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Lovestruck (Baekhyun)

So this little story goes for Mi who requested it :3 I love you sweetie and I hope you like it ^^. (BTW I was listening to “Lovestruck by The Vamps when writing this, so yeah the name was inspired by the song <3 It’s beautiful) It’s kinda long >< sorry I was inspired <3 Admin A~

It’s actually funny how I met my best friend Baekhyun. It was a normal day for me, I was walking back from school. When I suddenly saw someone running towards me. “Wait wait stay there don’t move” He said. He gave a pretty little package and then left again. To be honest, until today I haven’t figured it out why he did that, but thanks to it we became friends.

I was curious and wanted to know what was inside of the box but I was a little scared too. I didn’t know him but he seemed nice. So I became brave and opened it to find… nothing. Nothing?! Is this a joke? Did he want to give me his trash or something? I laughed so hard because I thought of the ridiculous situation I was in. I expected many things like food, jewerley, money, even condoms… but nothing? Who was this boy?

The next day I found out he was my new neighbor and the only theory I had was that he had seen me before and wanted to break the ice with a really stupid joke. That morning I was walking to school when I saw him following me. Was he a stalker or what? But then I saw he was wearing my school’s uniform. I laughed at myself for being so paranoic. He was just a boy after all, a little bit crazy, but just another boy. 

The most hilarious part of the day was when he turned out to be in class. He was the new student everyone was talking about. “He is from South Korea” “He is very handsome” “His smile is perfect” “He must be smart”.. Everything sounded like a Hollywood movie or a book for teenagers. While he introduced himself to the class he spotted me, smiled and went running to my place. “Teacher, I want to sit next to her, she is my first friend from here”. 

That’s how our wonderful friendship started. Baek wasn’t afraid of anything, and he always got what he wanted by working hard for it. I admired him because he wasn’t afraid to talk to strangers and in some way he made me feel I could trust him. But I never imagined something else would happened, after all I saw him like a brother. 

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