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El mitnase le-khol rosh, yotser for Shabbat Shekalim. Creator: David bar Pesah – Scribe Created Date: 14th-century Medium: Ink drawings Item/Page/Plate: 30b Source: David bar Pesah Mahzor (Germany) Source Description: Vellum codex bound in two volumes. Location: Stephen A. Schwarzman Building / Dorot Jewish Division Catalog Call Number: **P (Ms. Heb. 248) Digital ID: 404346 Record ID: 291888

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Judaism doesn’t acknowledge the existence of gender - only biological sex.

If that were true, how do you explain the existence of 6 genders in classical Jewish texts?

You have to define what “Judaism” you’re talking about. How each Jewish division interpret the existence of these 6 genders is another deal. Still, it’s a fact that even our traditional texts aren’t binary.

If anyone is interested in getting started / getting to know what these 6 genders are, you can start here. Unlike anon, the content linked is not transphobic. ;)

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At my uni there's a group of Jewish students who are very anti-Palestinians, and I don't know whether it is anti-semitic for me to criticise them and their influence on Palestinian & Muslim issues on campus? I'm white + raised Catholic in Australia.

Thanks for this ask.  Given that you’ve sent this ask, you are probably aware that as a White Catholic, you have a degree of privilege over both Jews and Palestinians. So if you are going to criticize the anti-Palestinian behavior of Jews on your campus with regards to Palestine, you need to avoid tactics that are openly or tacitly anti-semitic. Here are a few tips. Yes, this is going to be long. It’s a complicated issue that far too people who have no personal stake in the resolution don’t treat with due care.

- Don’t confront Jews who aren’t actively engaging in anti-Palestinian action. Especially in “stunt” actions like eviction notices. 
- Don’t stage protest events on Jewish holidays. 
- Don’t stage protests outside of synagogues. Period. I don’t care if the Rabbi is Meyer Kahane.
- Don’t stage protests outside of other Jewish establishments unless they are actively, at that very moment staging an anti-Palestinian event. If it’s happening on a Jewish holiday (Israel Independence Day doesn’t count), don’t do it. It’s extra offensive if you do it on Yom HaShoah or Tisha B’Av. 
- Never use the Holocaust as a rhetorical tool. Don’t compare Jews to Nazis. Don’t turn the Magen David (Star of David) into a Swastika. Don’t tell Jews “they should know better because of the Holocaust.” Not only is it offensive and triggering, it’s a losing argument with many easy counters.
- Don’t tokenize non- or anti-Zionist Jews, especially the Neturei Karta. That’s like supporting the Westboro Baptist Church because it opposed the Iraq War. Are you really prepared to present racist misogynists who believe that G-d is punishing the Jews for a lack of sufficient conformity as worthy of your backing?
- Source, source and triple source any quotes, pictures, or facts you dig up to support your arguments. You have no idea how common it is for people to utilize literal Nazi and KKK propaganda because it was “anti-zionist” in their arguments. 
- If you must use the Magen David (Star of David) in anything you use, make sure it’s clearly as a  part of the Israeli flag. The symbol predates Israel and has many non-Israeli focused uses.
- Never say “Jew” when you mean “Israeli.”
- Center your rhetoric on the Israeli government and not “Zionism.” When you demonize Zionism, Jews don’t hear what you want them to hear.
- Similarly the “Israel Lobby” is not synonymous with the “Jewish Lobby.”
- When a Jew discusses anti-semitism, never derail the discussion with the Palestinians unless they are specifically in that instance using anti-semitism to derail discussion of the treatment of Palestinians. Downplaying, ignoring and denying the existence, persistence and growth of anti-semitism in the modern age is the primary reason many Jews distrust non-Palestinian goyim who are heavily involved in the Pro-Palestine movement. 
- Have a plausible and compassionate answer prepared for the question of “what would happen to the Israeli Jews?” if you are a one-stater.
- Visibly oppose anti-semitism. “No to Occupation No to Anti-Semitism” is a slogan I approved in the past. 
- Acknowledge the reality of both Jewish history and the fact that most Israeli Jews are Refugees who fled violent, oppressive anti-semitism and their descendants.
- Avoid Blood Libel.
- Don’t use Jewish caricatures that accentuate noses, cultural Jewish dress, curly or wavy hair, money bags or the consumption of blood or use of kitchen utensils with blood.
- Don’t blame Zionists for the expulsion of Jews in MENA.
- Don’t confuse Ethiopian Jews with gentile Eritrean Refugees.
- Don’t exploit Jewish divisions to make your point. Ashkenazi hegemony is a thing, but it’s not 100% the same as White Privilege (not all Ashkenazim are White for starters) and acting like it is or exploiting these issues for anti-Israel purposes is anti-semitic.
- Don’t identity police Jews. Jews get to decide who is Jewish, not you. It’s a very heated intra-community debate that does not require your input. 
- Stay out of intra-Jewish issues in general.
- “Kosher” does not mean “Made in Israel.” Jews have a right to shop for Kosher food without harassment. 

There’s probably more. I know this seems like a lot, but anti-semitism is old, insidious, complex and has deep roots in the Catholic Church despite recent efforts to wash away its stains by popes like John XXIII, John Paul II and Francis.

Feel free to ask us more questions or clarifications.

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Hi everyone,

I have been chosen to assist Chaim in administering returnofthejudai.

My name is Miriam — and some of you know me already —, I live in Canada’s West Coast, but I was born and raised in northern Brazil. I have also lived in the US (Minnesota and Missouri, back in 2007-2008), and in Toronto for a few months in 2013. My posts will be tagged “Miriam’s posts.”

I’m Sephardi, currently unaffiliated to any congregation. I’m not Orthodox (and was not raised in an Orthodox family either), but I also can’t be defined as “liberal” as far as Jewish divisions go, i.e. I am open to change and questioning of traditions, but I also can’t be defined as belonging to any liberal Jewish groups (which does not mean any opposition to them, to make that clear).

I’m visibly non-white (please don’t use terms such as “PoC” or any “… of colour” to refer to me), cis, bi. I write about antisemitism, racism (including within Jewish communities), mental health, and more. My interests include feminism, politics, Philosophy, literature… I’m in college for Liberal Arts (most of my credits are in Philosophy), and will likely relocate to a bigger city (and also bigger Jewish community) in September to attend university — Philosophy major, Political Science minor. Prior to returning to college, I did graduate from a Criminology program — it was not something that I enjoyed, however.

Now you know a little bit of me, my interests, and what I do with my life. I’m looking forward to connecting with you all.