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What would the Sakamakis do on their s/o's birthday? (I'm asking this because today's my birthday)

Shu- He’d take her out on a dinner date and then later give her a small present, likely music he composed himself or flowers or jewelry. 

Reiji- Reiji would make her dinner and keep his brothers out of her hair for the day so she could relax. He’d later give her a gift, likely flowers or a book he likes. 

Ayato- He would take her to something he’d want to go to, not caring about her interests, and would later give her some love…

Laito- Birthday sex. All day birthday sex. Well, for as long as you both can anyway.

Kanato- Kanato would give her some of his sweets and would let her choose (for the most part) what they did for the day.

Subaru- He’d reluctantly take her out into town to have fun bowling or seeing a movie, whatever she wanted and then he’d give her a gift of either roses or a necklace.

Kino- Kino would let her pick what they did for the day (you will be babysitting him basically) and later after he also had ‘his way’, he’d give you many, many presents, mostly jewerly and games.