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also the idea that they just haven’t seen the star of david outside of a zionist context is ridiculous and completely cut off from the goyische world. literally everywhere but the occupied palestinian territories, people’s first and primary encounters with the magen david are almost always within the context of acknowledging a jewish holiday in elementary school. the public schools i attended in chicago would close on yom kippur and rosh hashanah because too many people would have been absent and jews made up a small minority. to claim most people’s first and only encounters with the magen david are the flag of a nation on the opposite side of the globe is like … blatantly untrue and an outrageous excuse lmao

you: judeo-christian holidays
me, an intellectual: jewish and christian holidays are not the same in terms of both ritual and cultural significance and are not seen in the same way by the media or average american. grouping them together in this way implies that jews have the same narrative and power as christians, which is false and frankly offensive


I went to a Passover Seder tonight and the host said that in order to make what is sometimes a very long and tedious celebration more palatable for small children, his aunt had written songs about Passover to the tune of Disney music. This wasn’t the whole song book, just my favorites. And the host played guitar and everybody sang along, so it was a lot of fun.


im so tired of goy being so uneducated and insensitive to jewis culture so just some basics:

• if you’re not jewish you dont get to say “jew” period
• holocaust, hitler, and nazi jokes aren’t funny period
• seriously quit saying “grammar nazi”
• also when the subject of the holocaust or hitler happen to come up DONT TRY TO SAY THAT HITLER WAS DOING WHAT WAS BEST FOR HIS COUNTRY OR THAT HE WAS HUMAN
• dont make jokes about us being penny pinchers or greedy or any of that its gross and racist
• if youre a goyim dont tell me that “_____ was a very jew thing for me to do”
• dont use yiddish, goy always mispronounce it and tbh it sounds stupid when you try
• dont call our traditions weird just cause theyre different
• be aware that jewish holidays dont get the same respect from society as christian ones do
• seriously our holidays are almost never seen as “a legit reason” to miss work/school

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are jewish people a minority? I mean it's not the 1940's anymore does anybody actually hate jews?

one of the many incidents in europe (france, greece) where jewish cemeteries/memorials where vandalized

along with people of other religions (including islam, sikh, hindu, others.) jewish people dont get privileges that christian people have, meaning we, dont get guaranteed time off work/school for holidays, dont have freedom to worship without fear of judgement, wont have our faith accepted at your workplace/school, cant have a job without it being associated with your faith (“they’re a [lawyer/accountant/banker/jeweler]? well obviously, they’re jewish”), have expectations of what your career should be (“they’re jewish and they’re only working as [minimum wage job]? they should aim higher”), being referred to as “jewish” friend, the list goes on.

some extra facts just to further educate yourself on jewish people/the jewish religion:

i could go on, but im sure you get it by now. feel free to add to this post.

since a lot of people are suddenly getting into falsettos

let me remind you

  • do not. Do Not fetishize the four gay characters. dont go around calling them your “gay babies”…..theyre all regular people
  • dont just focus on marvin and whizzer. theyre great, but there are five other super important characters.
  • please dont whitewash dr.charlotte
  • these characters are jewish. try not to draw or write them celebrating christian holidays. theyre jewish.
  • aids is not a joke. dont call whizzer “aids boy” or anything. please guys
  • if whizzer didnt get sick and die, falsettos would not be considered a perfect musical. keep that in mind

i really dont want to be bossing you guys around and stuff, but it is really really important to me that i say this

I remember one time when I went to party city a couple days before Purim to look through whatever was left of their Halloween stuff from months and months ago and as I was sadly sifting through the rejected sexy nurse costumes I looked over and saw a boy in a kippah, and I went “you here for Purim too?” And he said “yeah” and I said “well good luck” and that was the single best moment of Jewish solidarity I’ve ever experienced

Jewish Holidays in one sentence

Rosh HaShannah - Happy new year, now eat this apple with honey.

Yom Kippur - Sit quietly at home and contemplate your mistakes

Sukkot - Build weird huts and buy weird lemons.

Hannukah - Lights and oily food.

Tu BiShvat - Eat dried fruits and fight deforestation.

Purim - We avoided a genocide, go put on a costume.

Passover - We kinda avoided a genocide, stop eating bread for a week.

Lag BaOmer - Celebrate this failed rebellion with bonfires.

Shavuot - Dairy foods and Moses.

Tish’a BiAv - Romans fucking suck.

Tu BiAv - Jewish Valentine’s Day


Havdalah spice container, Germany, late 19th Century.

During Havdalah, a Jewish religious service commemorating the end of Shabbat, the use of all five senses is intended—tasting the wine, smelling the spices, seeing the flame of the candle and feeling its heat, and hearing the blessings. Fragrant cloves, cinnamon, or myrtle leaves are held in artistically decorative spice containers with elaborate metalwork, usually made of tin and silver, and often in the form of towers stylistically influenced by local architecture. 

Okay here’s why gentiles celebrating Jewish holidays is fundamentally wrong

here are some of our holiday: passover (escaping slavery), channukkah (resisting assimilation under threat of genocide), purim (escaping genocide). See a pattern? Most of jewish history is about being punted around from place to place because no one wants us between pogroms, ghettoes and shtetls. 

When you celebrate a Jewish holiday as a non-Jew, you take our history of suffering and turn it into your little party and then happily step out of it. You play dress up as a Jew with no care for the suffering of actual Jews, historical and modern. 

Now this is ESPECIALLY bad when Christians do it. Lots of times it was Christians instigating pogroms, confining us to ghettoes and trying as hard as they could to destroy our cultures. You don’t get to profit off of 2,000 years of systematic destruction and then pretend you’re Jewish. 

While we’re here. Messanic Jews ARENT jews. 

a lot of the stuff I see about celebrating Jewish holidays (particularly passover) is that you all want to do what Jesus did. How ever, please consider:

1) Jesus was Jewish. He was born a Jew and died a Jew

2) you are not Jewish

Most Jewish families LOVE to share their holidays and culture. If you’re interested in learning, there are networks to help people find seders. But above all remember you are a guest. Eating someone else’s food in someone else’s house and having someone else’s culture graciously shared with you.

and if you REALLY need to celebrate Jewish holidays yourself, consider why and maybe look into conversion.

From Lahav Halevy on Instagram:

Tel Aviv, 1920s: “The municipality of Tel Aviv hereby requests from all its citizens not to use in the coming Purim holidays any of the national or religious dress of our Muslim or Christian neighbours as costumes, in order to avoid insulting their feelings. The City of Tel Aviv.

Amazing… Shabbat shalom, and Happy Halloween to those celebrating.