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republicans really think that bc nazism was originally called “national socialism” that nazism is a far left idea when in fact, whether hitler hated capitalism (he hated communism too lol) or not he was not even close to a “socialist”… he was a fucking fascist and fascism is as far right as you can go lmao. totalitarianism and nazism and fascism are far-right concepts and he only opposed capitalism because he was a raging violent anti-semite who believed jewish ppl controlled capital

just a heads up if you start seeing memes or other internet posts that reference “rothschilds” or “rockefellers” its usually coded antisemitic language about how “jews control the world” and theyre often connected with the stupid conspiracy theories about the illuminati and lizard people and fluoride mind control and shit like that. are those banking families (or whatever they are) bad? yes, because theyre rich capitalists that make their wealth and success off of exploited workers, but theyre also the big name in the antisemitic conspiracy theories that believe that the society, media, and the world are controlled by jewish people

BTW I’m rethinking my two state stance, due to both actually being here now and having spoken with multiple people on the subject whilst here.
We spoke with a very right wing, settler, Bennett supporting lady, and right after we spoke with a very leftwing Christian Palestinian man who grew up going to Israeli Zionist schools, and the morning prior we spoke with a man who wasn’t really on the left/right divide, and was a secular Israeli Jew.

This has been pretty intense, to say the least, but one point was consistent: one way or another, a two state solution isn’t practical and just doesn’t have the population supporting it, and if it was forcibly implemented it would likely only worsen the conflict and hatred.

The Palestinian man suggested something like the “Swiss system”, where the Jews would have control of Jewish areas, Palestinians/Arabs would control their areas, possibly other larger sections could get separate control over their areas, and a larger government would connect these groups through joint control over military, food, water, roads, electricity, etc.

In his words, he said both Israeli and Palestinian populations due to their histories have developed a severe victim complex and thus both are reacting to a threat that they are creating BY reacting in the first place, in a two way fashion. Think if it like a causation loop, but it’s two circles stuck together.

I actually like this idea a lot, because it gives each group local autonomy and room for intra-politics, and then it gives another layer for national politics between the groups. It doesn’t stamp out Palestinian national aspirations, it doesn’t push the Israelis into the sea, it doesn’t murder this group or that group, and even opens the door for other groups to get a stronger voice, if they want it. The goal of this idea is to remove the stigma and slowly reduce the hatred, without there being a loser. Jews can still have law of return and Jewish culture protected, Palestinians can build up their infrastructure and resources without worry, the land itself stops getting blown up, the people are not stuck in constant anxiety with rockets overhead, and the Old City is jointly protected.

I think this is a more nuanced version of the “binational one state solution”, that rather that inspiring competing nationalisms and reactionary IntraPolitik, would instead foster brotherhood and autonomous respect.

To sum him up, he said “this land is a holy land to all of us, religiously and culturally. Dividing it, that wouldn’t help. It’s like the baby brought before king Solomon, cutting it in half would only kill the land and no one who really cares about the land would want that, only those who hate would want such a thing. The people of this land, regardless of ethnicity, have dealt with terrible governments and deadly conditions, and there is now a larger culture of hatred. The thing about hatred is that it is drinking poison and expecting the other to die from it. No, what actually happens is the reactionary hatred and religious fanaticism will swallow the people’s culture and destroy it from within. Look no further than Hamas or militant Charedim as my evidence. When all the focus, all the spending, and all the conversations are focused on hatred, revenge, separatism, and murder, then who is feeding the people, planting the trees, building the communities, or educating the children? Who is helping the poor, the needy? Who is watching and checking the culture? No one. With that route, there is no future, not because it isn’t possible to implement, but because it means death. I do not mean hold hands, sing, and everything will be fine, no, there is still negotiations to be had, repercussions and justice, apologies and learning, but it is this other path that can redeem the people.”

He also spoke briefly about BDS, in a manner that I adored. It was yo the effect of “the minority that is seeking change and has a nuanced conversation going, they are exploring, good for them. The majority, however, is antisemitic, actually exasperate the issues and fanaticism, and are not working with the Palestinians best interests in mind, rather they are imposing their British, American, Canadian etc ideological niche on a nuanced middle eastern context that they cannot relate to. I don’t believe in boycotts, they stop conversation, they stop thought, and they put walls where we should make bridges.”

So yeah. He was a very powerful speaker. I find this idea preserves Zionist goals, Palestinian liberation and justice, the will of the average person regardless of affiliation, and would (hopefully) satisfy the international community. This conflict is a true test of humanities maturity, I think. If this can be sorted out, then the rest of our issues can be also. If not, we are doomed to eternal wars and suffering for profit.

Imagine the progress we could make as a species if we stop worrying about the AFTER LIFE and start LIVING for THIS LIFE and towards bettering the BEFORE LIFE of future generations.
—  The Fiction Of Religion (2015)

In western society it’s open season on caucasian people (white specifically).

In our own nations we’re being demographically replaced to the point of becoming minorities (within 30 years or less), yet people are brainwashed into believing that racism = power + prejudice.

White people sure as fuck don’t have much power when jewish people control our banks, our education system, our media, and the majority of our government (

Africa for Africans, India for Indians, Western white nations for whoever the fuck strolls in, regardless of whether they have any contributory skills or credentials. I want to hear all of these people who sing the praises of diversity critcising China, Japan, Israel, Afghanistan, Iran … essentially all other nations on Earth have extremely ethnically homogeneous populations, except the west. Where are their critics?

Tell me why they need diversity. What does it bring? What benefit does it offer?

I can tell you that scientifically, it brings no benefit, “diversity” is a net negative - see Putnam’s “E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty-first Century”, a study that has been repeated numerous times with very similar results. (He claims his study was ‘twisted’, what he actually means is he didn’t like the empirical results).  

You know this shit has gotten out of hand when even the fucking Dalai Lama is criticising it.

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ah, I'm confused! why is the Rockefeller article antisemitic?

It’s from infowars, which is a conspiracy “news” site run by Alex Jones, who has stated he believes that there’s a Jewish mafia controlling companies like Uber. He also pushes the ~globalisation and centralizing power into the hands of the elites~ narrative along with being a 9/11 truther. Both of these conspiracy theories go hand in hand with antisemitism, as very often Jews are claimed to be the “global elite” attempting to take over and there are plenty of people who purport that 9/11 was actually carried out by Israel.

So not only is the source horrendously bad, but the terminology used (central banker, globalist) is often an allusion to Jews. While Rockefeller may not have been Jewish, there are also conspiracy theories ​from the same people about either the Rockefellers being secret Jews or colluding with the Rothschild family who are like the epitome of Evil Rich Jooz. Either way, this kind of article is written in a way that supports the overall antisemitic narrative of the “New World Order.”

antisemitism is everywhere
  • far right: jews run hollywood, the banks and the world. jews are the #1 enemy to the white man. the holocaust is exaggerated for jewish propaganda. jews have most of the wealth because they are lying thieves. heil hitler.
  • conservatives: jews need to convert to christianity. jews are a liberal scourge. *openly regurgitates jewish stereotypes of all kinds*
  • liberals: holocaust jokes are funny--jews need to get over it already. also, jews are rich, what do they have to complain about? no im not antisemitic! saying they're rich is a compliment!
  • leftists: thanks to the jewish lobby, israel controls the world! jews have so much power, they're whiter than white. jews should have learned their lesson from the holocaust, which wasn't even as bad as MY social issue of choice!

How this became a secret neo-Nazi symbol of anti-Semitism

Neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white nationalists have begun using three sets of parentheses encasing a Jewish surname — for instance, (((Fleishman))) — to identify and target Jews for harassment on blogs and major social media sites like Twitter. 

The origins of the symbol ((())) can be traced to a hardcore, right-wing podcast called The Daily Shoah in 2014. It’s known as an “echo” in the anti-Semitic corners of the alt-right. Some use the symbol to mock Jews; others seek to expose supposed Jewish collusion in controlling media or politics. All use it to put a target on their heads. 

And how it evades search results makes it even more dangerous.

One of the best-known blessings, recited at special occasions and at every holiday of the Jewish year, blesses God for keeping us alive to enjoy this moment: “shehecheyanu”– Who has kept us alive, sustained us, and brought us to this moment.“ This life-affirming blessing often stirs deep emotions as we realize how thin is the line separating being from nonbeing and how dependent we are on forces outside of ourselves and beyond our control.
—  Entering Jewish Prayer: A Guide to Personal Devotion and the Worship Service by Reuven Hammar (pages 4-5)
In this way, to be anti-globalist could include being anti-mainstream media, anti-immigration, anti-corporation, anti-U.S. government, and anti-European Union. Due to the range of different meanings employed, the sentiment of anti-globalism pulled together individuals (and ideologies) from both the right and the left of the U.S. political spectrum. Disturbingly, much of the anti-globalist content in these alternative media domains was also anti-Semitic — echoing long-lived conspiracy theories about powerful Jewish people controlling world events.
—  Kate Starbird in Design Use Build at Medium. Information Wars: A Window into the Alternative Media Ecosystem
Conspiracy Theories, Muddled Thinking, and Political Disinformation
tabula rasa
  • Xander: We've got a wide skill set for any post-apocalyptic scenario.
  • Buffy: I'm good at slaying and kind of want to die.
  • Giles: I can use my glasses to start a fire.
  • Tara: Willow can get us through Jewish, gay, and nerd-controlled neighborhoods.
  • Willow: Tara will be some sort of queen in the new society.

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So I'm genuinely curious ad to why "central bank/banker" is antisemitic. Is it just the banker part or the bank part too. I don't want to use loaded words like that because it's really gross. I'm sorry if this is a bad ask

So, the thing is, there are contexts where it’s fine.  But on InfoWars? It’s definitely implying Jewish control over the banks, and a bank that controls everything.  This ties in to Rothschild conspiracy theories, including the fact that some of these people think that the Rockefellers are Rothschilds anyway.

When more of them were poor, Jews were communists. Now that they have almost fully ascended the capitalist hierarchy and have secured their place as the primary managers of capital, Jews have largely become Zionist neo-liberals. This is an important transition that finds some of its roots in Soviet history. The Bolshevik revolution was supposed to create space for unprecedented Jewish control over Russia and eventually Western Europe. This plan, however, was foiled when Stalin strong armed his way into power and had the leading Jew of the party, Trotsky, exiled and eventually executed. His machiavellian maneuvering put Stalin in a position in which he was forced to realize that the Jewish influence over the Bolshevik party would undermine Russia altogether. Despite proclamations about the supposed evils of anti-semitism, Stalin ruthlessly struggled to purge Russia of Jewish political and cultural influence and began a large scale Russification campaign. He targeted Jews in his purges, arrested Jewish artists, poets, and playwrights etc.* all in an attempt to preserve some semblance of social and political stability.

It was in this moment that the Jewish establishment realized that communism was too unwieldy a weapon to use against Europe and they were forced to return to the drawing board. They then knew that they would unlikely be able to subjugate Europe through such overt means and that they would have to begin a subtler strategy of subversive economic and psychological warfare to rot away the foundations of Europe from the inside. It is for this reason that the liberal intelligentsia passionately assert that fascism and communism are but different shades of the same thing.

*this isn’t a celebration, defense, or a endorsement of Stalin; it is simply a recognition of historical fact.


A key Donald Trump supporter, Michael Flynn, retweeted an anti-Semitic account

Retired Army Lt. General Michael Flynn, the subject of rampant speculation over his former short-list status for a vice president slot on the Donald Trump ticket, retweeted a white supremacist account’s thoughts on Jewish control of the media on Sunday. Flynn’s tweet spurred an immediate, angry reaction from many Twitter users and he clumsily attempted to explain his actions.

There was this post earlier, from someone whose mother was born to Gentile birth parents and adopted by a Jewish family. This person was raised Jewish, and is now worrying that they’re APPROPRIATING Jewish culture from ‘ethnic Jews’.

And I still see people fretting over how they want to be able to control what Jewish culture is adopted by converts, especially ‘white converts’.

Said it before, I’ll say it again. The way race/blood/ethnicity/culture etc. are defined and policed by Tumblr’s social justice wing is completely toxic to Jews. A two-thousand-year-plus tradition clearly designating the process by which you join our people, and how you are to be seen and treated once you do trumps a set of rules set up by armchair activists to make sure that everyone ‘stays in their lane’ and adheres to a concept of race and culture that comes straight out of Anglo-American racism.

Adhering to TumblrSJ ™s version of cultural appropriation in this case is to throw out our own tradition in favor of a set of gentile quasi-academic concepts, and call it a win for the Jews. How does this make sense?



YouTube Comment of the Day — Uhhhh, what?  

(Also, how are there still people like this in the world.  How.)

((P.P.S. I’m gay; why haven’t the Illuminati ever contacted ME?!  I’m so disappointed!!!)

“This shows the level of mind control. She is dumbfounded by the word "gay 90s” and the mind control puppets go Woooo!!! She is mind controlled but at least she knows it. The sheeple crowd apparently are clueless. She knows there is something inherently wrong with embracing homosexuality but there is an agenda here. Though this “Tegan & Sara” appear gay, deep down they are not, this is forced on them. This is all a Jewish/Illuminati con game people, like Christianity, like everything! They want you to believe it is normal and natural for a man to have sex with a man and a woman to have sex with a woman. She mentions the sorrow she has of her parents divorce! If she is so gay, why is her parents divorce so traumatic? If your gay, men should mate with men and women should mate with women but men and women should hate each other according to the Jewish controlled media! Then she starts singing the crowd goes wooooo! But you can’t understand a word she says – they’re all puppets on strings!

If you read books like “Thanks for the memories” by Bryce Taylor or “Tranceformation of America by Cathy O’Brien you will understand what I am talking about. Certain members of the Jewish Mafia have been into slavery for a long time. They have know regard for the sacredness of life at all. The only thing sacred to these people is the dollar!”

Video: 15/21 Tegan & Sara - TRQ’s First Strip Club/Pole Dance + Northshore @ Orpheum, Minneapolis