jewish detroit

so as i have been vaguely saying my grandmother (nana) passed away this past saturday morning and we buried her today

she was a tough detroit jewish lady who raised three sons as a single mother in the 60s, she was an innate musician who was born with perfect pitch and who supported her family with her talent by playing 8 hour nights 6 days a week in lounges

a couple years ago she made a cd of herself playing and singing and burned everyone like 40 copies, and at some point like 4 years ago i uploaded it to 8tracks so it wouldn’t get lost between computers

nana was really generous to us and to most every person and her greatest gift was her music so im feelin sharing the link if anybody is interested in hearing her set lmao:

anyway im Soft and i had some drinks but i love my nana and human life is precious, please enjoy the music