Some Jewish Adam Birkholtz headcanons

-He went to Jewish summer camp. It was probably actually a really hard decision each summer to choose between hockey camp or Jew Camp, but maybe he’d split the summer and do one session at Jew camp and one session of hockey camp.
-He was a part of some kind of Jewish youth group, whether it be BBYO, USY, NFTY, Young Judaea, etc. I actually really can see him as an Aleph in BBYO cos they have that frat boy rep, but he was also in the juniors at that time so idk what Waterloo has in terms of Jewish youth groups.
-He is active at the Samwell Hillel and JSU. Probably on the board of one of them (not both cos hockey takes up too much time). He goes to Shabbat as often as he can, often bringing alone other SMH bros with him (free dinner, man!) Ransom is an honorary Jew on Friday nights, joining Holster each week hockey doesn’t conflict. His favorite part of services are the songs because the SMH Hillel is lead camp style, and we already established Holster went to Jew Camp.
-If you ask Holster what his favorite game is (besides hockey, of course) he’ll say Jewish Geography.
-He’ll go on birthright the summer after he graduates because he couldn’t do it during college since hockey always got in the way.

Jews gathered in the woods to observe Shabbat.

Jews in the Woods is a privately organized Jewish youth group which began in New England in 1997, founded by two friends, Dan Smokler and Dan Zimmerman, who sought to create a Jewish community that evoked their Hassidic teacher Josh Lauffer’s shabbat gatherings. JITW has come to be known for its serene, wooded locations, intense praying and singing, and the musical, lyrical and terpsichorean geniuses who frequent its gatherings.

anonymous asked:

I saw the post you made about nfty and I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about it? Like what it is/why I should join. I'm in 8th grade and I, thinking about going to the weekend thing at camp Kutz asan introduction to nfty. Is joining worth it?

Hello anon! Here’s some information for you!

“NFTY’s heart and soul is the local URJ synagogue Temple Youth Group (TYG). While each local TYG differs in organization, focus, size, and character, the Temple Youth Group is the outlet for the highly engaged Reform Jewish teenager in a URJ Synagogue. While some TYG’s only meet 5 times a year for social programs, many TYG’s meet over 20 times each school year and offer a full variety of social, leadership, educational, and social action programs. TYG’s are linked together by geographic region into NFTY’s 19 regions. While each NFTY Region is somewhat unique in character, program, and traditions, each NFTY Region runs leadership training for local TYG’s, as well as a series of camp, hotel, or home-hospitality based conclaves or institutes that focus on Jewish themes, building community, worship, and social action for general NFTY Membership.” (source x) NFTY is absolutely worth joining! All of our best friends are from NFTY! Do any followers tell this anon some reasons why NFTY is the greatest place on earth?