Jewels Of The Sea by Les Baxter 1961

“Jewels of the Sea” has a dream-like essence mainly carried by a floating body of strings accompanied by winds that dart back and forth like schools of fish. Quiet rhythms turn up on some of the numbers as well as do shimmering keyboards, but all these elements blend nicely together as none of them overpower each other. Key selections are “The Ancient Galleon” which has a great waltzing cadence, “Sunken City” builds to a gentle crescendo and “Sea Numph” retains Baxter’s poppy bounce of previous releases. “Enchanted Sea” as well displays a perfect balance of wonder with just a hint of sinister mysticism.

A gloomy grey day calls for something spectacular to lighten the spirits. Spectacular is synonymous with the art created by Wallace Chan.
His aptly named “Vividity” brooch, centers on a rare elbaite tourmaline surrounded by diamonds, sapphires, and tourmalines.


Yeah, so. If you’ve seen then you’ll have some idea of what this is about.

For now I’m going to use tumblr. as most people do. I’ll share things that I think are probably worth seeing.

It’s interesting (and unfortunate) that many utterly forgettable films have brilliant soundtracks that have disappeared into oblivion - because the film has been forgotten. Think Alessandroni, Morricone, Ortolani, Piccioni, Orlandi, Bacalov, Dell'Orso. Or maybe that means nothing to the average reader.

On the other hand, having listened to a lot of what someone like Les Baxter has to offer (as entertaining as some of his seemingly unending oeuvre is), I seem to be preferring the artwork.

Baxter was an American composer, most popular in the 50s and 60s, who later rubbed shoulders with score giants like Henry Mancini and Lalo Schifrin.

Then again, Baxter’s Moog Rock album is (ludicrously) worth a listen.




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This piece by Renee Allen entitled “Jewels of the Sea” was part of a Fiberarts exhibit : “Mermaids and Merwomen in Black Folklore,” celebrating various visual histories and cultures of water goddesses that was held August 28 through October 28, 2012 at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park in Charleston, South Carolina. Displaying over 100 works of art, it was the single largest collection of mermaid-themed quilts and dolls to be housed under one roof. Even more fascinating was that the curator, Torreah “Cookie” Washington and all 66 participating artists from the United States and Canada were African-American.

For more information about “Mermaids and Merwomen in Black Folklore” exhibit, including obtaining the exhibit catalog, contact the curator, Cookie Washington at

Royal Tiara Challenge: Day 22 - Favorite Aquamarine Tiara

The Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik

The tiara and matching brooch came from the collection of Princess Margaret of Connaught, who married the future King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden. She died suddenly at the age of 38 in 1920, pregnant at the time with her sixth child, and her jewels were split between her children. The large rounded sea blue stones are each framed by diamonds and connected with delicate diamond work. The overall shape resembles the kokoshnik headdresses from Russian national dress, hence the kokoshnik name. The aquamarine set reappeared on Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha during the pre-wedding celebrations for her marriage to Margaret’s son Gustaf Adolf. Sibylla wore it from then on.

The tiara ended up with Princess Margaretha, the eldest of Sibylla and Gustaf Adolf’s five children. Margaretha married a British businessman, John Ambler, and moved to the United Kingdom. As her involvement in royal events decreased, the tiara was seen less and less. The couple’s daughter, Sibylla Ambler, wore it for her 1998 wedding, but after that it went completely unseen.

Princess Margaretha surprised us all by popping up in both the tiara and the brooch at her niece Crown Princess Victoria’s 2010 wedding! And perhaps she surprised more than just royal watchers - the original press release detailing the jewels to be worn by the family members stated that Margaretha would be wearing the Baden Fringe Tiara. The tiara still belongs to Princess Margaretha, and we’ve also seen it borrowed by her sister Princess Christina and her niece Princess Madeleine recently.

asktrollleona asked:

Paw paw paw paw. Paw. Paw. Paw. Paaaaaw. Paw paw paw paw. (Idk, hi.)

In duty’s absence Kayle often found herself drawn to the upper courtyards and spires of Demacia. The city had no shortage of overlooks and viewing platforms put aside so citizens and foreign dignitaries alike might look out across its majesty and be awestruck by the scope of their achievement. A world of gleaming marble and polished stone, shimmering in the evening sun like a gilded sea. The jewel of Valoran, they called it, an unparalleled masterpiece of planner, artisan and stonemason. The sight of it had always filled Kayle with a cloying sense of nostalgia.

If she but allowed herself to drift, to think herself elsewhere, then those distant spires might yet become an echo of fair Elysia, that amber light the ever-burning flames of the Blazing Eyrie in all its radiance. The spectre of Acheron’s Arch might rise before her, dwarfing any work of mortal hands, as the valleys that stretched beyond the white walls turned to Thallas and the Gold Counties. Her heart would swell to bursting as each new detail subsumed another inch of Valoran and left it brightened and emboldened for the change. A better world; a dearer world.

A world that faded like the early mist at dawn. A fantasy.

The sigh that escaped her was a forlorn thing, but she had not the strength to hold it back. Homesickness drew the steel from her spine and will and instead plunged it heartward, a chill rushing in to fill the space where mere moments ago there had been nought but light. Her fingers drew about the edge of balcony before her with such force that she felt as though the masonry might turn to powder within her grasp.

Then a questing paw took its place atop her own.

It was a soft and fuzzy thing, its coat the very image of that distant radiance, and with its touch came a not wholly unwelcome warmth. The tension about Kayle’s arms gently slackened as she let this new distraction draw her gaze. The look of curiosity in its eyes seemed almost human.

“I am sorry, little one,” she half sighed. “Despite these wings I am no bird. If you are hungry you will have to look elsewhere.”