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Jewish groups across the US receive bomb threats, forcing evacuations

  • Numerous Jewish community centers on the east coast received anonymous bomb threats via phone Monday, forcing evacuations and police responses.
  • Some of the calls were prerecorded while others were live, and likely came from the same telephone number. 
  • NBC reported threats were made to facilities as far apart as New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, Tennessee and South Carolina. In a statement, the Anti-Defamation League said threats were also received in Delaware.
  • Facilities across the county were evacuated, though authorities did not discover any explosive devices. 
  • Jewish schools in London also received bomb threats, though it was not clear whether the incidents are connected. Read more

7 things about the Black Lives Matter policy platform you probably didn’t know

1. It is focused on, but not exclusive to, black people.

There’s a saying that’s become popular in the movement: “When black people get free, everyone gets free.” The Movement for Black Lives’ policy platform is a prime example of what that reality could look like.

The platform is focused on the lived experiences of black people in the United States and their efforts to combat poverty, incarceration, inadequate schooling, unemployment and inferior health care. But it also speaks out against the privatization of natural resources.

“We seek democratic control over how resources are preserved, used and distributed and do so while honoring and respecting the rights of our Indigenous family,” the platform says, a statement that’s especially resonant as the fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline rages on.

The platform also takes a strong stance in support of Palestinian liberation, one that earned them condemnation from some Jewish American groups in the United States.

2. It took one year to write.

The platform took months to put together. Dozens of community-basedorganizations planned, met and drafted the policy proposal beginning in 2015, when the groups met in Cleveland for their first national convening.

3. More than 40 organizations came together to write it.

The Movement for Black Lives is a network of dozens of grassroots, including Black Youth Project 100, Dream Defenders and the Ella Baker Center for Human Righs and community organizations spread across the country. Its leadership is diverse and purposefully spread out. When it came time to write the policy platform, dozens of groups provided input as part of the Movement for Black Lives’ policy forum.

4. It goes way beyond criminal justice.

The Movement for Black Lives earned its place in the country’s political landscape by making the demand that “Black Lives Matter” in response to increasingly public police killings of black people. But the platform is wide-ranging and goes far beyond black people’s interactions with law enforcement. It touches on everything from increasing federal support for historically black colleges and universities to divesting from the use of fossil fuels, which activists say poison black communities.

5. Yes, it calls for economic reparations.

One of the more controversial parts of the platform calls for economic reparations for colonization and slavery. But the platform attempts to take those things from theoretical to tangible by spelling out exactly what the reinvestment of resources should look like. For instance, the platform calls for retroactive forgiveness of student loans and a guaranteed minimum wage for black workers.

6. It was released after the 2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions — for a reason.

The platform was deliberately released on Aug. 1, just after the end of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. That, according to organizers involved in the process, was intentional.

“Because we’re speaking radical and transformational change, not just minor tweaks to an existing system, that transformational change will be driven from the ground up,” M. Adams, co-executive director of Freedom, Inc. and member of the Movement for Black Lives Policy Table leadership team, told Mic in August. “Therefore we’re not only thinking about election cycles. We wanted to offer something that elevated and articulated a shared set of priorities that’s connected to movements before this political moment and after this moment.”

7. It’s an exhaustive list of 40 policy recommendations.

It’s an exhaustive look at the hopes and goals of a generation of black organizers. Look for yourself. 

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I wish people would bother to try and understand that hatred of Jews is so old it predates certain ethnic and racial groups.

The Jewish people are a very old people and we have been hated and killed for being Jewish for as long as we have been around.

People want to talk about if Jews are safe or not, if Jews are white or not, if Jews have anything to fear or not.

But they are missing the point. Jews have never been safe. Jews have never not been living in fear. For fucks sake Jews being seen as white is very new only 20 30 years old and we are talking about an over 4 thousand years old people.

You have to understand people have always and will always hate Jews and there is no rational to it.

In fact for most hate groups their top priority is to get rid of Jews first.

I wish goyim would try to understand that for Jews we live everyday standing on a small piece of wood in chum infested waters and you are the sharks waiting to tear us apart.

The fact is no matter what side you are on no matter who you care about or try to help you have always always made safety of Jews inaccessible and not cared.

The reality is at the end of the day the only people who have our backs are other Jews.

I mean the election wasn’t even over and we had leftist goyim stabbing us in the back claiming Jews ensured a trump win even though he spent the entire election dogwhistling us and saying we were rigging the election for Clinton.


The 43 group was a Jewish antifascist group in England, consisting for a large part of people who had served in the war against Nazi Germany, only to find that fascism was alive and well in their own country when they came back home. These are some of the people who helped destroy Mosley’s Union Movement in the 1940′s. From this amazing [documentary]

The Talmud also specifies that parents should teach their children how to swim. In the ancient world, where much travel occurred over water, swimming was a necessary survival skill. In modern parlance, this commandment means that parents are required to teach their children whatever self-defense skills are necessary for survival. In her book How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household, writer Blue Greenberg recalls an ugly incident in her neighborhood in which a number of antisemitic teenagers attacked and beat a group of Jewish teenagers. The local rabbi’s response was a sensible one, and entirely consistent with the Talmud’s ruling. “The time has come,” he in effect told the parents, “to teach Jewish kids karate.”
—  Jewish Literacy, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
  • Me, a Jew: Here's a post with pictures of my people celebrating the diversity of our people. A piece of positivity that is simply about combatting stereotypes and promoting various Jewish groups around the world.
  • Tumblr Goyim: In regards to those Jew pictures you posted, ANSWER FOR THESE THINGS I HEARD THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT DOES!
  • Me, a Jew: ... Those "Jew pictures" were about how kosher comes in all colors and that we consist of more than just the common western stereotypes. Also, I have nothing to do with anything Israel---
  • Me, Jew: ...And after that, should I talk about killing Jesus and creating the Black Plague as well?
on jewish whiteness

(european) jewishness is not read abroad as non-white, it’s read abroad as lesser white. (this is literally taxonomized in scientific racism, and even with the Nazis, it was about nordicism and “the aryan race” which is not synonymous with the white race)

there are ethnic jews who are not white, either by intermarriage or because the people do not come from a european group of ethnic jews. this includes most but not all sephardic jews (some are spanish/italian/french/otherwise european). there are jewish ethnic groups that originate from all over europe, asia, the middle east and africa. post-1492 judaism also diffused into many parts of the americas, though this happened as a result of european colonization.

i define whiteness in relation to post-1492 European colonization. not DNA, not genetics, not an identity. whiteness is property, whiteness is how you are positioned relative to this system.

white jews have and continue to participate and benefit from post-1492 european colonization. some, and probably most of this participation comes from fleeing antisemitism. that doesn’t excuse it.


  • conversios/anusim/crypto-jews in the spanish empire who were fleeing the inquisition by going to the americas. spanish jews included several conquistadors, and colonized much of the area that is now the southwest united states
  • portuguese jews in the carribean
  • white jews in the united states, who have been here for a long time and directly participated in the slave trade (white jews, sephardi and ashkenazi, participated in the slave trade throughout the americas, as well as fighting for abolition)
  • white jews who migrated to latin american countries whose governments encouraged their immigration in order to “whiten” the population such as in argentina
  • israel (i don’t think i really need a link for this one, there’s an ethnic hierarchy in israel that puts white ashkenazi jews at the top)
  • and other examples that i don’t know off the top of my head because although i have done a lot of research on this, i don’t study this for a living

there is no doubt in my mind that white jews are white. 

what’s happened on jumblr is that a lot of white people have gotten together and decided that they aren’t white. (a lot of this is really closely tied to zionism) as there’s this ideology of “all jews are middle eastern” which is simply not true. middle eastern jews are middle eastern. Judaism and the jewish people have origins in the middle east but saying that all jews are middle eastern obscures the very real power that european jews have over middle eastern/otherwise non-european jews.

like, if no jews are white, do we just have brown jews and darker-brown jews? where does that leave us? that completely disables any discussion on power dynamics within jewish communities by framing it as if we are all at an equal ground w/r/t power and white supremacy when that is clearly, historically NOT the case.

all jews face antisemitism. 
the tools/language of racism have been used in constructing modern antisemitism, but fundamentally white jews have historically and continue to benefit from antiblackness, racism, and white supremacy.

many white supremacists are also antisemites but white supremacy/racism is a system that exists outside of the far right and white supremacy as it is exists structurally benefits white jews over non-white people.

in terms of how goyim should address this, i don’t think that goyim of color should be afraid of calling a white jewish person white.

goyim, white or not should not allow the whiteness of some jews to obscure the very real continuing violence that all jews face because of antisemitism

it’s much more important to me that goyim acknowledge and work to fight antisemitism in their own communities, than try desperately not to step on any toes by not calling white people white

it is important to keep in mind that there is a lot of mixing within our communities so there are a lot of people who actually are white-passing, meaning that some of their ancestry is not-white, within our communities and i think those people are validated in their identities and with using that language..

Jewish people’s claims of antisemitism are often viewed as dubious and not trustworthy and it’s fucked up that there are so many goyim (especially on this site) who are so arrogant that they’ll actively attempt to disprove accusations of antisemitism from a large group of Jewish people with varying backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions rather than consider that they just might be wrong.

“A group of young Jewish resistance fighters are being held under arrest by German SS soldiers in April/May 1943, during the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto by German troops after an uprising in the Jewish quarter.”


anonymous asked:

What's your opinion (or really any other info would also be appreciated) on queer women using the pink triangle symbol (idk if I can say reclaiming)? It's a very complex issue since it was used in the holocaust to mark gay men and I'm finding a lot of different viewpoints on it so I'm just wondering yours.

Most of the stuff I’ve read about this has lead me to believe that unless you’re Jewish, you probably shouldn’t be reclaiming the upside down pink triangle. Yes, gay men (and gay women, too, I think) were targeted during the Holocaust and also put in concentration camps, but being gay and being Jewish exist on two different axes of oppression and are targeted in different ways. Since gay people are not an ethnic group, like Jewish people are, stuff that affects a particular generation of Jewish people will be carried on from generation to generation (like how slavery in the United States still impacts black people today) whereas things that affected a particular generation of gay people (the Holocaust) don’t affect gay people today. While there are Jewish people alive today who had relatives who died in the Holocaust (and even Jewish people alive today who were in concentration camps), the same concept doesn’t carry over to gay people because unlike being Jewish, being gay is not passed down in a cohesive group of people.

I could be wrong, but since I’m a gentile and I’ve seen many Jewish people discuss how it’s antisemitic for non-Jewish people to use the pink triangle (even if they are gay), so I think it’s best to listen to them. If someone has any questions or wants clarification, please let me know, or if I’m wrong, but this is what I’ve seen on the matter. If any Jewish people/Jewish sapphics want to weigh in please feel free!

A general rule I have with regards to reclaiming stuff is if you aren’t sure, just don’t. It’s better to be safe than to contribute to any sort of bigotry.

Okay but Jewish themed superheros

(Okay like 70% of superheros are Jewish or Jewish related but like)

Imagine a pyrokinetic Israeli with a lion theme called The Sabra

Imagine a speedster named Naftali.

Imagine a masked woman who goes by Devorah that makes sure women get their divorce papers and she clobbers corrupt government officials

Imagine Shimshon, the actual biblical superhero

Imagine there’s one that controls water but refuses to make storms in combat because it would violate the deal with Noach

Imagine a bunch of Jewish superheros becoming a group

Imagine they call themselves the Maccabees.



bad news: ive slowed down at my note taking

good news: i feel less sick because I’m talking to ppl in the gay jewish group chat


Fake Media Meme 1/9 Ideas

                  LITTLE WANDA ― Niuta Teitelboim [Zofia Wichlacz], known by the underground as “Wanda” and referred to as “Little Wanda with the braids” by the Gestapo, was a communist Jewish Pole who was a member of various communist organizations and Jewish resistance groups – the communist student organization Spartacus, Gwardia Ludowa (Communist People’s Guard), and the ŻOB (Jewish Fighting Organization) in particular – during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, she easily passed for a Gentile and was sent on a seemingly endless amount of missions in and out of the ghetto. Using disguises to complete her missions, she was easily able to fool SS soldiers and Gestapo agents right up until she pulled out her gun.
Based on the true story of Niuta Teitelboim

“I am a Jew […] my place is among the most active fighters against fascism, in the struggle for the honor of my people, for an independent Poland, and for the freedom of humanity.”

Edward is probably going to convert to Judaism, just cuz he’s been raised by Yael since he was five or six, and he’s been raised Jewish. Probably he’s going to convert conservative for the same reason I did (Namely because then two out of three Jewish groups will accept the conversion as valid, rather than one out of three for reform). 

He’s probably going to do something political for a living that isn’t being a politician, like being a diplomat, or an activist for, probably Act Up or some other healthcare and gay related cause. Because fighting for healthcare is something we need activism for because late capitalism is a nightmare. 

He also probably has been arrested numerous times at protests, because he’s just as much Yael’s son as he is Heather and Hal’s son. 

Alexander on the other hand is probably going to end up becoming an EMT or a firefighter, or an emergency physician. Something that’s helpful and high stress, because He Is His Mother’s Son And Thrives In Environments Like That. 

He’s probably going to end up marrying someone he meets through his job, the hospital director’s kid, a patient’s teacher, a nurse or another doctor, something like that.

And if he gets involved in politics at all, outside of going to protests, calling his senators, etc, it’ll most likely be related to education after he becomes a parent, and be something small, like joining the PTA or the school board. 

When I try to speak about antisemitism, all too often the response I get it “but X group has it worse!” Instead of listening to what I have to say about very real antisemitism that I have witnessed or experienced, people try to silence me by telling me that another group experiences more-injust injustices than Jewish people.

Whether another group has it worse than Jews is not relevant in discussions of antisemitism. Even if it is true (and please, research the facts before running your mouth), the fact that other groups are persecuted has nothing to do with the suffering, oppression, and murder of the Jewish people. Silencing Jews who talk about antisemitism does nothing to help anybody, much less he other groups you are supposedly trying to champion.