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I want Jewish headcanons in fandom and fiction.

And I don’t mean a casual line saying “[insert name] celebrates Hannukah.”

I mean deliberate, educated, clear, detailed, and cultural Jewish headcanons.

I mean parts of their character coming from their Jewish upbringing.

I mean calling their non-Jewish friends “goyim” and cursing at them in Yiddush.”

I mean I want Veronica Sawyer debating whether to light a Yahrtzeit candle for JD or put stones on his grave.

I mean Hermione Granger growing up always feeling like an other as Jewish in British culture and then coming to the Wizarding world and feeling like it’s just happening again.

I mean Davey Jacobs taking Jack Kelly to his house for Passover and making him squirm through the whole Seder and Les complaining about reciting the four questions.

I mean Jewish characters falling in love and squabbling over cultural differences in the way they do holidays.

I mean casual lines such as “I can’t name my kid that, that’s my cousin’s name he’d die.”

I mean utter shock at characters offering them treif to eat.

I mean Jewish coding and Jewish characters being proud of their noses and curly hair.

I mean Jewish characters having holocaust nightmares (yes this a real thing we all have it) and grabbing their lovers at night for comfort.

I mean NOT taking part in Christian holidays and customs. Getting pissed off by Christmas carols (I’m looking at you Rachel Berry) and singing “Hannukah Oh Hannukah” at the top of their lungs as a joke.

I mean jokes about their Haftorah portion and little jibes about stumbling while holding the torah at their Bnei Mitzvahs.


I mean Jewish characters that are Jewish in a cultural and religious sense and not just there to fill a quota. Not Jewish in a fake invisible way that have absolutely nothing about them Jewish besides a reference to Hannukah and some antisemitic nose jokes. Truly, ethnically, culturally Jewish and proud.

This is what I want.

anonymous asked:

How is the witch hat racist? Genuine question and I'm on mobile so its difficult to research. I personally think it's cute but I want to be informed so I'm not disrespectful and liking something that's bad.

A quick quote for you:

In his book, Jensen describes how the 1215 Fourth Council of the Lateran required all Jews to identify themselves by wearing the Judenhat (“Jewish hat” or “horned skullcap”). The style soon became a target for Anti-Semitism. Artists painted devils muttering curses beneath Jewish crowns. In 1431, Hungarian legal codes required first-time sorcery offenders to walk among their peers in “peaked Jews’ caps.” Medieval representations tying Jews to Satan were nothing new, and by the late 13th century, Jewish attributes had soaked up enough ugly significance to tar all “unbelievers, hypocrites, heretics, pagans, and demons,” Jensen writes. 

Basically, Jewish people were forced to wear these hats and over time the association with witches happened, as is said here. 

Really, even on mobile you should be able to open the link I gave.

Here are the links in that link:

i am just letting you christians know that if i find any of you wearing this

i will personally dropkick you. if you say “but jesus was jewish!!” i will take it a step further and live a thousand years so that i could personally dropkick each and every one of your descendents. this will be your family curse.

Hey Bob, it’s Tom

May God call the tune, and may your enemies play the music.
May you lose your faith and marry a pious woman.
May all your teeth fall out except one which will remain for a toothache.
May you grow like an onion with your head in the ground and your feet in the air.
May you have a good long sleep and may your dreams only be of your troubles.
May you be the proof that man can endure anything.
May your wife eat Matzos in bed, and may you roll in the crumbs.

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Ukrainian Superstitions As Remembered By Me, by SweetOliveMisprint

“When I was growing up, everyone was superstitious. Black cats, minding the cracks in the sidewalks, closing umbrellas as soon as you were indoors: that was just part of the day to day.

I’m not actually sure if the superstitions that I remember best are purely Ukrainian or rather a mix of Ukrainian, Soviet and Jewish luck, curses and customs that my parents and grandmother brought over on the boat to American with the pots and the pillows and the rest.

But no matter where they came from,I still follow most of them without wanting to or deciding to.”SweetOliveMisprint

A comic zine of 13 Ukrainian superstitions with illustrations to help drive home the seriousness of failing to follow the superstition. Each zine is handbound with string.