Here is a “draw this again” of one of my OCs for my little series “The Jewelz”. The 1st picture was drawn yesterday and the second was drawn on 1/31/13.

Jewel Tanzanite is just a side character but i think i love her design the most out of the entire cast. Her civilian/birth name is Jacqueline Nana-Araba Mensah. She was born in France but is ethnically Ghanaian. She speaks French, Twi, Fante and English fluently.

In her Jewel form she gains the power to summon ethreal beasts. Its cut off in the picture, but the lionhead at the tip of her staff is made entirely of tanzanite and can be used as a weapon by shapeshifting into a blade or staying in its form to be used as a blunt-force weapon. She is one of the strongest Jewelz in the series and fights solo.

(Picture taken from my instagram)

Here is another one of my Jewelz OCs~ her name is Marjorie and she is based on the likeness of the friend who helped me create the series ❤ soon, she will be getting a redesign though~ This pic is also really old. (From September 2016.)

Marjorie is a short, Puerto Rican beauty. She can’t really speak Spanish however and hasn’t made any real effort to learn.

She’s a girl of many interests and one of her weaknesses is that she can never make up her mind. More than anything however she loves fashion and beauty. She does have a bit of a tom-boyish side that shows itself from time to time as well and surprises everyone.

Personality wise, Marjorie is a reserved girl, and very mature for her age. She can be shy, but she usually likes to talk! It can be about anything, but conversations tend to be about herself or her life (but not in a conceited way! Things like how she can’t decide what she wants to do with her future, or an idea she has for a story or something.)


Even my father (who has no idea about my gender things) said I looked like a boy from one side and a girl from the other when he saw this hair. Add in a couple of selfies I like, and a two pictures of the old me (and what I think my family want to believe I’ll one day go back to)

Still… iffy who I tell about being gender fluid. A lot of people just put it down to my diagnosed DID, and it just being male alters. But I know it’s not.

Happy trans day of visibility everyone.

 And to all the trans alters out there, your gender identity is just as valid as any body else’s. xx

Scar(let) - Gender Fluid (She/her, he/him or zie/zem anything goes, really)

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The finale episode of Love & Hip Hop recently aired and lead character Kimbella announced that she was yet again pregnant by Hip Hop rap star Juelz Santana. On the show, she seemed really excited and ready for this new baby.

Now, if you were unaware, most reality shows are taped three months prior to the air date. Kimbella revealed that she was pregnant back in early November. At that time she was a little over two months. She SHOULD be atleast 5 months right now but this weekend she was photographed looking just as she looked at the beginning of the show. The picture below was taken this weekend.

External image

There are several different theories floating around about Kimbella’s Pregnancy. Some people are reporting that she was lying just to leave the audience in suspense for next season. Others are claiming that she may have had an abortion. Someone as financially stable as she is, would most likely not abort the baby.

Many are saying that Kimbella is pulling a “Beyonce”…meaning that she’s not really pregnant.

Personally, I think that maybe it was a false alarm or maybe she had a miscarriage. Everyone should just give her the benefit of the doubt and be happy for her. Time will tell in any event.