Jewish Luck (1925)

Silent Soviet adaptation of Sholem Aleichem’s ‘Mendel the Matchmaker’, starring the eminent Yiddish actor Solomon Mikhoels in his film debut. Mikhoels travelled all over the world as the head of the USSR’s 'Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee’ drumming up support for the Soviet Union in opposition to Hitler. Communism being Communism, of course, Mikhoels’s reward for his efforts was his assassination in Minsk in 1948, when he was beaten to death and then run over to make his death seem like a traffic accident. Intertitles for 'Jewish Luck’ were written by the great Isaac Babel, who after a life of military and literary service to the USSR, was tortured, shot and dumped in a mass grave.

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Art: Anya Ulinich

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