First National Meeting of American Orthodox Rabbis. Meeting held at Congregation Shaarey Zedek, Detroit, Michigan. The meeting was convened by Rabbi Judah Levin. Bottom row eighth from left: Rabbi Meyer Berlin, president of American Mizrachi, tenth: Rabbi Aaron Shinsky; eleventh: Rabbi Judah Leib Levin; twelfth: Rabbi Abraham Hershman; fourteenth: Rabbi Ezekiel Aishiskin. Third row, far right: Abba Keiden. Fourth row, third from right: Max Jacob; 1920. x


The third and last book we pulled from our Yiskor collection this week. This book is one of the few we have that is printed in both English and Hebrew, simultaneously. The ghetto of Kartuz-Breze was located in Belarus. The book includes a full-sized  map of the city, in addition to the photographs, art, letters, and official documents of many residents.