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Happy Purim, all! I am the butterfly princess. :)

this is maybe a boring post, but i bought a really interesting book at work today since they’re having a special staff discount this week >w< it’s called “The Jewish Wardrobe: From the Collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem”. definitely recommend it for anyone interested in folk/historical costume. it focuses on countries like israel, algeria, morocco, tunisia, iraq etc., rather than the usual stuff i look at from east/northern europe.

here’s a question though - does anyone know what’s up with coins everywhere in folk costume? it seems to show up in all kinds of cultures. is it a display of wealth, just decorative or something superstitious?

since it’s a bit lost in my tumblr now, i thought i’d bring up my hemlock book list again, i still update it when i find something new that’s helpful to me.


Muslim and Jewish best friends dress up as inspiring “Juslim” superheroes for Halloween

Writer Jeff Pearlman tweeted out the photo of his daughter Casey Pearlman and her bestie Yasmin Idris, both 13, Saturday night. Pearlman followed up with a blog post explaining how the costume came to be, writing that the girls weren’t making a political or social statement.

From exhibitions intern Tirza Ochrach-Konradi:

Wedding of Flora Bernice Hendler and Joseph Kolodny.  August 27th, 1931. Flora is pictured along with someone in costume.

Back stamping reads: “Milton Stark / ‘The Movie Man’ / Motion Picture Producer / Machines - Films - Supplies / 210 W. Centre St., Baltimore, Md.”  

Collections ID: 1998.047.004.032  

anonymous asked:

I can assure you Dear white people is comically racist. It is almost Nazi tier propaganda. If you recall German films from the third reich they would purposely paint up and dress Jewish characters to look like grotesque caricatures of Jews. They basically do the same with every white person on this "show" Their all imbeciles,ugly,shallow and the worst stereotypes of white people ever. I'm a Native American and it bothers me. That double standard really gets on my nerves. Seems racist and hateful

I honestly can’t speculate or say anything because I haven’t seen it.