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Can I say your anakin feels really Jewish and I love it? Purim is a holiday explicitly celebrating how a Jewish woman saves our people from genocide planned by an evil advisor Haram who had a stupid hat. So today we make cookies in the shape of the hat, boo when we hear his name, at my synagogue we cheer when we hear Esther and Mordecai (her uncle) and feast and drink and party. So thats why the fact anakin uses things that would be scary/evil and do mundane things out of spite feels very jewish

I’m delighted by this connection, anon, because quite a lot of Tatooine slave culture is inspired by Jewish stories and traditions.

There are already rough Tatooine equivalents for Passover and Hanukkah (the second is the brain child of the excellent @skywvlked). I feel like a Tatooine Purim would make a lot of sense.

It’s called Kashka-Makkat (which means “Day of Tricks”) and it’s the only holiday specifically centered on Ekkreth the Trickster. People tell endless stories of the many ways Ekkreth has tricked Depur - some are legends, and some are stories of their own ancestors, friends, or even themselves. Many people consider this day an especially auspicious time to pull a trick on their own Depur.

In the evening, and in secret, people gather to make vulappa (Hutt cakes), which are similar to pancakes: flat, round cakes with a “tail” extending from them representing Depur (who everyone knows is a Hutt). They’re eaten with fruit when it’s available, or plain when it’s not.

Someone is designated as the Depur for the evening, and everyone else makes a point of ignoring him, except to serve him the worst of the food (usually a burned vulappu (the singular) and a cup of “Outlander tzai,” which is generally a very weak, nearly flavorless tea). His status is indicated either by a mask made in a parody of a Hutt or else by some marker of wealth, like a piece of purple cloth or an ostentatious hat. After the first Ekkreth story is told, everyone laughs at the “Depur,” who mimes agony in response to the laughter before throwing away his mask to join in the festivities (and finally get to eat some good food!).

Among communities of freed people, this tradition has developed into a kind of costume party, where everyone will dress in a mocking parody of their former Depur, or else of the Depur of Tatooine (Jabba the Hutt, in the PT and OT era).

Once, when he was fifteen, Luke Skywalker dressed as Emperor Palpatine for Kashka-Makkat, which left Uncle Owen mildly terrified. But the party was at the Lars homestead that year, and no one saw him except their close friends. And Beru thought the costume was hilarious, so he got away with it. Only for that year, though.


Glee Club Formal - Year 2!! Also Hillel pictures!

I know, It’s been almost 2 months, I’ve done all my faithful followers and new welcomes wrong, but here I am! I’m doing fine- few new outfits and a pair of Doc Martens which I’m sure’ll show up soon as I get myself to post more regularly. Going to see if I can write some more genderqueer/Jewish theory posts too. So look out! Tell yo friends :P

Anyway, first three pictures are me and the roommate at the Pitt Men’s Glee Club Formal Dance. Any excuse to wear that Little-Black-Dress and dance around doing fancy people/spy based improv bits. You can bet we were insufferable…

Next three pictures are from Hillel (the campus Jewish organization) last night. We held a “Teen Shabbat” where we welcomed the high schoolers from the Pittsburgh area to celebrate with us, which means….I got to do Shabbat with my sisters!! They’re both in shades of green in the last picture. Margo is on the left (, Hannah’s on the right ( Follow them, you won’t regret it. As if you don’t want to follow my amazing sisters!!

And if I’m bumping people, the pic above that features Clare (, a friend since freshman year who runs a cute, funny, asexual blog. Everyone needs more ace friends :) One more picture above that (on the right) is that long time friend Haley who shows up here no where near often enough! If I had a link for you, I’d post it twice.

Formal outfit: Dress is H&M, the hose are from Rite Aid, necklace is Forever 21, and the heels are Payless.

Hillel outfit: Dress is Mossimo from the thrift store, leggings are Rue 21, Necklace is Etsy, and boots are Doc Martens. 

Um, anyway, always feels good to toss a new post up- shockingly I’m almost at 500 followers. I know I say it a lot, but I never expected anyone to want occasional updates on the life of some Jewish Genderqueerfashionist, but it delights me that I’m able to spread the idea to so many people. And, truthfully, it’s really validating… Keep your genders fluid and your minds open :D And remember, my ask box is always open!