A person you like and why

To be completely honest, I do not “have feelings for” or “like” anyone right now… And I love it this way. 100%.

There’s too much time wasted on moping over boys… It’s so pointless and such a waste of my precious time.

Not gonna lie though, boys make life fun :) But I can live without them.

“Ayha ra nimo mabal-an kung nitalab imong hormones pag naa na ka sa imong death bed.”

We don’t always have anything to do during our English class in our second year in high school so Jewey, Jamits and I get to hang out and talk about so many different things. One of these things was about when will be the time when we could eventually get the hang of being an adult, of ageing. Apparently, we were so interested in the thought of hormones changing us. We didn’t realize that we were already talking about growing up and letting go of certain things, childish things. We were already talking about when we will change into somebody that will possibly be our selves for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, we realized too, that we will not be able to tell how our hormones have changed us until we are old enough to look down along the path of how our lives went. We suddenly concluded then that that moment would be on our death bed, although I think that would be unlikely considering the time we will have left. We laughed about it then, but I think about it now. I think about how much has changed since the three of us had that conversation. It is not too long ago, but I see now that we’ve already changed a lot. We have our different set of priorities already. We don’t realize our lives are already turning and spinning towards ageing, and I don’t think that the hormones are the only ones at work.