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can i just say that comparing zionism & nazism is already offensive but especially so literally a day after a horde of nazis march in the name of jewish genocide

it’s also ridiculous that there are leftists who see richard spencer claim he only traffics in “white identity politics” & are able to realize it’s nazism manipulating rhetoric to gain face & that “white identity politics” is far different from that of POC because POC are oppressed for their identity & white people are not, but when he says he’s just a “zionist for whites”, you guys go “yep sounds right, those are the same,” as if jewish history & white american history are no different

there are clearly critiques of zionism on racial & ethnic grounds w/r/t beta israel & mizrahim & palestinians etc but can we just not compare jews to nazis & not accept at face value what a fucking nazi says about his ideology

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Hi, I've got a question on names. My story has a pseudo-Victorian fantasy setting. I named my villain (traitorous war-mongering diplomat from the enemy country up north) Mordecai, because that was on a list of Victorian names, since Old Testament names were popular with Christian Victorians. But obviously it was a Jewish name first, and I don't want this character coded as Jewish since he's the Big Bad. Should I rename the character, or is that not an association readers would make? Thanks!

If I don’t want my traitorous Christian villain read as Jewish, do I have to change his very Jewish-coded name?

Yes, please change the name of your traitor away from something that is so super Jewy sounding. I appreciate you asking! You are a good egg.

I’m not sure if gentile readers would catch it, but boy howdy would we especially since that’s a name we run into every springtime at Purim, and we’d wonder if it was intentional or not. Like for example, the sneaky little rats in the Freddie the Pig books (I love those books) are named Simon and Ezra, and now that I’m a grown woman and have seen what people are capable of doing in their fantasy media I have to basically convince myself that of course it doesn’t mean anything. (Rats are another trope, like the betraying/traitor trope OP is asking about.)


a queer & trans Jewish perspective on names (notes for a zine)

hello friends! i’m starting to put together sources & thoughts for an upcoming comic zine i’m doing called “True Names” that brings together my perspectives on (self-)naming as a queer, trans, witchy Jew - i just finished the excellent Magic of the Ordinary by Gershon Winkler & thought i’d share some relevant quotes & thoughts with you all:

“…no name can hold within it that which is infinite. God, Judaism teaches, is un-name-able, un-peg-able, un-define-able, because not only is God infinite but also dynamic, eluding all attempts to attain a snapshot of a moment or essence of what is God. Therefore, when Moses asked the Creator to divulge the God Name, the Creator’s response was אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה (ehyeh asher ehyeh), which translates simultaneously: ‘I was what I was, I am what I am, and I will be what I will be’:

You wish to know my name? According to my actions I am called. At times I am called el shadai, or tz'vaot, or elo-heem. When I judge the creations, I am called elo-heem; when I battle wrongness, I am called tz'vaot; when I suspend the sins of humanity, I am called el shadai; and when I exercise compassion upon my worlds, I am called yhvh. In other words, I was what I was, I am what I am, and I will be what I will be—according to the nature of my actions I am called. (p.35)

this strikes some major chords with me re: labeling and queerness - existing in flux or outside of conventional definitions/structures, struggling to find words for that or to make existing words fit - and also the idea of a name as describing an action really resonates with me. Winkler expands on that idea when paraphrasing Rabbi Chayyim of Volozhin:

…that which is comprehended somewhat by us, and we decorate this grasping with various God-Names and Divine Attributes and the like—as we find in our Scriptures and in the various forms of our prayers—reflect only God’s relationship with the universes…even [in invoking] the essential, singular Name itself we are not connecting with the Selfhood-Essence of God but with that aspect of the Blessing Source that is in relationship with the universes… (p. 36)

in this view, a name describes not who you are essentially (what could possibly describe that?) but rather who you are to the world, especially who you are to the world in this moment:

This explains the baffling response which the Hebrew ancestor Ya’akov receives from the spirit being with whom he wrestles, after asking it to divulge its name to him: “Why do you ask me for my name?”about which the second-century Rabbi Abba Arecha comments in the name of Rabbi Yosei bar Dowstai: “The angels have many names, according to their calling [in the moment]…[Said the angel to Ya’akov] ‘I am puzzled [that you ask me my name] for I do not know what my name is changing into in this very moment!” (p. 36, emphasis mine)

i imagine you can see where i’m going with this in relationship to changing names as a trans person - if a name is connected to an action or calling, choosing a new name for yourself is the process of describing what (& how) you do in the world right now, which may be different from what you did in the past or what others expected you to do. there are of course trans folks who don’t change their names (for many reasons), but for those of us who do, we’re responding to the sense that our birth names don’t (or never did) describe us accurately. the concept of a “deadname” becomes that which is no longer active - a thing we just aren’t doing anymore, and for a lot of people, being addressed by that name sounds like a request to perform that action again when at best we’ve moved on, and at worst, that action hurt us! we’re doing something else now, something more true to our present understanding of ourselves. we’re in a new relationship with the world and our birth names are an old relationship that has ended.

the essential me, including my gender, can’t be contained in any of my names, and none of those names (in my opinion) are more cosmically real or necessarily permanent than any other - the idea of a magical “true name” is something i want to push back against, and historical Jewish magic backs me up on that with the incantation bowl phrase “and every name [a person] has” 

but my chosen name is powerful because i’m describing me right now, which is really the most important thing since we exist in the present! for me it’s not even a new name - in my case, i’ve been holding onto my chosen name in the back of my mind since i was a child, but have only been able to claim it openly as an adult in the past few years. something about it has clicked with me for that long & it’s a relief to finally be able to use it. other folks are still looking for names that fit, some folks feel good about their birth names! only you get to define the relationship/calling of your name, given or chosen. 

if multiple names/labels and an outright refusal to be defined by others is good enough for the divine, it’s good enough for us - b’tzelem elohim!


He came. He left. Nothing else had changed. I had not changed. The world hadn’t changed. Yet nothing would be the same. All that remains is dreammaking and strange remembrance.

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Hi there, I’m writing a Marvel fanfic incorporating the concept of daemons from Phillip Pullman’s series His Dark Materials, and I (not being Jewish) don't know if I should give Jewish characters' (Spider-Man, Thing) daemon names from Hebrew or Yiddish, or not? I absolutely do not want to step on any toes so if you say not to I will respect that. Thanks for helping all of us out, you're doing an amazing job!

How to name a Jewish character’s daemon in a Pullman fanfic 

It’s been a while since I read Pullman but I just pulled up the character list on Wikipedia, and it looks like there’s a kind of fast and loose correlation between the daemon names and the character background.  The posh, educated English people have Greco-Latin daemon names; the Finnish witch’s daemon has a Finnic name; the poor kid running the streets of Oxford has a daemon (Ratter) that’s just an Anglo-Saxon word, etc.  A lot of daemons aren’t explicitly named so it’s hard to see how strict this correlation is, though.  

The exceptions are the leader of the in-universe Rroma group who has a vaguely Greek-named daemon—but as he’s an educated, high-status character I guess this makes sense—and the two characters from “our universe” who begin the story without daemons and later acquire them.  In their cases, the daemon names seem to come from the languages of the region of the world in which the daemon was acquired/manifested/whatever.  One character, Will, comes by his daemon in that world’s Finland or Sápmi and so the daemon’s name is pretty clearly Finnic (given by the aforementioned witch IIRC).  

The other gets his daemon in Siberia or Tatarstan and the daemon has a Turkic name.  So, basically the daemon’s name seems to be roughly correlated to the linguistic background of the region and class in which it was “born,” though this seems to be conditioned on the socioeconomic status of its person, too.

The feeling I got from the daemons are that they’re a representation of the complex that combines the person’s inner feelings with the image they project to the world.  It would seem slightly off for a secular Jew to have a very Hebrew name for their daemon (exception for Israelis), although for someone who grew up with a lot of Yiddish in their household, a Yiddish nickname could be appropriate.


With the exception of certain Orthodox enclaves–not even all Orthodox communities–Yiddish names aren’t so common anymore. Yiddish words, though, are part of our slang–Ashkies, anyway. So if your character is more secular–and Ashkenazi–a cutesy Yiddish word like Pippick (bellybutton) might make a good name, but not an actual Yiddish name name like Fruma or Gittel.

If your character is more involved in the religious aspects of Jewishness, a Hebrew name or word might be more appropriate. Hebrew for a secular character’s daemon might feel out of place, depending on the actual word.
My Pullman-reading friend who I asked for help with this commented that she wouldn’t find it weird if a Jewish character’s daemon didn’t have a Judaism-related name, btw, so don’t feel like you have to. 


american jews must rid our communities of the so-called progressive except palestine ideology that has embedded itself among our community. behind black americans, we are the second left-most voting bloc in this country. we have stood against the robber baron for exploiting working classes, against the marine for serving american empire, against the riot cop for enforcing white supremacy, and yet—somehow we decided the robber baron is fine if he has a jewish name? the marine is fine if she is in jerusalem? the riot cop is fine if he has hebrew script on his riot shield?

when the israeli state was founded, we became k'chol ha'goyim, like all other nations, equipped with a repressive police-state apparatus and an imperialist army and a national bourgeoisie. [we in diaspora didn’t, but it appears some of us still haven’t realized they don’t care about galutim.]
while being unlike all other nations made [and in diaspora, makes] us dependent on the goodwill of goyim for safety, who subjected us to pogrom after pogrom and expulsion after expulsion, it is morally repugnant to support violent institutions we have always opposed, whether they were run by president harding or tsar nicholas or emperor titus, just because they are staffed by jews there

it is an ineffable embarrassment to our people to see stone-wielding children teargassed by tanks with loshn koydesh written on them

it is an ineffable embarrassment to our people to make gaza into a ghetto after hundreds of years of our own ghettoization

it is an ineffable embarrassment to our people to call jews who care about universal human rights antisemites or self-haters while likud hosts front national and freiheitliche partei österreichs, both founded by nazis and collaborators, in jerusalem

the desire to be k'chol ha'goyim and wield force to defend ourselves is strong and i think clearly understandable, but can we hold ourselves to a better standard than becoming our oppressors?

ok once again i understand that they are still white and i understand the criticism of cmbyn being not very diverse after moonlight but i’m still tired of cmbyn being written off as “white gays” without bothering to learn that they are jewish and the actors are jewish and it takes place in a country where jews were oppressed by a facist regime and in the 1980s where being a jewish person in italy was still taboo.

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In what ways have you experienced antisemitism in England? (Not being passive aggressive, genuinely curious)

This is obviously just a set of my own, personal experiences.

  • When I was 13, an Iraqi Muslim refugee girl came to my school and ended up in my class part-way through the year. She was told to sit beside me, and my table of students was asked (in private, by the teacher) to help her with her English skills. She became a friend very quickly, and weeks passed normally, until I complained (of course) about preparing for Pesach at home. She didn’t know what Pesach was, so I explained as best as I could. She asked if I was a Jew and I told her that I was. She then called me “dirty” and asked to be moved to sit somewhere else. She never spoke to me again.
  • When I was 16 at my first job with a clothing retailer, an Arab woman was angry that I couldn’t give her money back on some clothes (because of some store policy), called me a “thieving Jew” and stormed out.
  • I’ve had friends become ex-friends because they found out that I was Jewish, and they said that I “manipulated” them by not admitting that I was Jewish in the first place.
  • I’ve had ex-friends say that they wouldn’t have been friends with me in the first place because “Jews always want something in return.”
  • When I was 17 and worked at a jewellery chain store, I was serving an Arab man until he noticed the Magen David around my neck. He cursed at me in Arabic and demanded that my manager serve him instead. When she tried to show him the jewellery that I had brought out to show him, he wanted a discount because of “the Jew’s filthy hands.”
  • In the same job, there was a Muslim woman that I worked with that joined me outside for cigarette breaks. She always begged to make sure we were right down an alleyway so the main street wouldn’t see us. I asked her why she was afraid of being seen, and she told me that others from her mosque might see her. I then asked if it was forbidden for her to smoke, and she told me that it was, but it would be worse if her family found out she was talking to a Jew and she didn’t want to risk it. She begged me to deny that we were friends if any Muslim or Arab asked me if I knew her.
  • My boss at the same job made a point to remind me that the safe had security cameras surrounding it, because she said she knew what “you people” were like. When I faced antisemitism from customers, she demanded that I stop wearing my Magen David so I wouldn’t “antagonise” them.
  • When I had to transfer to a different jewellery store due to moving away to university, I had a different Muslim co-worker. For context, if two people worked together to make a sale, they were supposed to “split” the sale on the computer, as each staff member had a daily quota for both item value and insurance that we were supposed to sell. I did most of the sale, and he said he would help put the sale through the machine, as the customer thought she might buy something else, too. After she was gone, I found out that he’d stolen all of the sale from me. I confronted him, and he told me that “Jews have enough money.”
  • When I was 20, I went to court with my family because of (non-related to our Jewishness) harassment against us from our neighbours. Our court-provided lawyer was a friendly Muslim woman. She sat with us and helped us prepare for being in court, as we’d never been before. My mother has a nervous habit of fidgeting with her jewellery, and the lawyer stopped part-way through a sentence when she noticed her Magen David (for clarification - none of us have “obviously Jewish” names), made an excuse that we were prepared, then left us. In court, she hardly asked any questions unlike the defence lawyer, and after the case finished (it was short, thanks to those behind the harassment being repeat offenders) when we wanted to ask her about what happened next, we were all completely ignored and she refused to shake any of our hands, even after we’d seen her shaking with the defence lawyer.
  • I had a Christian roommate at university tell me that she would “forgive me” for “killing Christ” if I accepted Jesus as my saviour, and was angry when I refused.
  • In a taxi with an Arab driver, he was friendly and asked me if I was doing anything for Christmas. I told him that I was Jewish so wasn’t celebrating, but would probably go to a friend’s Christmas party. He then asked me what I thought about what was happening in Palestine, and I said that the situation was a horrible mess, and that all we could do was hope for peace. He then said, “Jews are baby-killers” and accused me of being racist.
  • When I went to pick up some kosher items from the local supermarket, an Arab family spotted me in the aisle (as kosher, halaal, Polish and “speciality” non-refrigerated items were along the same aisle) and followed me around the store as I picked up the rest of my shopping, laughing in Arabic, and then spat on me. When I went to a staff member to tell them about what happened, he accused me of being an Islamophobic racist and told me that if I didn’t leave the store, he would call security.
  • A different Arab taxi driver, on a journey back home, asked me if I was Jewish. When I told him that I was, he asked threatening questions about “how many Jews” lived with me and when we’d all be home together. I was frightened, I admit, and I gave him the wrong address and hurried to the first person that was outside their house, asking them to take me in because I was worried. I called home, obviously, but the driver stayed outside for over half an hour and only left when the stranger I was with went outside to ask what he wanted, where he apparently said that he was “making sure I (as in, me) was home safe.”
  • I went to buy cigarettes from a corner shop using my debit card. The machine declined it for some reason, although I had more than enough money to cover it. I asked the owner to put the card through again, and he shouted that “Your Jew money’s no good here” and demanded that I leave.
  • I’ve been called a “babykiller” and a “Zionist bitch” when a man spotted my Magen David.
  • My synagogue’s windows have been vandalised, smashed and there has been excrement shoved through the letterbox and smeared on windows and we have to organise an extra police presence during festivals. Over recent years, all signs saying that the synagogue is in fact a synagogue have been removed.
  • When preparing for an inter-faith walk of peace, a priest visited our synagogue and called us “obstacles to peace” and “selfish” for saying that we couldn’t walk on a Saturday morning, when we’re supposed to be in the synagogue praying.

I’ve been spat at multiple times, I’ve had antisemitic slurs thrown at me multiple times. I stopped using Facebook a few years ago because of random rape and death threats sent into my inbox and written when I commented or liked anything to do with Israel or Judaism. My mother has had the same. We have to do our best to protect my brother from the same, and have told him never to tell anyone that he’s Jewish, because that would be far too dangerous for him.

Obviously this isn’t even mentioning the abuse that I’ve had on this site, where I’ve been called a Nazi, I’ve been told to kill myself, asks with antisemitic slurs (not dark jokes, but actual abuse), because whilst I do post some, there are quite a few that I’ve just deleted without comment to block whichever anon has been sending them.

So when I talk about antisemitism, I’m not just someone that happens to be Jewish and is against antisemitism because it’s anti-Jewish as some out-there concept that I’m against, it’s because I’ve been there, I’ve done that, been through it, keep going through it.

It’s very real, and it can be incredibly frightening. That’s why I take it so seriously. And that’s also why I criticise Jews for claiming that some things are antisemitic when they’re clearly not, because I want others to see how horrendous antisemitism actually is so that they take it seriously, too.

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To Shira: I had a question about choosing surnames for Jewish characters - I know that certain surnames are tied to very specific people/families, rather than being like Smith or Jones. Do you have any advice for making sure my characters have family names that actually fit their backgrounds without inadvertently making it weird for anyone? Basically, I want to know how to check the cultural implications of choosing a given family name for a character. Thanks!

Jewish surnames

You might be overthinking this because our last names don’t necessarily mean THAT much more about our backgrounds than gentiles’. Unless you’re talking about the original way we used to name ourselves i.e. so and so bat Father'sName. Or Ben Fathersname. (i.e. Daughter of, or Son of.)

But if you do want to read more about Jewish surnames, this article is a good starting place.

Other than that, Google is your friend. I’d make sure there are existing Jews from the specific background of your characters before settling on a name. For example, “Hey, I want to write a character who’s Ashkenazi. Can I use Bernstein as a last name?” Lo and behold we have Leonard Bernstein. (Fun fact nobody asked for: his last name means “amber” in German! But his father, from where the name comes, was from a city that was in Poland at the time but is now in Ukraine.)

If I’m not answering your question, feel free to clarify, but other than researching the geographical origins of a name and making sure it’s a name real Jews have used either today or in history, I’m not sure what other answers are there.

In other words, look over the names of historical figures or living Jews from the same background as your characters, then use Google to research the geographical origins of those names. Try to stick to people whose names are from Jewish relatives i.e. Harrison Ford’s last name comes from his Catholic father, not his Jewish mother, whose last name was Nidelman. And yes, there are Jews who have no Christian relatives who have WASP-sounding last names, because sometimes people changed their names to pass so they could have better employment prospects. I guess if your character has a name like that and isn’t from a family that converted into Judaism, that’s one of those “implications” you were asking about – the implication that Green used to be Greenberg or whatever.



Honestly, I don’t think I’ve read anything that I’ve more purely enjoyed than DC Bombshells. Here we have a reimagining of Billy Batson as Miriam Batzel, a Jewish girl invoking the names of Jewish heroines in a ghetto under attack by Nazi’s. Just brilliant.

ETA: Sorry - Mary Marvel
A Rant on Representation

Ok so I saw Indecent on Broadway tonight and it was an incredibly moving show, that made a ton of good points on what it meant to be a Jewish artist in the 20th century and the hoops you had to jump through. (See tags for more on this)
It’s based on a true story of this play called God of Vengeance by Sholem Asch, about a prostitute and a brothel owners daughter who fall in love. (The whole cast got arrested for putting on an indecent show it was nuts).
And there’s this scene between Lemml the Stage Manager of God of Vengeance and Eugene O'Neil where they’re talking about the indecency trial and Eugene is going on about how much of a dark place the world is and he says “and those two girls… are like a lighthouse” (or something similar) and I just… broke.
I’ve never heard anyone say anything like that before, and for someone who’s sexuality is to a lot of people, just a category of porn? To see love between two girls called a lighthouse in a dark world? It was so intensely moving and it ultimately made me cry and I just can’t believe this show got extended to a point where I would be able to see it because I am just… so moved.

alright looks like theres at least some interest in the jewish omgcp network!! if any of y’all have experience w coding/graphics (or with running networks i guess??) and are willing to lend a hand/mod i could definitely use some help running things.

i’m gonna make some tentative steps to get some things set up right now, but please keep spreading the word and letting me know if you’re interested!

right now, i’m thinking the network would be focused on helping people connect with other jewish fans (though i hesitate to make a list of jewish blogs public, so the list of members would likely only be available to other members), and at least one chat, probably on discord (possibly one for general chatting, and another specifically for talking jewish headcanons/other fanwork?) 

if theres anything else you’d like to see from the network, please let me know! i’m definitely open to ideas as this project is definitely still in its infancy!

i open my hands to heaven. i say:

“name yourself.”

                              ( who are you.
                            what are you like.
                              what have you done? )

His eye opens to me. it is a galaxy of sound. it is e minor thrumming in my blood, it is every song i have not heard. it is a man two hundred years ago tuning his mother’s piano with gentle hands. it is the old, rattling house she left behind, it is his smile when it covers him in dust. sunlight falls over him like grief through the open windows. sunlight falls over him like love.

i open my hands to heaven. i say (my teeth are clenched) i say:

name yourself.”

His eye opens to me again and i am thrown weeping to the ocean floor with cracks in my hull. the sea roars in my mouth and i spit it from my lungs. three thousand miles away someone is playing black and ivory keys with no finesse but plenty of soul. rain hums on the surface of the sea as the dead wait to be alive again. i am weighed down by an indescribable love of all things. i am weighed down by His indescribable love of all things.

i open my hands to heaven. my soul is shaking. what He is and has done and will be is written in a thousand forms.

i whisper,

name me.

and the room echoes.

– a conversation (what have I chosen to be?) (via vulcan.txt)

author’s note: this is a jewish poem written after considering the significance of names in judaism (particularly g-d’s name) and how that relates to being trans and choosing your own name. this was not written by a christian and should not be viewed from a christian perspective.

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Is it offensive for a character to give herself the nickname "Sheol"? I realize it would be a little strange either way but I was wondering if there is anything inherently problematic about it

Character with Nickname “Sheol”

Our Korean mod is a Christian and she’s run into it a lot – she says it’s associated with a certain subset of Christians, i.e. fundamentalist or conservative. Our Jewish mod had to look it up, having a feeling it was Hebrew but not knowing what it was, and then reacted by saying it was a pretty goth nickname choice. Jewish mod is tentatively fine with it just because it’s not a word she’s ever run across in context. Passing this along specifically to frumblr because we’re not sure if it’s more meaningful to Orthodox Jewish folks. Any further input?


Excuse me but can Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman please get a Jewish girlfriend.

Like very openly Jewish girlfriend who goes to synagogue for Shabbat Services every week, who keeps kosher, who debates Torah and leads a Torah study group at her synagogue.

Maybe she even is a teacher at a Jewish school. (middle or high school age)

And she and Diana will be walking hand and hand and all her students will come up to her and be like Morah so and so hi.

Jewish girlfriend with Jewish name like the sounds goyim always got trouble pronouncing.

Also like short girlfriend who gets very impassioned about Jewish history and will like just be going on about it.

And Diana got that emoji with heart eyes look.

Like Jewish girlfriend who shows Diana how to find hecsher on food and Diana will speak hebrew with her.

And they have Shabbat meals.

Jewish girlfriend where we take the stereotypes of Jewish women and spin it so it is seen as a strength and positive.

Jewish girlfriend who like hey why don’t you invite your friends from justice league over for Passover Seder.

And on Purim Diane dressup with her gf and gf is wonder woman for Purim and they crack up bc like inside joke.

And all the jewish grandma are like nu so when is the wedding

And Diana got to go somewhere for like justice league business or something so the gf is like here take some food just in case and like its a suitcase of food.

and Girlfriend is like hey lets go visit your family and like packs food bc idk diana do you have kosher food on the island

also like yes im brining my first aid kit i don’t care if you all are good at healing what if chas v'shalom something happens it is better to be prepared 

also i’m not great at healing so there is that

“Diana I just saw your fight on tv and are you ok do you need anything, are you hurt or you hungry, i’m gonna make some matzah ball soup either way and there is some roast leftover from shabbat. is there anything you want me to make. you know what i’m just gonna cook a few things just in case and what you don’t eat we can freeze or you can take back with you.

like that batman he looks like he could use a home cooked meal what with the frowning all the time and the flash he is too skinny so i’ll make some stuff for you to bring him because he needs a little meat on those bones”

basically lets give wonder woman a Jewish girlfriend please and thanks