sorry I'm white
  • Anontisemite: Oh you poor girl. I hope one day you'll realizing how vile and silly the Jewish religion is because you need help. You could have such a full, happy life but instead you've confined yourself to misery and you don't even know it.
  • Gentileproblems: 1/10 trolling try harder next time
  • Anontisemite: I assure you I am not trolling, I want to help you and women like you. I have no problems with Jews but I do have a problem with Judaism and organized religions that inherently oppress women.
  • Gentileproblems: Kay sure… how about you help by listening to us, rather than fighting for us? I’m not feeling particularly oppressed, here. Are you?
  • Gentileproblems (general): did anon seriously think sending me anonymous messages telling me my entire culture was Wrong would make me want to convert? Oh, goyim…
  • Satirenon 1: breaking news an anti semitic anon has caused jews everywhere to decide to be atheists OH NO IT'S HAPPENING TO MEEE *all memory of anything relating to judaism in my life is suddenly gone and i am now a free un oppressed woman*
  • Gentileproblems: oh, teach me your ways, un-oppressed one! is there hope for one such as me, comfortable in her religion and proud of her people? or will i have to moulder in the cave of deluded yidden… only time will tell.
  • Anontisemite: Oh honey, I don't want you to convert. I want you to be a secular, free independent woman who doesn't rely on a misogynistic culture of lies and rules designed to keep you oppressed. Surely deep down you realize organized religion is a farce created by men? It's so obvious. If you weren't tied to a backwards culture that didn't allow women education you'd be able to comprehend better. I'm so sorry, please learn to accept help when it's extended. That is what feminism is here for.
  • Gentileproblems: white feminism has reached its zenith
  • Anontisemite: I am not certainly not antisemitic, I do not hate Jews, I want to help their women. What I hate Judaism, Islam and any organized religion. They are forms of misogynistic, systematic oppression.
  • Gentileproblems: 'I'm not raaaaaacist, I just hate these two heavily racialised religions…'
  • Anontisemite: though i too was once proud of my religion and my people i have seen the light and become a truely liberated woman 100% of anti semitic feminists agree that it is the right course of action so let go of the misogynistic tethers of religion and truely free yourself from your harmful self oppression like i did
  • Gentileproblems: assimilate and let go of your culture i a random anon know far more about it than you do
  • Gentileproblems: at the third stage, you ascend to a higher plane of existence, like on the original Stargate show.
  • Commentanon 1: i hate judaism but im teeeechiiincally not anti semitic right? -actual quote from the anon
  • Gentileproblems: i know, like how do you even rationalise that what even
  • Anontisemite: I am not antisemitic, I am antireligion. All I want is to end the systematic oppression of women inherent to Judaism and Islam. It is my life's mission and one day I hope to save all of the women like you, women who trapped and hurting and don't even know it.
  • Gentileproblems: Did you know Judaism and Islam are the only perpetrators of misogyny ever? GREYFACE TELLS ALL!
  • Commentanon 2: oh g-d of course anon doesnt include christianity just islam and judaism yet somehow aren't anti semitic or islamaphobic right? anti religion yet only against the two religions with the most hate and violence directed towards them? totally just looking out for women right?
  • Gentileproblems: i know, right? noooo bias there, no siree….
  • Anontisemite: You can still be a Jew, you can eat bagels and gettlefish and all of that, but you should be able to wear regular clothes without having rocks thrown at you, have intercourse without needing to do it through a cloth with a hole, not be forced to live separately from other people once a month. It's barbaric. Help me help you. Help me help women like you. This is going to be my career, rescuing the downtrodden women of archaic religious cults.
  • Gentileproblems: Okay, this is actually genuinely offensive. Where on Earth did you learn about Judaism, Stormfront? For G-d’s sake, choose another career at the very least- nobody will want to be rescued by you.
  • Commentanon 3: These anons today are even more ludicrous than last week's neo-nazis. Seriously talk about being so "open-minded" that your brains fall out and your mind closes again behind them.
  • Gentileproblems: Tell me about it, I have a permanent look of disgust etched onto my face by now.
  • Commentanon 4: Don't let them bother you. That one is literally a xtian-atheist religious missionary. Just treat them like you would any other xtian missionary.
  • Gentileproblems: 'Nope, I don't want your holy book… I've already got one…. it's vintage…'
  • Commentanon 5: wtf anon and ur stiiiiill not anti semitic? i'm waiting for what exactly anons definition of anti semitism is or does it even exist since how can you oppress someone who wants to oppressed or whatever they are trying to say jewish women are doing
  • Gentileproblems: it’s a horrible, horrible journey of ‘not antisemitic i swear’ and i can’t get off
  • Satirenon 2: I want to be offended but all I can focus on now is gettlefish. Seriously. GETTLEFISH
  • Gentileproblems: It’s like kettle crisps mixed with gefilte fish, I assume.
  • Commentanon 6: anon is just jealous of the way i work this super cute skirt with my bright colorful tights and that my marriage will be more emotionally fulfilling because it's not about sex all the time (it's also been proven that because a husband and wife can't have each other sexually all the time they appreciate it more when they do)
  • Gentileproblems: Oh my gosh, talk frum fashion to me! And I’ve never heard of that second point- I shall Google at once!
  • Commentanon 7: is gettlefish like non kosher gefilte fish?
  • Gentileproblems: I think this is one of those things that ‘everyone knows’ about Jews except for Jews
  • Commentanon 7: oh like hanukkah trees? (always spelled that way because fuck the original hebrew spellings lets at 2 k's for the hell of it because goyim)
  • Gentileproblems: yep, that’s totally A Thing, because judaism is christianity in a funny hat.
  • Anontisemite: I don't know what Stormfront, I'm a New Age nondenominational culturally Christian atheist Buddhist. As I've already explained to you I am not antisemitic or islamaphobic, I am anti-Judaism and anti-Islam. Goodness, I wish you were allowed an education where they teach you these things. I don't have a problem with the secular women and I want to help the poor souls who are 'religious' (rapped). It's the men I take issue with, for forcing girls with potential into little more than slaves.
  • Gentileproblems: Rapped? Did Tupac put you up to this or something? And good grief, that first sentence is the most white-goy line I have ever read.
  • Satirenon 3: help i think i actually got second hand white goy from that first sentence im dying
  • Gentileproblems: do you have a weird urge to get a backwards hebrew tattoo? we’ll find a cure, i swear
  • Satirenon 4: Before your anon I was living my life as a poor, oppressed woman, trapped by the men in my life forcing me to observe archaic rules. This, despite the fact I am a baalat teshuva who was inspired by women and doesn't actually have any men in my life. Not married and absent non-Jewish dad, but they're both oppressing me quite a lot. Thanks to the anon I've realized I can again be free. I will give up my meaningful and beautiful culture that I love. I shall eat gettlefish and run wild.
  • Gentileproblems: The sarky responses to my anons are the actual best thing. And seriously, someone needs to come up with a recipe for gettlefish, pronto.
  • Satirenon 5: for gettlefish you should first go to your local store and pick up a few things, gefilte fish, matzo ball mix, latke mix, bagels, lox, chopped liver and cream cheese (just to make sure it isn't kosher). Now go home, and get out a very large mixing bowl and put all of the ingredients into it and mix thoroughly. Place in a large casserole dish and bake until crispy and then eat because it is the single most jewish food in the world according to goyim, add some bacon if you really want to
  • Gentileproblems: That’s so disgusting I dare someone to make it
  • Satirenon 5: make it and send to the anon
  • Gentileproblems: Where do I send it? The Castle of Denial?
  • Commentanon 8: I literally can't stop laughing. They probably mean to write trapped but I prefer to think they put 'rapped' in parentheses because they want everything in that sentence to be rapped out loud as you read. Break it down now, rap about helping the poor souls.
  • Gentileproblems: lay me some tasty beats, jumblr. “I don’t like your people but I’m not racist, I swear…”
  • Satirenon 6: I think your anon is magic. I was a happily oppressed religious women but then I read everything she wrote and
  • suddenly the world is new, suddenly I am new. My curly hair became straight! My skirt disappeared and was replaced by skinny jeans! I don't know if I can handle all of this freedom yet though, not without a man to guide me. Change me back, oh powerful saviour anon! I'm not ready!
  • Gentileproblems: Please, we need you to be our white saviour! Oh, whatever shall we do?
  • Commentanon 9: What the actual fuck is a "New Age nondenominational culturally Christian atheist Buddhist"? Is that a thing?
  • Gentileproblems: Apparently so… oy.
  • Satirenon 7: HELP! I chose to practice modesty by covering my hair on holy days and I think I've oppressed myself! Already men are making me little more than a slave although I have an education and so much potential. Damn my religious choices!
  • Gentileproblems: Gosh darn it straight to heck! Deciding for yourself how you want to be seen, how dare you! That’s for the New Age Christian Buddhist whateveritwas to do!
  • Anontisemite: I'm sorry to see that you and your friends have resorted to making fun of good intentions. You may not think you need my help but me and other feminists will continue fighting for you nonetheless. I promise that one day we will create a world where you can be free from the bonds of oppressive misogynist religious law and archaic cultural traditions. You are only using negativity to lash out because you fear change, as your religion has taught you. But change is good and it will free you.
  • Gentileproblems: ngl i laughed
  • Commentanon 10: I feel like calling you honey just makes the whole thing so patronizing like stop listening to that religion that tells you what to do, I'm going to tell you what to do instead.
  • Gentileproblems: i knooow! like they don’t even know me! it’s gross as heck frankly- but i’m glad my followers are finding it funny.
  • Satirenon 8: help though im a lesbian my religion is compelling me to marry a man and become his subservient wife saaavee meeeeee
  • Gentileproblems: Must…. resist….. anon’s interpretation…. of my religion!
  • Satirenon 9: Oh..oh my goodness, my magen david necklace was sooo tight and it was choking me but that anon magically broke it and now i can breathe thank g-d or wait am i not supposed to do that anymore
  • Gentileproblems: Thank Richard Dawkins, probably.
  • Satirenon 10: anon nooo even though my religion teaches to question our laws and to change with the times it is suddenly morphing into everything you say it iiisss
  • Gentileproblems: Anon is, in fact, Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Anontisemite: Laughing is only a defense mechanism but one day you will be grateful for our movement :). There is an ever growling movement of feminist women against organized religion like yours whose mission is to save women like you. We are very well educated about Judaism and your culture and we will help you to adjust to the modern world. Misogyny and systematic oppression of women through forced dress codes and throwing rocks won't happen to you, no one will hurt you. You don't have to fear change.
  • Gentileproblems: Seriously, who keeps spreading the idea that religious women can’t be feminists? This is frankly depressing, and why we need to educate goyim to free them from their horrible, misogynistic, blinkered ideologies :(
  • Commentanon 11: It's hard to be convincing when they're sending asks on Anon. Like that's the least personal thing you could do.
  • Gentileproblems: I know, eh? When it started, I was actually pretty sure they were that ‘women don’t need feminism’ blog from a couple of hours ago, but now I’m not so sure…
  • Satirenon 11: white feminist goy barbie, she talks! you pull her string and she spouts nonsense!! (idk if anon is actually a she but like you get my point)
  • Gentileproblems: I kind of hope so, actually, because think of how much more creepy and paternalistic it would be if anon was male.
  • Commentanon 12: As opposed to cultural Christian atheist Buddhism, which is entirely disorganized.
  • Gentileproblems: *sniggering* Anyway, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the Dalai Lama very much against converts to Buddhism?
  • Satirenon 12: I somehow seem to have put on a long skirt. Someone please send a secular white "feminist" to help me.
  • Gentileproblems: I keep thinking of that Monty Python skit, you know, with the peasant shouting ‘Help! Help! I’m being oppressed!’
  • Anontisemite: Honey, you're being silly! I already have an education because in out free feminist culture women are allowed to learn. You can do it too! And of course a religious women can't be a feminist, it's the exact opposite of feminist. Religion, especially Judaism and Islam, is the source of all misogyny in the world.
  • Gentileproblems: To be honest there are so many people mocking you in my inbox I thought this was a parody. I am still not quite sure. And.. so do I? Dad’s a university professor, and I got early admission to his uni- had my first class yesterday, actually- where I’m reading Sociology and History. Also, pretty sure a good definition of feminism is that women can do as they please, whatever that means to them.
  • Satirenon 13: It's all a lie! You've been taught lies your entire life! White goyishé feminists know more than you do about the tradition you were raised in again and again for the past 3326 years. Definitely.
  • Gentileproblems: No, what are you talking about, they skim-read a Rationalwiki article once! They’re totally qualified to tell me how to live my life!
  • Satirenon 14: I'm wearing a kippah and a mini skirt at the same time. I'm only have oppressed on my mothers side.
  • Gentileproblems: :D but oppression is passed down through the mother, donchaknow
  • Satirenon 11: yeah for all you know anon is a really creepy guy looking to harass jewish feminists and give feminists a bad name
  • Gentileproblems: yeah p much
  • Commentanon 13: thats religious misogyny at work, the only true feminist religion is spiritual christian influenced combined with a bastardized eastern """"spiritual"""" religion entirely divorced from from it's actual source and rules and replaced with new ageyness and a hint of racism :)
  • Gentileproblems: 'Hey, mum and dad! I'm rebelling against you by converting to a watered-down version of a religion I barely understand!'
  • Satirenon 15: *sighs* Now I have to go tell the three female Rabbis I know personally that none of them should have received an education, because a got on the intertextuality knows Judaism better than us
  • Gentileproblems: It’s such a drag being oppressed like this, no?
  • Commentanon 14: Wtf the fuck is "free feminist culture"? I'm laughing so hard. Also kinda offended that anon is equating education with knowledge. Like a lot of people can't afford college or have learning disabilities but they're their own people, fuck off.
  • Gentileproblems: anon is patronising as heck- go ask them, I don’t know.
  • Anontisemite: Yes, I see you and the many people mocking me on your blog but I really don't mind because I know that you don't know better. I'm not a man or looking to undermine feminism - why would you even think that? You're a bit paranoid aren't you? Feminism is about female freedom and my life is dedicated to helping women achieve that. Judaism inherently undermines female freedom and that is want to eradicate it and rescue women from it. It's not antisemitism.
  • Gentileproblems: Alongside Jews, there are atheists, Muslims, and Christians mocking you. Quit while you’re… well, I can’t actually say ‘ahead’, really.
  • Anontisemite: I don't mind the mockery. I have my cause my cause is you and your fellow oppressed females or Judaism. It doesn't matter if you think you don't need it, a feminist fights for the freedom of all women no matter what. You haven't been taught this but you are woman who has value. You deserve a life without men who shame you for existing and think you have no worth except that which comes forth from your womb.
  • Gentileproblems: but… you are the only one saying this… can you save me from *you*, please?
  • Satirenon 16: for $8000 a month i will stop oppressing myself anon
  • Gentileproblems: yes please anon pay my uni fees
  • Satirenon 17: I am a Jewish feminist am I causing global warming
  • Gentileproblems: I want to make a joke about Moses and rising sea levels here….
  • Anontisemite: Oh honey, let feminism help you be truly free from the bonds of patriarchal religion.
  • Gentileproblems: we’ve been around a few thousand years, your patronising wheedling isn’t gonna stop that.
  • Commentanon 15: In all seriousness, what I find most fascinating about the anon is that for someone who claims to want to free me from those telling me what to do etc., she/he is telling me exactly what to do! For someone who claims to want everyone to be free, she/he is not allowing me the freedom to do what I want. In other words, hypocrites will be hypocrites.
  • Gentileproblems: Goyim gonna goy
  • Commentanon 16: Anon does know that Judaism is a matriarchal religion, correct? That women are revered and are incredibly valued by Jewish society?
  • Gentileproblems: what are you talking about religion is BAD forever
  • Commentanon 17: For all who are trying to say that she is not free while being Jewish is the worst thing you could say. Being free means she can choose what religion she follows. Also the Jewish faith is not oppressive I actually know a female cantor/rabbi who is amazing at what she does. You are being oppressive by telling her she can't be what she wants and saying that you are not being racist even though all your support is stereotypes and from the 1900's get with the time! Take this as a warning
  • Gentileproblems: Thanks so much, anon! I mean I’m opinionated as all heck, if I didn’t think i was being respected I’d leave, believe me.
How miscounting the Jews leads to antisemitism

Several common statements that are casually anti-Semitic arise from an overestimation of the number of Jewish people in the world, past or present. To the casual antisemite, the death of Jews is not necessarily desirable, but it is acceptable because there are plenty more where that came from - “Jews are everywhere! There are billions of them! I saw it on the TeeVee!” 

Middle school history teachers are required to tell gentile children that the Nazis killed six million Jews. However, they often don’t stress or even allude to the fact that six million was a third of all Jewish people on earth in the 1940s. Thus you get casually antisemitic comments to the tune of “The Nazis technically killed more Russians than Jews. Yet Jews talk about the Holocaust more than Russians. The only explanation I can think of is that Jews are whiny and manipulative.” A genocide affects a culture based more on proportion than raw numbers, but since antisemites assume infinite Jews they cannot see the Holocaust this way, and their ability to sympathize with Jewish people coping with its legacy is impaired. Anti-Romani racists do something similar; confused by their mental image of a massive “g**sy horde” overrunning Europe, they can’t comprehend that the Nazis murdered a fourth of the total Romani population.  

The overestimation of global Jewish populations also leads anti-Zionists to have unrealistic expectations of their Jewish allies in the diaspora. Israel is a young, controversial country roughly the size of New Jersey. It also contains between 42% and 45% of the world’s current Jewish population, and if demographic trends continue, half the world’s Jews will live in Israel by 2050. In this light, it is a bit easier to understand why many Jews who despise/protest the Israeli government maintain connections to Israel (by family, by friends, by religion, by language, by culture, by academics, by money) in ways the BDS movement finds unpalatable, and that only a tiny minority can bring themselves to join militant gentile anti-Zionists in celebrating Israeli deaths. Are Judaism and Zionism synonymous? Of course not. But as long as gentile anti-Zionists keep punishing connected Jews on the assumption of a demographically irrelevant Israel and an infinite diaspora, accusations of antisemitism will keep coming their way.

Only 0.2% of all people are Jewish. Jewish blood is not cheap. A brocialist on this website recently said that he was fine with Yemen’s remaining Jewish population being forcibly converted or killed because, hey, there are only 70-100 of them compared to millions of Yemenis, and Palestine is more important anyway. That’s how the illusion of infinite Jews works to make persecution acceptable to the antisemitic mind: we, the human race, can afford to lose “only” 70-100 of those people, so why are they getting all worked up?

This is especially insulting given the fact that the world Jewish population would be much larger, perhaps even by hundreds of millions, without the toll of centuries of antisemitism. 

With the J.K. Rowling brouhaha of yesterday and the thankfully-final installment of The Hobbit hitting screens this week, I think it’s about time I put down to paper a topic that has been sitting in the back of my mind, that being the representation of Jews in fantasy.

There’s a popular theory floating around that Jews just don’t write fantasy – they write sci-fi.  While this isn’t exactly true – the Yiddishists are full of half-realized figures and there’s Kafka, of course, though his works  are as much psychological horror as anything – if we categorize fantasy as the type of fantasy we think of when we think of fantasy it has merits.  There aren’t really any Jewish authors of Tolkienesque high fantasy, of Narnia epics, of a million medieval-era copycats.  Can you blame them?  Why would a Jewish author want to relive the Middle Ages?  To Tolkien, this was a great age gone by.  But for the Jews of Europe, this was a time of blood libels and pogroms, Crusades, Inquisition, and just a whole lot of persecution.  The Jewish story is not one of reclaiming a lost glory; it’s of forging forward to root out success.  That’s what gave us Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Bob Kane, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  That’s what gave us Isaac Asimov and Harlan Ellison.  That’s what gave us Rod Serling.  Creative minds who imagined the future, who could see its potential for greatness as much as its potential for destruction.  Never fully embracing.  Always a little reluctant.  But still looking anxiously ahead instead wistfully back.

So, yeah, Jewish authors have stayed away from the epics – and the one that didn’t lampooned it so severely, I’m still laughing.  Does that mean you can’t find your Jewishness in your fantasy?  Ha, of course not.  Jews are everywhere in fantasy.  They just aren’t the heroes.  They’re the shadows in the dark, they’re nightmares given horrific form, they’re menaces and nuisances.  They’re gold-obsessed.  They’re sucking the lifeblood out of society.

Yeah, about that.  Who do you think Dracula is?  I mean, really is?  An older Eastern European fellow with a predilection for blood and a plan to corrupt the innocence of dear old England?

Or how about the goblins of Harry Potter?  Small swarthy folks with hooked noses  who have suffered massacres throughout the ages but manage to keep going by their skill in money-handling?  Never mind that their approach to contracts is almost pathological…

And then of course, there are Tolkien’s dwarves.  It would be harder to find a bunch of crypto-Jews in all of literature.  In fact, Tolkien out and out made the comparison: “at once natives and aliens in their habitations, speaking the languages of the country, but with an accent due to their own private tongue.”  But before everyone jumps on the Tolkien was anti-Semite bandwagon, just know that this was his attempt to clean up Wagner’s actually anti-Semitic messes.  And really, the novel isn’t so problematic, because the symbolism is less overt and less important.  It’s Peter Jackson’s productions that draw out the comparison, which if the quest to regain Erebor doesn’t tip you off… But by making it completely obvious that there are crypto-Jews, it makes the gold obsession that much worse.  And even worse than that, this last film appears to be making zero effort to have us sympathize with the dwarves whatsoever.  And even worse than that, Jackson seems determined to remove focus from the dwarves and their motivations into framing this as just a moving piece in the saga of the Ring, basically stripping away whatever we appreciated about the dwarves beforehand.  So you can see why people are upset.

To those people, however, I would say, read Discworld.  One of the reasons I love Terry Pratchett is that he writes high fantasy with a modern sensibility.  And I don’t care how many times he’ll deny it, but his dwarfs are definitely Jewish analogues.  A word-obsessed culture.  A generation who make good in the city, but still feel some attachment for a far-away home.  A dedication to their parents, to sending weekly letters home with a cut of their wages.  Yes, Pratchett makes jokes about gold, but then turns that right on its head.  And look at their diversity!  A Shakespeare wannabe, a Casanova, a gardener, a watchman, a CSI, a printer, a rock and roller, a would-be king.  They aren’t just there for window dressing.  They aren’t homogenized.  They’re real characters with real motivations.

But, of course all good things must come to an end.  These days my tolerance is waning just a bit as Discworld’s dwarf characters have all but disappeared and the ones that remain have been reduced to villainzed caricatures of religious extremism.

So where can one turn in a world of crypto-Jews?  Or Krypto-Jews, if you will.

Yes, what you want are those golems of the 20th century – superheroes.  You want refugees escaping from doomed worlds.  You want do-gooders protecting the innocent.  You want anti-villains.  You want people struggling with hatred.  You want secret identities.  You want the Thing.

Or maybe you just want Anthony Goldstein.  The choice is yours.

How to Write About Israel (Guide for Goyim)
  • Mention that you have nothing but the greatest respect for the Jewish people. You love Jews! In fact, growing up, you had a neighbour named Mrs Feinstein, or Mrs Goldberg- something recognisably Jewish, is the point.
  • Slip in a few Yiddish words. The more awkward, the better. Oy vey!
  • When you introduce the topic of Israel, start by mentioning one of two cities; Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Use an adjective like ‘bustling’ or ‘vibrant’.
  • Make sure to mention the interplay of ancient traditions with modern life, which is somehow different to the St Patrick’s Day festivities in Boston, or wherever it is you’re from.
  • At this point, your tone turns sombre. All is not as it seems in this bustling/lively/cosmopolitan scene. Interview a passing sixteen-year-old boy about his views on Palestinians (the Israeli government is unique in entrusting the minutiae of its foreign policy to teenagers). Predictably enough, they will not be especially diplomatic. If this doesn’t work the first time, keep trying until you get the response you need.
  • The adolescent is now a representative of all Jews- whoops, Israelis- everywhere. Discuss what such blatant racism means about ‘the Israeli mindset’ as a whole, and assume that such a thing actually exists. 
  • Maybe bring up the Holocaust at this point. Didn’t they learn, you wonder? Are you the first person to have made this parallel?
  • End on a rhetorical question: Do Israelis truly not see the tension simmering beneath the surface (use this exact phase) in their society? No- they need a gentile to tell them all about it.
The last stop of this meditation is Zagorsk, Russia, where, troubled by the anti-Semitism he encountered there, my friend Andrew Solomon asked a local peasant why, in his estimation, there was such antipathy everywhere against Jews. Without a moment’s hesitation, the peasant answered, in Russian: “It is because the Jews have a secret vegetable they eat so they don’t become alcoholics like the rest of us. And they refuse to share that vegetable with anyone else.“

Sorry if I have so little patience, but it’s basically the same thing over and over again from “anti-Zionists.”

Historical revisionism, “genocide,” “apartheid,” evil Jews control everything, denial that anyone outside of Ashkenazim exist, glorification of Jewish terrorists and far right groups as “real” Jews, “look at the Jews lying about antisemitism like they always do,” victim-blaming those murdered or hurt by terrorism, every bad thing ever is “because Jews,” and whatever it takes to make the Protocol of the Elders of Zion blush.

Everyone gets it. You hate Jews. You’re not happy with Jews unless we don’t exist. You like to sit and circlejerk over the idea that everything would be perfect everywhere if Jews weren’t around. Look at those scary, Big, Bad, Evil Jews.

I mean, why are “anti-Zionists” surprised that so many of us don’t even bother engaging half the time? Most of the things that they claim or fabricate is just rehashed antisemitism from Nazis, early Christians or early Muslims, with a dash of modern white supremacy. It’s not exactly new.

The only difference now is that we have Israel, and instead of burying ourselves and telling each other “if we’re quiet, they’ll forget about us and leave us alone,” we’ve had enough and we’re finally able to defend ourselves.

Sorry, we’re not the “poor, weak, perma-victim Jew” stereotype anymore that you can pity. We’re the “sick of antisemitism and will do everything it takes to stop antisemites from destroying us” Jews. 

It honestly doesn’t matter if the “anti-Zionists” take over public opinion and we go through what we’ve gone through for thousands of years now. Like everything else, history will look back at it with horror and say “never again” until the next time, but like every other time, we’ll just keep coming back stronger.

Because really, we’ve always had Jewish collaborators with our enemies, we’ve always had antisemitic propaganda to deal with, we’ve always had horrendous things thrown our way, and each time, it ends the same.

We survive.

anonymous asked:

Jewishpolitics was basically saying that letting the arabs stay and giving them welfare checks while they reproduce is ok. Also gay marriage would be ok. She was denying that this would mean death for Israel.

Yeah, she’s a Leftist to the core. The only claim Jews have to the Land of Israel is their promise from God. That promise won’t be fulfilled on the backs of homosexuals, Arab Muslims, and abortions. I challenged herb on her anti-religious views and got blocked. She apparently went on a tirade about how she’s a “Post-Soviet Jew”. Practically the caricature portrayed by Antisemites. She and her kind are a continued plague on Jews everywhere.

Israel will never control her natural borders if she does not reject Islam and the secular Left. Indeed, she’ll be returned to the sand.

Y'all can quote me on that

…Armenians and Jews were vulnerable because of their traditionally excluded or despised statuses as dhimmis [non-Muslim persons living in Muslim-controlled territories] or pariahs who experienced rapid progress and social mobilization in the prerevolutionary period. The social mobilization of excluded and despised groups outraged the sensibilities of traditional elites on the one hand and of contemporary nationalists and racists on the other hand. Traditional elites in the Ottoman Empire and Imperial Germany feared that Armenian and Jewish progress was undermining an already weakened old order. Meanwhile, Turkish nationalists and German racists balked at including traditionally despised groups in the newly formed and valued Turkish and German national and racial communities. Moreover, the rapid progress of such groups and their demands for autonomy or assimilation were viewed as further provocation.

The existence of [Armenian and Jewish] diasporas in Russia…may have aggravated the paranoid fears of revolutionary regimes, especially in the circumstances of impending war with that country. Russia was the enemy of the Turks in the First World War and of the Germans in both world wars. The [Committee of Union and Progress] accused Armenians of betrayal and of loyalty to the Russian side during the war. The Nazis viewed Russia and communism as the tools of the “Jewish World Conspiracy,” making all Jews everywhere, especially in Russia, part of a plot to control the world and to destroy Germany and the Aryan race.

The Young Turks and the Nazis came to believe–the former while in power, the latter even before they had seized power–that the major reason for the disasters besetting their societies was the mobilization of despised minorities with connections to their enemies. Moreover, the very success of these minorities and their chance connections to the regime’s enemies–at a time of war and grave crisis for both state and state and society–was interpreted as evidence of a plot against Germany and the Aryan race and the Ottoman Empire, respectively. In both instances the regime’s belief that minorities were hatching a plot in league with foreign enemies became the construction that was used to justify genocides. It is in this context, for example, that “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” came to be believed in Germany, while the view that the Armenians were plotting to destroy Turkey in alliance with the Russians came to be accepted in the Ottoman Empire. Indeed, this view of the role of the Armenians is still widely held in Turkey and in some academic circles abroad.

Of course, neither the Jews nor the Armenians were responsible for the revolutionary crises that had beset Imperial Germany and the Ottoman Empire, nor for the climate of fear and paranoia that such crises helped to engender. In the sense that they were not responsible for the revolutionary crises, or the motives of their tormentors, Jews and Armenians may be viewed as scapegoats; nevertheless, the successful modernization and progress of each community and their cosmopolitan connections to diasporas in Russia and elsewhere fed the climate of threat and fear. Their success and international connections were the half-truths that made big lies possible. Jews and Armenians, therefore, were not simply chosen at random or because they were hated in the past the way scapegoats often are. Their identity as distinct low-status minorities, their success in the modern world, and their situation at the time of profound revolutionary crisis and war for the larger society made them available for victimization. In each case their situation was grist to the mill of the revolutionary ideology of their killers.

—  “Revolution and Genocide,” from Revolution and Genocide: On the Origins of the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust, by Robert Melson

i’m so, so tired of having to defend the Jewish need for a state. Honestly, I personally think the Jewish state should be in the land Jews historically have longed for, but at this point, I’m just so sick of all of these debates that if they carved out some chunk of Russia and gave it to us, I’d be happy. 

The fact of the matter is that I don’t feel safe as a Jew, even living in America. I feel like everything is conditional. That I am only as safe as goyim are willing to let me be for the time being. I feel like a mouse being toyed with by a cat. 

For 2000+ years, I feel like we’ve lived like this. With our bags half packed, ready to run. Sometimes I think maybe the tradition of being prepared to go to Israel as soon as the mashiach comes was in part a more palatable way of talking about the fact that at any moment, it could stop being safe to be where we were. It’s much nicer to think of the mashiach inspiring a triumphant return home than it is to think about the fact that your non-jewish neighbors are one tragic death away from burning your home and killing your family.

In a world so wrapped up in identity right now, it feels strange to have no acceptable connection. There are few positive memories left in my family tradition from before coming to America. One old piece of writing, talking about how meager and simple life had to be in a small village in Lithuania, which my family was forced to leave because of hunger and economic strain. A few about the people, recollections of a rabbi, of a mother’s face. The rest are memories of fear, of hiding, of running. There is nothing left of us there now.

Considering myself of European extraction makes my stomach turn. I have no connection to that land. Why am I expected to forge one when living there for centuries did not allow my family claim to one before? Why now that we’ve been driven out so completely am I expected to consider Eastern Europe my ancestral home?

The only connection I have to place is Israel. Whatever feeling of belonging my family has in America feels temporary. We remember the struggles we have gone through here, but we are painfully aware of when we got here, like we are waiting for an end date for this part of our history. So we can put a grave marker on it when we must: 1918 through ????, 1890 through ????, 1947 through ????. 

At the very least, I want a place I know I can go if that end date arrives. If not Israel, where?