jewl ring

I’m Lucian, I’m an old war god looking for anyone from my past.
I’m known as Lucian and the god of war, destruction, decay, and conflict.
I have black wings with gold tips (like my icon), black shoulder length hair, sometimes it’s dark red, and i fluctuate between gold and blue eyes. I’m associated with gold and birds, and i’m known for being well decorated with jewls and rings and such. My purpose is to govern war and chaos and to push things towards their end. I’m a violent god but as far as i say not a bad one, though who am i to tell? if anyone remembers me I’d be excited to know!

After Azreal had left his hotel room he grabbed his boxer briefs and pulled them on before grabbing his phone and shooting a text to Sampson. Come to my room? Maybe bring booze? He sighed and laid on his back in his bed, running his hands through his hair. He smelled like sweat and sex and maybe a little bit of Azreal’s cologne too. He would of gotten up and showered if he wasn’t feeling so shitty. Now he just had to wait for Sammy to get there, and hopefully get him drunk.