Tamás is a “rich jewish gay dad from central europe”, as he defines himself. Of course he is more than that. True, he is openly gay and lives with HIV. But not only that, he fights against prejudice concerning both as the communications officer of European AIDS Treatment Group and as a PhD candidate researching the social psychology of HIV/AIDS. When not working he is one of the most provocative member of Hungarian tumblr community under the pseudonym @schulmeister. Most users have a love or hate relationship with him. But - to me - all this is a part of a performance, trying to stretch his own and the community’s boundaries and to talk about things even if uncomfortable to some. This kind of bravery has its rewards, but it isn’t always easy. 

This is his struggle and happiness on a regular Sunday afternoon frozen in time as portraits.


18-year-old Bracha Benhaim is taking the Haredi fashion world by storm

“Benhaim’s collection is very different from the regular - and banal - clothing flooding the haredi street: Grownup, heavy, rich clothes in black, white and blue and boring pastel colors. “I have young taste,” Benhaim clarifies. “I come from the audience of seminary girls and I know first-hand what they like and what they connect to. The clothes are, accordingly, very light.”

“Benhaim loves modesty, but does not give up patterns which suit "any body structure, not necessarily the thin ones. I took a number of patterns which I tried on several girls, and I saw that regardless of their body structure or figure, they will suit them.”

Gotta love Liberals. They seem to know exactly what my opinions should be based off my gender, my religion, my sexual orientation, etc. It’s as if people are incapable of thinking for themselves. 

Just because leftists Jews think socialism works a doesn’t mean I have to and b. doesn’t make it true. 

My opinions are my own based off my own research, and the experiences of my family. Yes, my detest of socialism does come more from my own experience and the experience of my parents than it does from my peers. Because I see for myself. It also comes from my own research and my adoration and respect to the Constitution and to the incredible people who founded or help to create this nation. INCLUDING SEPHARDIC JEWS!!!

Race, Gender, Religion or sexuality have nothing to do with a respect and love for the constitution and limited government. 

Also that treyf guy blocked me. Classy and mature. Typical liberals, can’t handle a different opinion. 

Olam Vol. 1: Coming Home
A zine about being at home in the diaspora.

Here is the first issue of Olam.

Because I made this zine before creating this blog, it mainly focuses on my personal experiences with the diaspora. I was inspired by Brooklyn Bridge’s concept of “coming home” to the diaspora, and both being at peace with and challenging our place in the world.

Some of the themes I talk about in this issue are my interfaith background and my internal struggle between the two religions I grew up with; my Jewish identity; being a Jewish woman; and de-assimilating (briefly).

It’s relatively short and I hope you all enjoy it. From here on out, this zine will be collaborative, and in the near future I will be accepting mods for the blog. In the meantime, submissions are always open.

My grandmother left water for Jesus.
My grandfather left wine for Elijah.
I left nothing for no one.
Maybe that is why this
emptiness weighs so
heavy on my body.
—  Offerings by Amy Noelle Sigle

Bernie Sanders made history last night as the first non-Christian to win delegates in a primary

While Sanders didn’t win outright on Monday, the progressive populist did usher in an historic milestone. By winning even a single delegate in Iowa, Sanders, a secular Jew of Polish ancestry, has now won more delegates than any non-Christian presidential candidate in history. And he’s poised to mark another milestone next week.

Related: Hillary Clinton also broke a major barrier in Iowa last night.

Powerful: Oregon Militiamen Upload Video of Themselves Blowing "Battle Trumpets" (?)
You may know the shofar as a musical instrument of Jewish antiquity, traditionally blown in synagogues during Rosh Hashanah—but did you know that right now, in the frozen hinterland of the Pacific Northwest, the Oregon militiamen are blowing the HORNS OF FREEDOM as we speak?
By Sam Biddle

Or that time the Oregon Miltiamen rebel group culturally appropriated Judaism for NO DESCRIBABLE REASON.

Seriously, what the fuck is this?

Yo I’m all here for Jewish girls. I’m here for Jewish girls that have been socialized to hate their appearance or their religion or culture. I’m here for half-Jewish/part Jewish girls. I’m here for Jewish girls who are converts or from interfaith families. I’m here for girls who have felt rejected by their communities and no longer want to identify with Jewish culture. I’m here for Jewish girls who don’t come from a particularly devout background and want to become more religious. I’m here for Jewish girls who wear veils. I’m here for Jewish girls whose identity and ethnic backgrounds are denied to them because “you don’t look Jewish”. I’m here for LGBT+/MOGAI Jewish girls. I’m here for Jewish girls who can’t show their Jewishness. I’m here for Jewish girls that don’t have a community to belong to. I’m here for fat Jewish girls. I’m here for depressed, suicidal Jewish girls. I’m here for Jewish girls who hate themselves.

I’m here for Jewish girls. I’m present and I’m all here.

British Consul in Jerusalem in 1864 Confirms the Jewish Majority

By 1864 the resident Jewish population of Jerusalem constituted a majority of the city’s inhabitants, according to the British consul in Jerusalem, Noel Temple Moore, who estimated the total population of the City at 15,000: 8,000 Jews; 4,500 Muslim Arabs, and 2,500 Christians and Christian Arabs [or Arabic-speaking Christians].

All 8,000 Jews lived within the Old City, mostly in the Jewish Quarter.

[Martin Gilbert, Jerusalem, Illustrated History Atlas (New York, London, 1977), p 47]


No. 238, “Report of the Commerce of Jerusalem During the Year 1863,” F.O. 195/808, May 1864. “…

From A.H. Hyamson, ed., The British Consulate in Jerusalem, 2 vols. (London, 1939-1941), Vol. 2, p. 331.

Hello everyone, 

My name is Chaya, I am a Jewish Trans woman, you may have seen other posts from me asking for help, and I still need it. 
I am now 23, it’s time for me to move on with my life and grow into who I really am.

I need your assistance on multiple things, if you have the ability; I specifically need help with my some of my utility bills as they are rather on the high side, as paying off enough of them to keep my services on takes up a very large amount of my money. Money that I need to be able to pay for my upcoming medical costs, and that’s all besides the fact that every month for me is financially tight. 

Speaking of medical costs, I finally made my appointment for my consultation to get started on HRT!
So I have to get blood tests, and then of course there’s the whole fact that I need to pay for the medication itself.

I also have a closet, empty, of clothes that would aid me in my transition, as the whole idea of having to purchase a different wardrobe from the one I have now is daunting. If you have any extra clothes you may be able to donate, please message me or send me an ask. (Some measurements for reference, I am about 5′9, around a 34′ waist, so consider clothes in L or XL most likely)

You can try my email but I get a lot going through there so it’s possible I may miss your message, so on here is probably what would work best.

If you have anything to give, even if it’s a few cents, it goes a long way towards helping me towards my goals.

My PayPal is
It can also be found in my description.

If you don’t have anything you can donate, then please reblog this! Every bit helps!

I love you all, and please do know explicitly how much I appreciate all of your guys’ help!