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howdy people. so in light of nazis being terrible as usual i decided to put together a comprehensive list of things you should not do when using a jewish faceclaim and/or writing a jewish character. bc hey, education is key and really do you want us coming for your ass? (no, you do not. we bite.)

what not to do when using a jewish faceclaim and/or writing a jewish character when you are not jewish:

  • writing a witch character with a jewish fc is a messy path to go down. jews were often depicted in propaganda as having grassy complexions, and the 1215 fourth council of the lateran required all jews to identify themselves by wearing the judenhat (“jewish hat” or “horned skullcap”).
  • in 1431, hungarian legal codes required first-time sorcery offenders to walk among their peers in “peaked jews’ caps.” aka the pointy hat we’ve come to associate the stereotypical witch with. if you’re writing a witch character with a jewish faceclaim do not under any circumstances depict them with these stereotypical witch traits. 
  • another thing to avoid is using demonic imagery (horns, cloven hooves, tails, honestly this one is obvious) when using a jewish faceclaim. depicting jews as deformed and satanic has always been a method of oppression for my people.
  • another obvious one, don’t use a jewish faceclaim to depict a money-hungry/greedy character, especially if your character is also jewish.
  • nagging jewish mother stereotype. don’t do it.
  • jewish-american-princess stereotype. don’t do that either. 
  • nice jewish boy is no a lot of the time. think about your portrayal. is his niceness a comment on his masculinity? is he nonthreatening because he is nice or because he is jewish and nice? 
  • jewish lawyer stereotypes. listen i’m all for you writing jewish lawyers but keep in mind we are often portrayed as lawyers in media and writing bc of the association that lawyers are manipulative, greedy, and liars. 
  • the self-hating jew. this concept originated during the mid-nineteenth century when a lot of orthodox jews and reformed jews accused either side of betraying jewish identity. nowadays it’s often used as a tactic to silence jews from commenting or criticizing israel’s actions. 
  • the nice jewish girl. see nice jewish boy except she is a domestic, darkhaired woman who dreams of marrying a nice jewish boy and one day becoming the nagging jewish mother. 

a few extra tidbits that don’t involve antisemitism:

  • not all jews have mothers that are jewish. many of us were raised jewish with jewish fathers and secular mothers. many of our mothers converted (my grandma did)
  • many jews are not regular practicers, many of us were raised in a culturally jewish environment but were given a choice or not made to go to hebrew school or mitzvah’d. these people still have every right to lay claim to their jewishness. don’t even start.
  • jewish ≠ zionist. not all jews are zionists and not all zionists are jews. for a lot of us this is a very conflicting, very sensitive subject. so really don’t bring it up if you’re looking to start a fight. we’ll shut your ass down so quick you’ll get whiplash. 
  • not all jews speak yiddish. very rarely do we speak fluent yiddish especially in america. most of the time we simply use phrases and sayings. 
  • if you’re not jewish, don’t use the term jew. we’ve reclaimed that term and for a lot of us it makes us upset bc it’s a method of dehumanizing us. 

  • not all jews are white! many of us are poc. don’t just write white jews. 

aaaaand that about covers everything i can remember. i honestly don’t like bringing these hurtful stereotypes up bc i just know some asshole is gonna use it as inspiration. but if anyone has anything to add (preferably if you are also jewish) please feel free to reblog and write them up yourself or im me so i can do it!

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Sorry for the confusion by why is globalist anti semetic?

It is a dog whistle term - it goes back to the anti-Semitic idea that there is a global Jewish conspiracy that controls the world. If you go on Breitbart, for example, they put globes next to the names of Jewish people. It is just another form of the ((jewish)) thing.

I’m sure that a lot of people use it without meaning it in an anti-Semitic context, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is sourced to anti-Semitism and it really shouldn’t be used.

Besides, it also just acts as a way to distract people from the capitalist class. “Globalist” could mean anything. The enemy of working people everywhere is clear and it should be articulated - it is the capitalist class.

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What does cultural Marxism mean? I read the post about it but I still don't get it :-( I'm sorry if this is dumb and I know I could look it up but I like reading your perspective

It’s a term used by white nationalists to refer to elements they see as functionally Marxist and in contrast with their view of how society should work. Anything from feminism to the notion that disable people should be financially supported regardless of ability to work to the acceptance of homosexuality- these can be called products of cultural Marxism. Anything which erodes the power of madness, whiteness, and the fascist nation falls under this category broadly.

It is really primarily, an antisemitic dogwhistle. I believe it comes from the term “cultural Bolshevism,” referring to the idea that communism is a Jewish conspiracy to erode the power of white nations and bring them under Jewish rule by concentrating power in the hands of a Jewish elite who would then subjugate everyone else. Many white supremacists still believe communism to be a Jewish plot to control white people, and that’s what you’re getting hints of in discussions about “cultural Marxism.” It is a coded term to refer to Jewish takeover of the world.

imagine a centrist but with the worst qualities of both the alt right and the alt left

like they believe gender is a social construct and are a nondysphoric solarian bi-aesthetegender demi-pansexual aromantic but they hate black people and call everyone a cuck

they believe in some secret jewish conspiracy controlling the world but cosplay is cultural appropriation

they’re otherkin but also factkin with hitler himself

and a traditionalist christian but they insist islam is feminist

The Marvel Movie You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Here’s the deal: it’s called the Runaways and it’s fuckin rad.

Synopsis: At a yearly family get-together, 5 teenagers and a young girl find out their parents are all members of a fucking cult that just sacrificed a girl, so they all figure out the powers and shit that they got from their parents and then they get the hell out of town (FUCKING DUH) and then their parents frame them for killing that girl and kidnapping the youngest one

Oh yeah, and this team is exactly the kind of diversity Marvel needs right now. Four words: just. one. white. dude. 

They’re lead by Alex Wilder, the incredibly smart son of two crime lords (who is black.)

Then there’s Nico Minoru, a Japanese girl who’s an actual fuckin witch

 Our one white guy, Chase Stein, whose only real power is the x-ray goggles and flaming gauntlets he stole from his (abusive) genius dad.

We’ve got Gert Yorkes, who is Jewish and has telepathic control over a fucking dinosaur 

There’s also Karolina Dean, an alien lesbian who turns solar rays into rainbow energy blast shit and it’s so goddamn pretty like FX guys are gonna love her

And finally Molly Hayes, an 11-year-old girl with super strength and lots of neat animal hats

And may I mention again, THEY HAVE A FUCKING DINOSAUR

You guys know what the best part is?


There’s pretty much nothing keeping them from making this movie except for the fact that no one’s really telling them to, SO GO TELL THEM TO MAKE IT. 

Like, now. 


EDIT: MARVEL has CONFIRMED that the Runaways won’t be a movie, but a HULU-EXCLUSIVE TV SERIES!

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I've been having a lot of discussions with my white family regarding world politics, racism, etc. and somehow whenever the conversation moves to antisemitism and issues jewish people face, my father always brings up how "the jews control the media and all the money". I'm wondering if you know what factual information I could bring up to debunk that terrible idea, because it's so vile and random that all I can think to say is "Fuck you, no", but that never really helps.

OK. Let’s look at this:

Five Largest Banks in the USA according to wikipedia:

1. JP Morgan Chase: CEO Jamie Dimon - Not Jewish
2. Bank of America: CEO Brian Moynihan - Not Jewish
3. Welles Fargo: CEO Timothy J. Sloan - Not Jewish
4. Citigroup: CEO Michael Corbat - Not Jewish
5. Goldman Sachs: CEO Lloyd Blankfein - Jewish

OK. So one of five. Overrepresented, but Jewish control? Hardly.

Let’s look at some of the biggest news organizations.

1. Fox News: Part of NewsCorp which is run by Rupert Murdoch who isn’t Jewish
2. CNN: Part of Turner Broadcasting, which is owned by Time Warner which is run by Jeff Bewkes who isn’t Jewish
3. MSNBC: Part of NBC Universal which is owned by Comcast which is run by Brian Roberts who is Jewish
4. BBC: Owned by the British Government
5. Al Jazeera: Owned by Qataris who aren’t Jewish
6. RT: Owned by Russia
7. New York Times: Owned by the Sulzberger Family who are Jewish

The point here is that while there are Jews in significant roles in the media and banking and that we may even be over-represented, there is no such thing as Jewish control of those industries. Most Jews don’t work in the media or banking. Also, despite rumors to the contrary, we don’t hold weekly Elders of Zion meetings where we connect to the Hebrew Hive Mind and plot how to control the universe. 

Instead, consider this fact:

There are approximately 6 million Jews in the USA. There are 1.5 million Presbyterians. There has never been a Jewish president. There have been 8 Presbyterian Presidents including Donald Trump.

So clearly, there must be a Presbyterian conspiracy to rule the US through the Presidency. 

Does that sound absurd? That’s because it is. Every Presbyterian I know personally opposed Trump. Do they deserve to be hated because their fellow Presbyterians are over-represented in the US Presidency?

Do you get my point? 

If you are looking to confirm that Jews run the media and banking, you will find evidence to prove that. Instead of pulling together a list of Jews in the media and banking, try pulling together a list of non-Jews. I guarantee it will be much longer.

This is called confirmation bias: where people ignore information that disproves their case, no matter how much of it there might be, and instead choose to focus on data that proves their case, no matter how spurious. I do not understate when I say that confirmation bias, especially in this era of Fake News and “alternative facts,” is a profound threat to everyone in the world. 

Antisemites are particularly fond of playing “spot the Jew” in every industry they don’t like. They don’t put a lot of effort into counting all the Jewish doctors, teachers, non-profit workers, scientists, etc. etc. etc. who make enormous strides to make the world a better place. A Jew ended the polio epidemic. A Jew discovered dark matter. A Jew wrote the inscription on the Statue of Liberty.

Tell your family to start looking for Jews in fields that have made positive contributions to humanity. They’ll find we’re quite over-represented there, too. They might want to start with Jewish winners of the Nobel Prize. 

From “The Despised Queen of Berlin Jewry, or the Life and Times of Esther Liebmann” by Deborah Hertz, in From Court Jews To The Rothschilds, ed. Vivian Mann and Richard Cohen: 

It was in the fights over the control of private home synagogues that the limits of the Jewish community’s power - and of Esther’s power - emerged quite clearly. Although the terms of the official 1671 opening of Berlin to Jewish immigration were extremely positive in regard to trading opportunities, government officials were adamant that no public synagogue would be allowed. Their rationale was that those with anti-Jewish sentiments would be offended by public Jewish prayer, and it was better for the Jews themselves to pray privately in home synagogues generally sponsored by the leading families. Disputes about the home synagogues became ugly indeed during the last two decades of the seventeenth century, and on into the new century as well.

The Liebmanns’ home synagogue was not established until the mid-1680s. Before that, the two Viennese families sponsored Berlin’s only “official” private synagogue, in the home they shared. In 1684, the Liebmanns received permission to sponsor Berlin’s “only” synagogue. They hired a rabbi, who was also Jost’s nephew and son-in-law. They also sponsored a yeshiva. But even after 1684, the Viennese synagogue remained open, and a decade later, it was officially recognized. This compromise was inadequate for in eliminating the competitive fistfights that continued to erupt over who would attend which synagogue. By 1695, the government had decided that it would be better to allow more private houses of prayer, and any Jewish heads of household was allowed to sponsor worship in his home. Eventually, because of all the infighting, government officials decided to allow a public synagogue. Although Esther Liebmann fought passionately against that decision, in the end, just before her demise, she lost. 

I’ve been researching court Jews for work, and, while there are some fascinatingly period-specific social problems there, it’s incredible how much certain types of Jewish communal dysfunction never change. 

Or, there’s an old joke about a Jew stranded on a deserted island. 

Imagine the progress we could make as a species if we stop worrying about the AFTER LIFE and start LIVING for THIS LIFE and towards bettering the BEFORE LIFE of future generations.
—  The Fiction Of Religion (2015)

hey pals. it’s come to my attention the david rockefeller screenshot that’s going around and has been reposted by several individuals (including myself) is loaded with some antisemitic terms that not everyone might immediately pick up on (”central banker” “globalist”). i def did not think anything about that post was antisemitic because i didn’t know those terms could have those connotations–it’s important info to hang onto for the future in case similar posts pop up with such vague language. 

the term globalist is antisemitic in implying jewish people want control over the world via centralizing/controlling institutions using wealth. this kind of thing is commonly heard when people say things about “jewish people controlling the media” etc. that post of DR seems to be reflective of that kind of thinking. 

Infowars in general seems to have a serious theme of antisemitism going on and that alex jones guy is an antisemite himself. this was addressed by some of the OP’s already, but i also wanted to say something in case not everyone got those messages also as per the request of some of my followers. for more info and detailed explanation of why that post is antisemitic, check out @antifrance’s post here

If proof of heaven was ever found, there would be mass deaths to get there. If proof of hell was ever found, the Earth would implode into chaos knowing everlasting torture was next.

We have proof we are alive, so why can’t we all live for the now?

—  The Fiction of Religion (2015)

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I just wanted to thank you for portraying a Jewish Person in a light of "it's normal" and not in the exaggerated way that other shows do. It's nice to see it being normalized. And it's nice that they don't over do it. So thanks.

I am Jewish. But it doesn’t control who I am. I’m Josh. I live in LA, eat the same breakfast almost every morning, am on a TV show. Being Jewish is low on the totem pole of whats interesting about me. But I’m proud of my heritage. I’m proud to be Jewish. I find Cyrus to be the same way.

Truth about National Socialism

National Socialism isn’t racist nor hateful nor evil. The National Socialist weren’t the bad guys.

National Socialism is all about protecting your country and people against foreigners and international bankers. The Germans wanted to be left alone and didn’t wanna get involved with anybody else’s crap.

National Socialism protects private property by law.

National Socialism protects Christianity and religious freedom.

National Socialism protects traditional family values.

National Socialism encourages fitness, good health, hygiene, morals, and respect.

National Socialism hates those who abuse the system and tries to destroy the country.

National Socialism protected animal rights.

National Socialism fought against international bankers/Jewish finance: Loan capital-interest slavery.

[see: The Federal Reserve Bank and the Rothschild family]

National Socialism respected women’s rights.

National Socialism was all about common-interest before self-interest. Working together as a community to help the common good of the nation.

National Socialism hated lobbyists, international bankers…etc

The word NAZI was created by a Jew to vilify the Germans.

As soon as Adolf Hitler kicked the international bankers out of Germany, the Jews declared war by boycotting because the Germans were dependent on their exports and so the Jews declared they were going to starve Germany into surrender. The Germans were fed up and so they removed the Jews from business and painted swastikas on store windows. Why would the Germans want to buy from a store owner who was Jewish who was part of the boycott against their country and who was responsible for blaming Germany for WW1 which they didn’t start. The Germans were demonized by the media (which was under Jewish control as well as international finance) and was forced into this harsh treaty that limited their military, caused an economic collapse, starved millions of their people….etc.

The Germans were winning WW1 until the Zionist went to the British war cabinet and told them “you can still win this war if you can get the United States into this war as your Allie and if you do win we, the Zionist will get Palestine” and this deal was written in a form of a letter called “The Balfour Declaration” 1917.

The Zionist backstabbed Germany and plunged their country into ruin for no reason other than the Zionist wanted Palestine.

National Socialism fought back against Zionism and Communism. They fought for survival against the Zionist NWO. The United States should’ve defeated the Soviet Union and Communism NOT Hitler’s Germany. It was a war between Zionism and Christianity.


Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told

Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech

The Program of the NSDAP by Gottfried Feder

The German State on a National and Socialist Foundation by Gottfried Feder

Hitler’s Revolution by Richard Tedor

The Bad War By MS King

Gruesome Harvest by Ralph Franklin Keeling

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On the subject of Zionism, one common argument I keep hearing again and again is that the idea of a Jewish state is racist because it depends on Jews being a majority and Palestinians being ethnically cleansed. What are your thoughts on this?

Hi there,

I don’t understand how it is racist to argue for the existence of a Jewish State with a Jewish majority, with laws based on Jewish values, where holidays and Shabbat are honored.  It is an antisemitic statement to argue any different.

But that being said, it is important that we continue to use our voices against the furthering of the Occupation.  It is clear that we have two nations living in Israel/Palestine.  One could very easily argue that ethnic cleansing is a tremendous component to the Occupation- and the rhetoric that claims that Israel has the sovereign right to the entire land mass is troubling for the future of the Palestinians, the Democratic character of Israel, and the destruction of Jewish values in the Jewish State.  Although Israel does need to defend herself against terror and bigotry, it is important that we reach a solid solution.  The only solution is some form of a two-state solution.  But to get there, we have a lot of work to do.

Zionism is not racist because the Jewish people deserve sovereign control in their historic homeland, just like the Germans, the French and the Turks all have sovereignty in their historic homelands.  The Palestinians ALSO deserve that same dignity.  The core tenet of Zionism (being free in our homeland) must be extended to our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

There are many paths to peace and several end solutions, but my favorite solution is the Confederation model.  It is not a true one-state nor two-state solution AND its building blocks require Israelis and Palestinians to find common grounding and humility in one another.

Let’s pray for peace,