Fears Israeli ambassador's visit to Soas may spark unrest
Some university staff and students say invitation to Mark Regev is provocative and urge director to stop meeting
By Sally Weale

Students and academics at Soas University of London have said a visit by the Israeli ambassador Mark Regev this week could lead to serious tension and substantial distress on the campus.

Regev has been invited by two student societies to speak about the Middle East and prospects for peace on Thursday, but his visit has been criticised as provocative by other staff and students who are planning a protest.

More than 150 academics from Soas and other UK universities, plus 40 student societies at the university, have written to the Soas director Valerie Amos urging her to intervene to stop the meeting on Thursday at which Regev is due to speak.

A letter signed by more than 100 Soas staff says: “We fear that if this provocative event proceeds as planned, it will cause substantial distress and harm to many of our students and staff who are, have been or will be affected by the actions of what a recent UN report refers to as the Israeli ‘apartheid regime’.

“The event could further cause serious tension on campus and result in a charged atmosphere that will be detrimental to the wellbeing of all faculty, staff and students.”

“Provocative”; that’s Newspeak for a Jew promoting Jewish and Israeli interests. Somehow Jew haters aren’t provocative. But hearing a Jewish voice challenging the current European anti-Semitic orthodoxy, watch out! The haters are being provoked!

Here Are the Jewish People

Western popular concepts of Jews that people here take as the extent of our tribe:

The reality:

Boys from the Jewish population of Yemen, which has been around for 2500 hundred years but has been slowly massacred over the past few generations.

The Lemba of South Africa and Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe in particular has a large and VERY long history with their Jewish Community)

The Abayudaya of Uganda, some of the great Jewish musicians

The Beta Israeli of Ethiopia

Igbo Jews of Nigeria

Cochin Jews of India 

Baghdadi Jews

Kaifeng Jews of China, who go back to the 7th or 8th century. Unfortunately, during the 20th century much of their culture was almost wiped out and the Kaifeng are currently working to rediscover their Jewish heritage and culture.

Jewish Children in Puerto Rico (Jews have been in Puerto Rico since the 15th century, many fleeing from the Inquisition)

The Beit Shalom Choir in Japan

Kosher comes in all colors, from all over the world, and in a variety cultural groups. We’re a small portion of the human population, but we have EVERYONE. We are all members of this tribe.

Because stereotypes are bullshit.


Anti-Semitic Crime in America: Latest on the hate crimes targeting Jews across the country

  • On Monday, authorities in St. Louis confirmed a local Jewish cemetery’s desecration by vandals.
  •  That same day, the Jewish Community Centers Association of North America reported yet another rash of bomb threats at centers nationwide.
  • And those incidents came only days after President Donald Trump brushed off a question about rising anti-Semitism in the U.S. from an Orthodox Jewish reporter at a White House press conference
  • He told him first to “sit down,” then saying “I am the least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life.”
  • A total of 69 incidents have been reported at 54 JCCs in 27 different states, CNN reported on Tuesday, citing information from the JCCA, a national organization of JCCs. 
  • The bomb threats aren’t just limited to JCCs: On Wednesday, Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, tweeted that the group’s national headquarters was the target of an anonymous bomb threat.
  • And in January, an Orthodox Jewish Chabad center in Florida was evacuated twice, on two consecutive days, after receiving multiple threatening phone calls. 
  • It’s not yet clear whether all of the threatening calls are connected, CNN reported, but the FBI is reportedly investigating the threats. Read more (2/22/17 4:02 PM)

The 43 group was a Jewish antifascist group in England, consisting for a large part of people who had served in the war against Nazi Germany, only to find that fascism was alive and well in their own country when they came back home. These are some of the people who helped destroy Mosley’s Union Movement in the 1940′s. From this amazing [documentary]

Fun fact: the anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jews having lots of money/being greedy/cheap began in the Middle Ages thanks to Christian laws.

The Christian church began forbidding Christians from having professions that involved lending money, banking, or pawn work. It was because the church believed that money was ultimately unclean so although it was considered a necessity, Christians were instructed to deal with it as little as possible.

But someone still needed to run all of those money-based businesses. So these societies which were already run by Christian leadership basically made it a rule that these businesses had to be run by Jews since they were already “unclean”. Furthermore, due to other restrictions on Jewish people in these areas, these money-based positions were pretty much some of the only jobs Jews could legally hold.

This eventually led to numerous stereotypes involving Jews and money. And the acidity of these stereotypes grew when Christian people and leaders became resentful of the livelihood Jews were able to achieve for themselves with these jobs.

So to sum up: Christian society forces Jews to hold down money-centered jobs since, according to the church, Jews were already going to Hell. Then, once they made lives with these roles they were forced into, Jews were mocked and hated for being successful.

i still remember her, you know?

my grandmother, that is. a woman who loved to play shop with me, to feed me her twist on new york style cheesecake, who loved to gift me with dolls from poland and the odd teddy bear or two. i remember her warmth, the slightly shrill voice, the woolen clothes and those brown loafers that she loved so much.

but i also remember how i’d catch a version of her that i wasn’t used to - a woman who looked much older, with ghost-white knuckles, and a hardened face that was far too solemn for someone who gave and gave and gave - for someone who deserved so much more than what she was given. i remember how that version of grandma would speak, too. in a hushed voice, speaking in the mousiest of whispers, as if she were a teenager again, trying not to make a peep as she hid with her whole family under the floorboards of a family friend’s home.

i also remember the tears. how they’d just… appear, from nowhere. sometimes they’d just start falling from her face mid-sentence, other times it was when she was looking forlornly out of the large window in the living room that i’d drawn on as a toddler. they were not the same tears she shed as a teenager, after watching her mother be taken away by men who embodied and reveled in pure evil. they were cracks in the wall that my grandmother had built.

then there were those days where i’d catch her looking at her arm, and the faded numbers that had overstayed their welcome there. it was like black paint on a white canvas only that canvas was a person and that paint had not been spilled accidentally, but tattooed into the arm of a young girl who had lost everything but her humanity - something the man who gave her the tattoo never had.

but worst of all, i remember how she’d frantically run about the kitchen to make me a meal when she learned i hadn’t eaten for a day. i asked her why.

“because, bubula, i know what hunger feels like.” she replied. i didnt quite understand the depth of that back then.

like how i didn’t understand the tremor in her hand when we walked past a group of teenage boys who made a hitler joke. how i didnt understand why she had to pull over on the side of the road to sob when she heard that a fellow holocaust survivor had died on the radio. 

my grandmother was a fighter and a survivor and she was a woman who was strong as steel and as sweet as honey-dew. she was a woman who gave and gave and gave, a woman who deserved all the stars in the sky and pearls in the sea.

my grandmother was ripped from the arms of her family, she thrown into the deepest pit of hell, and she survived the flames. because my grandmother was a survivor of the holocaust.

never forget.


Holocaust denial rages on in 2017

  • In a recent article for the Atlantic, Holocaust expert Deborah Lipstadt says there are two types of Holocaust denial: “softcore” and “hardcore." 
  • According to Lipstadt, softcore Holocaust denial is more concerned with minimizing the facts, "arguing that Jews use the Holocaust to draw attention away from criticism of Israel." 
  • It also calls for the "de-Judaization” of the Holocaust.
  • In 2014, the Anti-Defamation League surveyed more than 53,000 people in over 100 countries and found staggering results. 
  • At the time, 54% of respondents had heard of the Holocaust, and 32% of them said that the number of people who died had been exaggerated. 
  • Of the 74% who had never met a Jewish person, 25% harbored anti-Semitic attitudes. A
  •  2015 update of this survey estimated that 24 million Americans still hold anti-Semitic sentiments, and 20% of those surveyed believe that Jews “still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust.”
  • According to the Holocaust Museum website, the movement has gained a boost from the internet “because of the ease and speed with which such misinformation can be disseminated." 
  • Unlike Germany or France, the U.S. does not criminalize the denial of the Holocaust or the propagation of Nazi and anti-Semitic speech, the website reports. Read more

With Passover coming up, a holiday about exile and the return from same I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s happened to my people in the last 100 years or so, the life time of my own grandfather (who is 92) a lot of people don’t know or don’t really understand the massive shifts in Jewish population in just the last 70ish years so here’s some visuals 


Poland: 3,250,000 Jews in 1939—> 230,000 in 1946—> 31,000 in 1960—> 7,353 in 2011

Romania: 980,000 in 1933—>3,271 in 2011

Germany: 564,379 in 1925—>30,000 in 1990 (good news it’s risen to 119,000 since 1990!)

Hungary: 444,567 in 1930—>48,600 in 2010

Greece: 100,000 in 1939—>4,500 today


Egypt: 80,000 in 1948—>6 today

Libya: 38,000 in 1948—>0 since 2003

Morocco: 265,000 in 1948—>2,500 today

Tunisia: 100,000 in 1940—>1,700 today

Yemen: 55,000 in 1948—>50 today

Iraq: 156,000 in 1947—>3 as of 2013


Algeria: 130,000 in 1962—>unclear, less than 50 as of the 1990s


USSR: 2,166,026 in 1970—>1,830,317 in 1979—>1,479,732 in 1989


Ethiopia: 100,000 in 1974—>4,000 today

Iran: 100,000 in 1979—>8,756 today


Russia: 570,467 in 1989—>159,348 in 2010

Ukraine: 487,555 in 1989—>71,500 in 2010

Belarus: 112,031 in 1989—>12,926 in 2010

Uzbekistan: 95,104 in 1989—>4,500 in 2010

Syria: 6,000 in 1992—> 18 as of 2015


Venezuela: 25,000 in 1999—>6,000 today

this is not a total list, and of course leaves out the rising anti-Semitism crisis in France which is driving a rising immigration out of France (and the rest of Europe as well) or troubles in Argentina, or the fact that 45% of British Jews see no future in the UK.

Why I’m not okay with the pewdiepie thing

As a jewish person, I don’t care if pewdiepie is not actually anti-semitic. I don’t care if it was just a joke, I don’t care if it was “out of context” on the media. It doesn’t matter. It’s worse enough with the context.

The guy has 50 million subscribers, you don’t put that kind of message and laugh it off. You don’t help normalizing this kind of stuff. It’s fucked up.

There is an ENDLESS LIST of stupid funny shit you can have them write on that sign, was “death to all jews” really necessary? 

Death to all jews it’s not just some thing people said 70 years ago - No, we actually get it a lot. There are probably people out there who watch this video and smile because here is their stupid fucking radical opinion on a popular video. (the daily stormer actually calls him “our guy”). 

This sentence is not supposed to look like a joke to you, or something that can be used for a stupid meme. Please don’t be forgiving towards anti Semitic remarks while Antisemitism is clearly alive and well.

Disproving absurd lies ignores the most important part - absurdity has a purpose.

Obama being Hawaiian-born. No one celebrating 9/11 in New Jersey. A free and fair election with negligible fraud. Clinton not murdering people. Immigrants committing less crime….

None of those facts is a solution, because the problem isn’t mistaken facts. Intent that demands such facts is the problem.

Don’t ask “Is this true?”

Ask “Assuming this is true, what actions would that justify?”

Don’t ask “How can I convince you of the reality?”

Ask “What dark thing do you desire, that requires such lies to justify?”

From someone else, elsenet:

I do not want you to punch a Nazi on my behalf.

I want you to include Jews in your activism.

When solidarity is expected from Jews but not offered to us, speak up.

When Jews are left off the lists of people who are threatened, add us.

When bomb threats against Jewish institutions are taken lightly by progressives, take them seriously.

When Jewishness is equated with whiteness to dismiss us, educate your peers.

When activist event planners ignore Shabbat or Jewish holidays, remind them.

When criticism of Israel becomes Jew-hatred, step in.

When Jewish deaths are considered justifiable, grieve with us.

When Jewish contributions to activism are erased, amplify them.

When Jewish ideas or concepts are appropriated, point it out.

When Jews are silenced in your community, make room for us.

When Nazis see that activists don’t care about Jews, they know that we are a safe target. Don’t let that happen.