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Brigitte Helm photographed for French silent film L'Argent, 1928

Helm is wearing jewels by Raymond Templier for her role as La Baronne Sandort in this Marcel I'Herbier film. L'Argent portrays 1920s Paris and it’s world of banking and the stock market.

Eidolon (TV-Sized) English Cover
Marcel Lumabas
Eidolon (TV-Sized) English Cover

I’m not obsessed with otome games and their openings. Nope. I deny it. I will completely and utterly quiet down any accusation to me loving otomes and their openings.

“Eidolon” - Jewelic Nightmare OP Theme
Original Singer: KENN
English Lyrics and Cover by Marcel Lumabas

Album Art from Jewelic Nightmare


Lyrics (Feel free to use) :

As the light disappears, mixing within the dark of the night
I count the seconds it takes until I become aware of your light

Taking my time again, casting my silhouette over me
I feel myself fall deep into my broken memories

Though the night sky may be ‘real’ over me
I know that this night is just a dream
Just like a gem flickering in the light
Your smile somewhere is bright tonight

I will keep praying to see you and hold you
In my arms then
When you awake to the sound of the starlight
I will come and bring you back again…