Handmade Resin Bangles Contain Dried Flowers and Greenery Inside

Embedded with leaves, flowers, plants, tree parts, and shells, these beautiful hand-crafted bangles (previously featured here) are made in Coos Bay, Oregon. The transparent bangles come in different colors, which allow one to carry a piece of nature at all times. You can find more designs on their Etsy shop.

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Handmade Scientific and Literature Inspired Bracelets

UK-based indie boutique Jezebel Charms handcrafts bibliophile inspired jewelry and accessories with a vintage and rustic allure. The artist draws inspiration from literature’s most prolific passages and favorite writers, which include Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, and William Shakespeare’s plays among other favorite authors and books. The artist also constructs jewelry illustrated with scientific diagrams and old world maps. You can find more rustic designs at her Etsy shop. 

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Adorable Handmade Jewelry with Real Plants Inside by Ural Nature

Married couple Mary and Stanislav from Ural Nature create unique designs using organic materials encapsulated in miniature glass sculptures. Inspired by the Russia’s Ural Mountains, each flower is handpicked and preserved under a layer of clear resin.

Using various wild materials, including leaves, moss, lichen, fern dandelion and tree bark, each piece is a piece of the wild forest. Ethically designed, all jewelry is constructed using real plants that have been carefully collected in a herbarium and preserved with non-toxic crystal resin. The woodsy tools add a touch of magic and rustic sensibility, which allow you to carry a piece of nature everywhere with you. You can find their entire collection in their Etsy shop.

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Hey guys, so I just had top surgery this month (June 22) which is really exciting and also really scary. 

The problem is that my dad is paying out of pocket (He’s great) since my insurance doesn’t cover ‘cosmetic’ surgeries, and if you know anything about the trans community then you know that a lot of the time, surgeries are not cosmetic, they’re needed medical interventions. 

The surgery will cost us around $10,000 USD ( including the travel, lodging, hospital fees, anesthetic fees, etc.) which is a shit load to pay out of pocket and it’s going to put a lot of strain on us. 

I really want to help pay for it, as much as I can because my dad has done a lot for my family already. Even though I’ve been saving up every penny i can scrape up (about $400 so far) It’s only going to be enough for like half a plane ticket. 

Which is why my mom and I opened up a Storenvy a while ago, but almost nothing sold, so we revamped the merch and lowered prices! Theres now nothing over $20 dollars!! We’re working really hard to pump out new jewelry and shirts to pay for my surgery. 

What you see above is only a tiny bit of what we got up, so please please please check it out, even if you can’t buy anything please just get the word around!

I also have a gofundme if you can’t really afford anything in our store and want to make a small donation :0

Every penny counts! Thanks for reading this!!!!

EDIT:: Shirts are now up, pronouns pins and stickers and new necklaces!!!! Please check it out, it helps if you get the word around


Galactic Jewelry Pieces Inspired By The Cosmic Beauty Of The Universe

Moon Stars Jewelry is an Etsy shop catering to the star-studded whims of people. The designer incorporates metals, glitters and glass into each piece to create a multilayered pendant or stone which becomes the heart of the collection. With an extensive career in honing her craftsmanship and eye for details in the design industry, this artist captures the transcendental skyscape in her jewelry design. 

She uses glass to mold a fluid space into which she dumps glitters and tiny crystals of dazzling colors to produce a realistic galactic effect. In her studio page on Etsy, she explains the inspiration behind her work, “Like the Tibetan Buddhist monks who, during the casting process of their sacred bells, threw prayers of intention written on rice paper into the molten metal (that special moment of alchemical possibility). I also do this in my own work, realizing the importance of intention, and elements that go beyond the decorative aspect of jewelry.”

The designer creates celestial jewellery pieces that celebrate the beauty of the universe. Her products can be found in her Etsy shop.

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Because saying you’re a nerd just isn’t enough

Atom Necklace

DNA Necklace

Adrenaline Ring

If you haven’t seen the Somersault 18:24 Etsy account, you are definitely missing out.


Exquisite Flower Jewelry Boxes

EtenIren is an Etsy shop which crafts handmade accessories ranging from quaint accessories  to floral jewellery boxes. The jewellery boxes crafted by the online boutique are the perfect gift for a special occasion, and each piece is lovingly made, with simple and clean touches to bring out the beauty of the flower crowns on the top of each set.

The light wooden boxes are smoothed and circular, which perfectly accompany the pastel shaded succulent plants and flower models perched on the lid. Each jewellery box is moulded carefully by hand, replicating the petals and leaves to their exact texture, and the artist’s choice of color gives it a feminine touch. The soft hues of the decorations and wood of the box, make it perfect for any surface and to hold on to precious trinkets. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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