i am just letting you christians know that if i find any of you wearing this

i will personally dropkick you. if you say “but jesus was jewish!!” i will take it a step further and live a thousand years so that i could personally dropkick each and every one of your descendents. this will be your family curse.


These pages of a large folio festival prayer book, or Mahzor, according to the Ashkenazi rite, record the elaborate piyutim (poetic interpolations) composed throughout the Middle Ages to enhance public worship on the holidays and special sabbaths of the liturgical year. Lacking a date or a place, the manuscript seems nonetheless to reflect the codicological and ritual practices of 14th-century Germany.

(via David bar Pesah Mahzor collection)

Six Reported Stabbed at Jerusalem Pride Parade by Extremist Who Did the Same Thing in 2005
An ultra-Orthodox extremist named Yishai Shlissel who was recently released from prison after stabbing three people at Jerusalem's 2005 LGBT pride parade apparently stabbed six people at the same parade on Thursday, reports say. From the Jerusalem Post: Paramedics were treating two people in serious condition, one in moderate condition...

When people delude themselves into believe gods exist, their only a step away from committing acts of terror like this in its name. The logic is easy to follow: god is real, god wants to punish gays, I want god to like me, I’ll take this off his plate and punish them for him.  

Levítico 26:29 “Comeréis la carne de vuestros hijos, y la carne de vuestras hijas comeréis.

2 Reyes 6:28 Y el rey le dijo: ¿Qué te pasa? Y ella respondió: Esta mujer me dijo: ``Da tu hijo para que lo comamos hoy, y mi hijo lo comeremos mañana.

2 Reyes 6:29 Así que cocimos a mi hijo y nos lo comimos; y al día siguiente, le dije a ella: ``Da tu hijo, para que lo comamos; pero ella ha escondido a su hijo.

Jeremias 19:9 `Y les haré comer la carne de sus hijos y la carne de sus hijas, y cada uno comerá la carne de su amigo durante el sitio y en la aflicción con que les afligirán sus enemigos y los que buscan su vida.

Lamentaciones 2:20 Mira, oh SEÑOR, y observa: ¿a quién has tratado así? ¿Habían de comer las mujeres el fruto de sus entrañas , a los pequeños criados con cariño? ¿Habían de ser muertos en el santuario del Señor el sacerdote y el profeta?

Lamanteaciones 4:10 Las manos de mujeres compasivas cocieron a sus propios hijos, que les sirvieron de comida a causa de la destrucción de la hija de mi pueblo.


​¿Comer bebes?, lejos la mejor idea de Yahvé en la Biblia (Sarcasmo).

i’m copy pasting something i wrote in the thread, in reply to the idea that the ~shield of solomon~ is a powerful symbol for christians. these are things i’ve found on sites selling star+magen david combo pendants and from a forum discussing the appropriateness of christians wearing them. not one christian paused and said “do we have a right to another people’s tradition?”

  • “This Messianic symbol links Jew and Gentile, the Old and New Testaments, and Judaism and Christianity. It is a living faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; a faith that came to include all Christians when one of Israel’s own sons, the Jew from Nazareth brought God’s light to the nations. Messianics celebrate Jesus (Yeshua) as the risen Messiah of Israel as foretold throughout biblical scripture”
  • “What better way to show your support for the Jewish people and claim your christianity at the same time?”
  • “I wear a crucifix on one chain and a Star of David (that has a small cross inside of it) on another. I purchased it at our local shrine. There is nothing wrong with wearing one; after all, Jesus was Jewish.
  • Now I have been approached on more than one occasion and questioned as to why I wear both, so tell your friend this may also happen to her. The tone of the questioners voice is what I use to judge my response. When it’s asked with sarcasm (this happened a few weeks ago after daily Mass), I simply reply that my crucifix reminds me of the sacrifice Jesus made for me and all mankind and the SoD is in honor of His heritage. Short, sweet and to the point. When asked with sincerity, I respond with a more in-depth explanation (which has led to some great discussions).”
  • “As Catholics, we have Jewish roots. A priest pointed out that we are truly "Completed Jews”. I love this concept so much that several years ago, my son had a beautiful gold Star of David made for me with a Cross set right in the middle of it. It is beautiful and I really cherish it.“

it’s all condescending, dehumanizing nonsense that sees us as some novelty or something that enriches their history rather than a people. i’ve found like, one reply that acknowledges its more diverse history and the way they ended it made me want to scream:

"The geometrical shape known as the Star of David, though often associated with Judaism since the 1600s, has a long, transcultural history. It was a symbol of auspiciousness throughout much of Western (including Islamic) history. In India, it is called the "shatkona” (the “six-cornered”), has a very ancient history, and is associated with various Hindu manifestations of Divinity.

Maybe if more non-Jews had worn the Star of David in the 20th century, history would have turned out differently.“


for christians, the star of david, which is what they call it, not any other name that isn’t ultimately associated with judaism, is overwhelmingly associated with jews now and most christians who wear it aren’t doing it bc of ‘it being a powerful transcultural symbol’ but bc 'aren’t jews quaint? aren’t i great for acknowledging these primitive people that i came from?' 

they have no right. 

For transgender Jews, the ritual bath is fraught with questions about inclusion - Religion News Service
(RNS) As difficult as it may be for anyone to disrobe at mikvah, the transgender person may struggle with a far more intense anxiety.

Converting to Judaism about a year ago, a transgender man in Washington, D.C., asked his rabbi a pointed question about the last step in the process, which calls for dunking naked in a ritual bath.

Could he locate a transgender man to serve as the required witness for this immersion?

Dozens of Jewish leaders in the region, including Rabbi Laurie Green, got the email asking if they could produce such a witness, who, according to Jewish law, would have to be Jewish.

“We were looking really hard to find someone,” said Green, who presides at Bet Mishpachah, a gay congregation in the nation’s capital. “It was a problem that we couldn’t meet this reasonable request.”

But it wasn’t just this man’s request. Rabbis across the nation have noted the trend. Green alone is helping three transgender people to become Jewish.

One of the Common Responses I Hear When I Tell People to Look Into Bernie Sanders as Their 2016 Presidential Candidate:

“We don’t need another old white guy in the White House!”

I understand where people are coming from here, but understand this:

Bernie Sanders has very little in common politically with former presidents in the White House. The fact that he’s old and white is irrelevant!

Here is a list of reasons why you need to vote for Bernie in the primary election:

• He would be the first Jewish president. The first non-christian president would be a significant stepping stone in our culture. This means that a lot of people are plain mistaken by assuming he’s a christian candidate. Bernie being a part of a minority group means that he has compassion for the people who are marginalized (His voting record proves this). (Thank you for pointing this out jewish-hermione)

Champion of LGBT rights: Bernie wrote a letter denouncing anti gay laws in 1972. NINETEEN SEVENTY FUCKING TWO PEOPLE! Hillary gave a speech against gay rights in 2004. Just think about that and determine who will actually fight for LGBT rights when elected.

willing to take on the billionaire class / fight for fairer economic systems for the lower and ( currently diminishing ) middle class.

Wants to create a constitutional amendment to repeal the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Campaign finance reform has to happen. We can’t allow big corporations to have the ability to buy our representatives.

Won’t accept campaign money from big corporations. He is the only candidate who is largely funded by private donations from US citizens. He raised more campaign funding than ANY republican candidate from donations.

wants to do something about climate change. The future of the planet is important. How are the other candidates supposed to address this when they accept millions of dollars from oil companies like Exxon?

wants to reform the criminal justice system. That means the prisons, police departments and other unfair aspects of our victim blaming culture, that treat various groups differently based on race and social class.

champion of women’s rights for 30 years. He elected his city’s first female police officer! He has stated that women have a right to their bodies ( abortions ) and birth control should be affordable and available.

wants medical insurance rewritten as a right to all USA citizens. As Bernie said, we need to join the rest of industrialized society and have medical coverage for our citizens as a right, not a privilege.

wants tuition free public colleges. He wants the U.S. to be able to compete on a global scale with other countries by having the most educated work force available.

wants to lower military spending, and reinvest in social programs and infrastructure in the U.S.

wants to eliminate trade agreements that incentivize US corporations to ship jobs overseas. : He opposes the pacific trade partnership. This trade agreement will force american workers to compete with modern day slave labor ( People who work for 1-2$ an hour, or in certain circumstances, forced labor camps in places like Malaysia ).


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All Jews are rich but my family can’t pay the bills on time.

All Jews are rich but my family has to choose between food and medicine.

All Jews are rich but my family can’t pay for the $25 co-pay at the doctor’s office.

All Jews are rich but if it wasn’t for my scholarships I wouldn’t be in college at all.

All Jews are rich but my parent’s cars got repossessed.

All Jews are rich but sometimes we don’t have food in the fridge.

All Jews are rich but I live in a really shitty neighborhood.

All Jews are rich but I need a job so I can help my parents out.

All Jews are rich but $20 is actually a lot of money.

All Jews are rich but I got free lunch all through school.

All Jews are rich but we don’t have enough money left over for simple luxuries, like new clothes or shoes.

All Jews are rich but my parents had to file for bankruptcy at one point.

All Jews are rich but my family struggles like any other non-Jewish family.

The thing that hurts me about the “all Jews are rich” stereotype is not the antisemitism, but the invalidation and erasure of the low-income Jewish struggle.

Jewish tumblr is periodically embroiled in conflicts with a variety of prominent antisemitic bloggers. I have several bloggers in particular in mind, but who they are is irrelevant. Engaging with any such individual is worse than pointless, it’s dangerous.

Antisemitic thought in full-flower is not merely hatred of Jews, but the belief that Jews are oppressors, alien parasites. Someone who exhibits this thought cannot be argued out of antisemitism. To confront such an individual is to confirm their antisemitism. They will feed on your fear, anger and pain and become emboldened. Every word you give them is a platform from which they may spread their paranoia and hate.

Give such individuals nothing. Block them. Argue against antisemitic ideas, dynamics and actions independent of individual antisemites. Help others to recognize them and isolate them. Cultivate Jewish solidarity and compassion for Jews of all backgrounds. Preserve your cardiovascular health.

Never Stay Indifferent, Never Stop Caring

I remember the first anti-Semitic remark I received. It was a comment to one of my posts here, and it said “What a shame Hitler didn’t finish what he started.” That night, I couldn’t sleep. I was concerned and bothered, but most of all- I was horrified. Later, as I became more involved in the lives of Jewish communities outside of Israel, I was exposed to the enormous measurements of similar remarks that Jewish people from all over the world take every day like a punch to their guts.

It’s not as if I didn’t know about post-WWII anti-Semitism before, but I had never been exposed to it personally, and nonetheless- was never a victim of it, living in the anti-Semitism – protected Israel. As some of you may unfortunately know, it is not something you can easily overcome, and the state of shock and fear continued to follow me the next times as well. “You stinking Jew,” “the source of all evil…” I couldn’t get these remarks out of my head. I shared these experiences with my loved ones, and they were left speechless themselves. The scary reality of anti-Semitism hit us Israelis in the face.

We, who constantly wish out loud to get the hell out of this scalding-hot, conflict-ridden Israel and move abroad, were struck by the fact that anti-Semitism, in its full frontal ugly form, has yet to pass from this world, and probably never will. With every new hateful comment on my posts, and on Israelife’s Facebook page, my helplessness grew bigger and bigger. At times I replied, but then received even more painful comments, and the possibility of history repeating itself with a second Holocaust became more and more vivid in my head.

Then one day, I decided I had had enough. I decided that those people, full of hate and rage, are sad and pathetic, and not worthy of my reaction or even my thoughts. So I stopped caring. I ignored all anti-Semitic or hateful remarks, and simply looked the other way. I believed that if I were what I thought was “the bigger person,” those people would slowly back away and eventually - disappear into the hollowness of the unnoticed underground (because let’s be honest- hatred will never completely vanish.)

I lived like that for months, as the bigger person. “Animal,” “Die,” “a monster taking over the world-” I ignored them all. At some point, I even stopped deleting these remarks from the “comments” section, with the hope that it would show the unaware readers the true face of haters, who sometimes tried to hide behind “Israel is violating human rights” rhetoric. I wanted people to see that it is not us, Jews, who terrorize others, but it is others who terrorize us. I was so sure of my way that it did not occur to me that something much worse than fear took over me: I became indifferent.

Just like that, I let horrible words spread online because I was sure that if I remain quiet, it would go away. I just stood still, and let the most dangerous weapon in today’s world – comments on social media – fire. By being the bigger person, I let slide things that should never be ignored. I let hate spread under false pretenses that “in the end- everything would be alright.” I came to this realization when someone posted on Israelife’s Facebook wall a picture of Hitler, and added a few swastikas for decoration.

That day, I decided that I will never stand still, and never stay silent again. I know that what I experienced is nothing compared to what some of you have been going through, and that is why I would like to turn to you and encourage you to always fight back. Never turn the other cheek, never ignore. Being indifferent does not weaken anti-Semitism, it makes it more powerful. Now, it is up to us to stop it from spreading, and send it back to the shadows. Let’s show them, one and for all, that we, just like every other person on this planet, are here to stay.

source: Jewish Journal