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Before the day State of Israel declared it’s existence, there were 300,000 Palestinian refugees in surrounding Arab countries. The notion that Palestinians fled their homes to create a free fire zone for Jordan, Syria, and Egypt is a lie.

Of the total refugees, at least 55% were explicitly forced out by Haganah/IDF operations. Note that this is of the total 700,000. If the Free Fire Flight myth is true, this would mean that Haganah’s share of the blame for the refugees fleeing before Israel declared its statehood was even larger. The notion that most Palestinians fled voluntarily for any reason is a lie.

Israeli military intelligence says that roughly 15% of the expulsion was the result of groups like Lehi and Irgun. The notion that they played a small part is a lie.

The prospect of “population transfer” based on the “instructive example” of Turkey and Greece was openly supported by Zionist leaders as early as 1937. The notion that the Nakba came about as a result of “the exigencies of the moment” is a lie.

The difference between Haganah and Irgun/Lehi is that where the latter groups of Jewish militants would exterminate civilian populations where they arrived, the former group of Jewish militants would give civilians a head start and THEN raze their villages to the ground. This, they called “Havlagah”: Restraint.

The 1947 partition plan would have created an Israel that was, at most, 55% Jewish in population, encompassing all but maybe 10,000 Jews in the region. The final armistice lines created a country with almost 50% more land than the proposed partition. The notion that Israel “begged the Palestinians to stay and build a country with them” is conceptually absurd.

In 1948, Israel passed the “Infiltration Law”, making it a criminal offense for Palestinian refugees to enter Israel in an attempt to peacefully reclaim their private property, on the grounds that they were “foreign infiltrators”. The notion that they could have returned to the homes after hostilities had ended is (obviously) a lie.

The fact that the Palestinians able to remain became citizens of Israel who eventually gained something close to equal rights as a 10% minority in an explicitly Jewish ethnostate after a few more years of martial law does not exactly change anything I am saying.

The fact is that the Nakba was a crime, perpetrated by Israel, against the Palestinians, in order to steal their property and forcibly expel them from their homeland.

This is “rendering an area ethnically homogeneous by using force or intimidation to remove persons of given groups from the area”. This is ethnic cleansing. This is barbarism. This is evil. This is Zionism. This is Israel.

This is al-Nakba: The Catastrophe.

Erwin Rommel.

Was this guy even real? 

So not ONLY was this guy a tactical genius who published a book on military strategy, but he was just an amazing stand-up guy, too.

The man built a working glider at 14.

He wasn’t an aristocrat like most of the German military higher-ups and managed to rise up through the ranks despite his more humble origins and turning down offers of promotions that would take him away from the front lines.

A newspaper once identified Rommel as a member of the Nazi party, and he got PISSED. At a time when that identification might have benefitted him and ingratiated him to the powers that were, he refused to be linked with the Nazi party and insisted on a printed retraction.

This man’s Africa Corps has never even been accused of war crimes. He ordered that “enemy” laborers be paid for their work, refusing to be associated with slave labor. He abjectly refused to carry out Hitler’s orders to execute Jewish civilians, POWs, and commandos. NOT ONLY did he refuse, but he confronted Hitler on the issue. When OTHER divisions killed “enemy” civilians, Rommel asked Hitler to be allowed to punish them for it. 

He had a civil tea with several captured commandos, expressing his regret that they could not have been allies in the war.

The man had the respect of his enemies, Patton, Churchill and Montgomery, and praised them highly in return.

He loved his wife fiercely and wrote her at least one letter EVERY SINGLE DAY he was in the field.

He wanted to get rid of Hitler. Not just gone, he wanted him to stand trial and face justice for his actions so he couldn’t be seen as a martyr, but knew that was not an option at the time. As a result, he joined the failed conspiracy to assassinate Hitler, and his involvement in the plot was discovered. Despite this, Hitler was too afraid to have Rommel face a court! The man was so great that even Hitler was afraid of the repercussions of putting him on trial.

Instead, Hitler hit Rommel in his weak spot - his compassion and loyalty. If Rommel faced trial, his staff would be executed and his family would suffer. If he took his own life, his staff would go unharmed and his family would receive his full pension.

Rommel called his family for the last time, stipulated that NO political paraphernalia was to be exhibited at his funeral (though the bastards later broke their promise and placed swastikas on his coffin), and took a cyanide capsule.

A good, intelligent, humane, loyal man who looks like a god and did the best he could in his difficult circumstances. Be still, my heart!

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today, January 27th, is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The Holocaust includes the killing of 6 million Jews, 3.3 million Soviet POWs, at least 1.9 million non-Jewish Polish civilians, and 275,000 people with disabilities, about 1,650 Jehovah’s witnesses, an unknown number of Roma (gypsies), an unknown number of black POWs, and an unknown number of gay men, all by the Nazis and their collaborators. (Info from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). Please reblog to spread the word. Thank you.

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Liberals: Wow, is violence really the answer? I know Richard Spencer is bad, but should we punch people in the face?

Number of Deaths due to the Holocaust and Nazi Persecution

Jews: up to 6 million

Soviet civilians: around 7 million (including 1.3 Soviet Jewish civilians, who are included in the 6 million figure for Jews)

Soviet prisoners of war: around 3 million (including about 50,000 Jewish soldiers)

Non-Jewish Polish civilians: around 1.8 million (including between 50,000 and 100,000 members of the Polish elites)

Serb civilians (on the territory of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina): 312,000

People with disabilities living in institutions: up to 250,000

Roma (Gypsies): 196,000–220,000

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Around 1,900

Repeat criminal offenders and so-called asocials: at least 70,000

German political opponents and resistance activists in Axis-occupied territory: undetermined

Homosexuals: hundreds, possibly thousands (possibly also counted in part under the 70,000 repeat criminal offenders and so-called asocials noted above)

Me, and any other person who cares about justice: If just ONE of those millions of deaths could be prevented by punching a Nazi in the face, then we have a duty to shut down Nazi ideals in any way possible, including violence.

Mercy to Nazis is a wasted effort. Anyone who aligns with those ideals will never be merciful.

When gentiles say things like “I hope Israel burns to the ground” and “Jewish Israeli civilians are legitimate targets because they benefit from the system”, I wonder if they realize that they’re quite literally saying that 6 million Jews deserve to die.

And I wonder if they care, should they realize that this is what they’re saying.

“Who took the pictures?”

I’m a history student, and recently in a lecture I was taking, my professor showed us an image taken in the mid thirties, of one of Hitler’s so called ‘death squads’. It’s a horrible image, one which I won’t repeat here, of someone with a crowbar raised, preparing to beat in the brains of an unarmed civilian. He showed us a handful of others in the same vein; Jewish civilians digging their own graves, SS soldiers posing with piles of naked bodies, civilians jeering as a Jewish man said his final prayers, that sort of thing.

And someone asked “who took the pictures?”

“Good question” My prof responded. “Sometimes soldiers, sending postcards back to their sweethearts. But mostly civilians, passing by, who wanted a souvenir.”

These were crimes of mass murder, conducted in broad daylight, and civilians stopped. Not, for the most part, to object in any way shape or form, but to jeer. 

To spectate.

To take pictures.

This is why I took most of yesterday off and I’m sorry there ended up such a big pile of frustration for Linda to deal with. 

Jews are not allowed to call out violence against Jews without people demanding that we talk about the horrible things done to the Palestinians. That kind of bullshit is part of what drove me to start this blog in the first place. 

We got just a single sympathetic anon over what happened against a pile of pretty cruel ones. I just deleted some asks telling us how horrible we are for daring to talk about Jews who were brutally murdered at worship. 

The Jewish Voice For Peace’s wall was COVERED in “What about the Palestinians” posts after the Kansas City Shootings. This is a Jewish Organization that supports BDS. This was violence that occurred in the Diaspora. I get constantly policed with “What about the other victims” when I talk about the Holocaust. 

I’m not going to demand that people not mourn Palestinian victims or not mention what has been done to them by Israel. But I am going to delete any future asks telling us to downplay, ignore or balance out the balance sheets every time Jewish civilians are murdered. If you don’t like that, you can unfollow.

As Linda pointed out, this is a Jewish issues blog. Jews being murdered in a synagogue is a Jewish issue. We get an enormous amount of anon-hate for daring to be Jewish and daring to care about our own dead. It’s just disgusting and we’re not going to bend over backwards to be “good Jews” for those who demand we always downplay violence against Jews because Israel is being horrible to the Palestinians. 

Again, if you don’t like that, you can unfollow.

A Muslim Man is near kotel and as you can see not one Jewish person takes notice let alone acts violently toward him.
On the other side of the Kotel is the Temple Mount. It is currently under Palestinian control as permitted by Israel from the time Israel took back Jerusalem from the illegally occupying Jordanians back in 1967. The remaining Jordanians along with many Egyptians, Syrians and Lebanese now call themselves, Palestinians. 
When trying to get the truth about Israel, a picture like this is worth 1000 words. This man is not under attack. This man is not restricted from entering the Jewish people’s holy site within the Jewish State, within the Jewish Capital, within the Jewish Quarters of the Old City. 
Meanwhile on the Temple Mount Jews are forbidden to move their lips in prayer. The rare occasion that Jewish people walk the grounds of the Temple Mount, they are under constant verbal and physical attack by Palestinian “Civilians”. 

Since 2005, Hamas and its affiliates in Gaza have launched thousands of rockets and mortars into southern Israel. 

Their goal is to kill and terrorize defenseless Israeli men, women, and children as they go about their daily lives.

Definition of ‘collective punishment’ = firing over 100 rockets in one day from #Gaza, terrorizing over 1 million #Israeli civilians.