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anonymous asked:

I'm a guy and I'm planning on it as playing a pseudo corrupted Jasper any tip son the make up, wig, or on where to/or how to make the gem it would help a lot thanks

Thanks for this ask, it’s a good example of how to be specific with what you need to know without just saying “how do i be jasper”. send in another ask for more elaborate answers but here’s some first thoughts:

makeup: my personal policy is not to use water based or creme makeups below the neck. i’ve never seen anybody pull it off such that it’s comparable to the results you can get from either armsocks or PAX. here’s more on choosing body paint. here’s more on armsocks.  (here’s my jasper after 15 hours of wear, using PAX paint from the neck down and ben nye cremes on my face. i solved the white cast problem and eyebrow concealing problems on day 2, i promise :P )

see the drag tutorials post for face tips and for body sculpting, while you’re at it. basically, watch that entire list of videos for jasper, haha. 

as far as the corruption makeup, i’d make some latex appliances out of liquid latex, i think it’d be cool for them to be kind of 3D. you can make foam spikes and incorporate them into your appliance. affix appliances with pros-aide if they’re going on skin. here’s a discussion of painting latex. 

gem: cardstock (since jasper is an opaque stone this works well), made of two kites  , one for the lower two facets and one for the upper two facets. to fit mine, i just took 2 post-it notes and kept trimming until they covered as much of my nose as possible, then used these as a template (remembering to put tabs on your final pieces so you can overlap & glue them to each other)

reinforce seams with hot glue for structure (make sure you don’t disrupt the fit) then coat the inside with nail polish (NOT mod podge or other water-activated glue!!) to protect it from the moisture of your breath. paint and polish the outside using any paints and any modpodge. attach with prosthetic adhesive: pros-aide recommended. (however, Ben Nye is more forgiving for PAX body painting but that’s another beast)


  • arda luthien (or similar), white, + either another arda luthien or at least one pack of wefts. I used Jareth Longs and i recommend starting with something WITHOUT the layers pre-cut. Trim the layers yourself–i wish i had more hair up top.
  • dye all fibers with orange RIT dye for <10 seconds. test with swatches. this will give it the canon peachy tint. i used “tangerine”.
  • straighten the wig(s) in very hot water. they will likely retain just a little bit of wave, which is fine.
  • splice extra wefts into your base wig. backcomb it to HELL in layers starting from the bottom. read more here

Traditional chinese jewellry, diancui点翠. photo by 动脉影.

These are old jewels in museums so they were made of kingfisher feathers during their times. In modern times kingfisher are animals under first-class state protection in china so diancui点翠 craftwork has been replaced by others such as shaolan烧蓝, dyed goose feather, particular blue paper and blue silk.