jewish deli in brooklyn

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headcanon that one night in december when steve and bucky are walking through the city, bucky suddenly stops and stares into one of the apartment windows and he's not sure why a damn candelabra is making him remember cooking potato pancakes with his mom in a tiny kitchen or praying in a language he doesn't realize he used to know or a little girl hugging him and calling him jimmy but it feels good and he doesn't want it to stop --hero

Headcanon that Steve finds a good old  fashioned Jewish deli and he and bucky tuck into pot roast and latkes and when bucky takes his first bite of latke, tears start rolling down his cheeks and the lady who runs the deli brings out the sufganiyot for dessert and sees the tears and automatically goes into Jewish Mom Mode and starts wiping his tears up but that makes it worse because Bucky’s mom was the ultimate Jewish Mom and soon bucky is sobbing in a brooklyn deli and once the lady hears his story, she invites him to light the Hannukiah with her and her grandchildren and tells him to bring his “Hunk of a goy boyfriend.” 

I’ll trade you a headcanon for a headcanon