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Here’s my art for @redphlox‘s beautiful resbang, The Art of Losing! Julie’s an angel for letting me experiment with animating these bits and bobs ♥♥♥ I wish I had time to give homage to the gorgeous colorfulness of Anastasia, but I suppose this’ll have to do :’)

Also check out @sojustifiable‘s amazing work: [song] [art]

bonus gif of soul being angsty under the cut:

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Jules’ Jewels - Always Lily

One thing I want to start doing is shouting out web series I really enjoy!  Hopefully this can help fans of QM shows find even more great shows to watch.  So I’m starting with the Harry Potter web series Always Lily!

This web series follows Lily Luna Potter and her cousins Rose and Hugo, vlogging from Hogwarts in the year 2024 with the help of Lily’s Muggle cousin Jackie Dursley.  It’s charming and clever, and actually feels like an addition to the Harry Potter universe.  Lily is an engaging lead, with her struggles living up to her father’s name feeling very genuine.  If you love Harry Potter, this show is for you.  Go check it out!

So writing has been on my mind a lot lately, so I've decided to make a list of 110 Unique/Uniquely spelled boy and girl names just in case anyone needs a lift with names. Enjoy!


Female Names

Amina [Ah-mean-ah]

Ambrelle [AM-br-elle]

Angelise [An-jeh-lease]

Aspen [ASS- pen]

Ashlynne [ASH- lin]

Brandie [Brand-E]


Bria [Bree-ah]

Blüme [Bloom]

Betzabeth (knew a girl with this name) [Bet-sa-beth]

Caila (Kayla)

Crista [Kr-IH-s-t-uh] 

Cadence [KAY-dense]

Casey [KAY-SEE]

Ceirra [SEE-air-uh] Bwahaha 

Danea [Duh-KNEE-uh] or [Duh-nay]

Dahlia [D-AH-LEE-ah]

Dalon [Da-lawn]

Dracie [Dray-see]

Darcy [D-ARGH-see]

Dacey [DAY-see]

Emelin [Emmy-lin]

Eimi [Amy] (Again, I know someone with this name)

Emeralda [It’s like ESmeralda without the “S”]

Ezria [Ez-REE-uh]

Farrah [Fair-uh]

Farliee [Far-lee]

Falyn [Like Jimmy Fallon]

Feiron [Fair-run]

Franklyne [Frank-lin]


Fivel [Five-ill]

Gwendolyn [Gwen-dough-lin]

Graelin [gray-lin]

Gia [GEE-ah]

Glidyn [Glide-in]

Gaea [GAY-uh]

Hailey [Hay-lee]

Haide [HI-dee] or [Heidi]

Harlin [H-ARGH-lin]


IIiya [ILL-e-uh]

Isaiely [EE-sigh-ellie]

Itza [IT’S-ah]

Jaycie [JAY-see]

Janeth [Jan-ith] 

Jaiylee [JAY-lee]

Jenabelle [Jen-ah-bell]

Kacia [KAY-shuh] (mom’s name lol she has a pretty unique name)

Karigan [Care-IH-gan]

Knightlee [Night-lee]

Karson [Car-sin] or [Carson]


Lainey [Lay-KNEE]

Liela [LIE-lah] or [Lilah]

Langley [Lang-lee]

Maribelle [Mary-bell]

Michaela [Mikayla]

Marabeth [Mare-AH-beth]

Marlow [M-ARGH-low]

Na’tara [N-UH-tar-ah]

Naveah [N-UH-vay-ah]

Nyx [Nix]

Nyla [Nye-lah]

Xyla [ZIE- lah]

Male Names

Alek [Like Dalek without the “D”]

Adonis [AH-DON-is]

Andreus [AWN-DRAY-us]

Arion [ARGH-EE-on] or [Air-EE-on]

Arland [ARGH-land]

Bryceton [B-RICE-ton]

Beckham [Like David Beckham]

Buckley [Buck-lee]

Brantley [Brant-lee]

Cairo [Kye-row]

Caspian [CASS-pee-an]

Castiel [Cass-TEE-elle] (I mean of course! I love supernatural!)

Dixon [Dick-son]

Draysen [Dray-sin]

Dyson [Die-son]


Easton [EAST-ton]

Finnley [Finn-lee]

Fulton [Full-ton]

Garland [GAR-land]

Graedon [Gray-done]

Garrison [G-AIR-ih-son]

Heller [H-EH-l-er]

Henley [Hen-lee]

Holden [HOLD-in]


Irving [Er-vee-ng]

Izaeah [Eye-ZAY-ah] or [isaiah]


Julis [Jew-L-ih-s]

Jules [Jewels]

Kadin [Kay-den]

Keaton [Key-ton]

Keighan [Key-gan]



Layth [LAY-thuh]

Layton [Lay-ton]







Xathan [ZAY-than]

he was not lost

“don’t kiss me, soma. make it fluff.”

for @redphlox ❤️

tbh I’m not sure what this is but I think I like it?

Soul wrinkles his nose and glares at Wes and submits sullenly to his mother’s doting. It’s an act, every last touch, and his cheeks hurt from how her fingers grip his jaw. Don’t kiss me, he thinks sourly, but he knows better than to say as much with so many eyes on the lost Evans boy returning to the fold.

He misses Maka already. He can’t wait to go back to Death City.

He’s too late to dodge the strange girl’s embrace, so he stiffens and turns his head away as she plants lipstick by his ear. “Soul,” she croons, and he hates the sycophantic note in her voice. “It’s so wonderful that you’re back!”

“Get off me,” he tells her shortly.

She pouts back at him. It’s an oddly self-satisfied expression, completely different from how the same expression on Maka’s face is made of honest irritation. He can see it now— she’d be wearing it if she saw the red stain on his cheek. Don’t kiss me, she’d growl, and he’d spend an evening or two braving her seething jealousy until she’d apologize for being snippy and he’d apologize that it had happened at all, and they’d forgive one another.

“You tricked me.”

Wes sighs. “I’m sorry mum found out, okay? You know how she is.”

Soul’s lips thin. Yes, he knows. His mother is of the breed of parents that snoops into everything, pulling up browser and cell phone histories obsessively. If he kept a journal, she would have studied it. In a previous era she would have read his letters. In this one she has enough determination to have made herself frighteningly technologically savvy.

Still, showcasing Soul as a missing boy returned home when she knew exactly where he was and when he is no longer a boy is grating.

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