There’s too much magic here - these beauties need homes!
From left: large raw Quartz Crystal, polished Quartz Crystal point on chunky hammered chain, Agate slice with Druzy pendant, XL Lemurian Seed Crystal, & tumbled Rutilated Quartz.
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Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer day! 🌞
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Imagine being the young daughter of Asgardian Nobility, just turned old enough to attend your first royal ball.  Your family is not very wealthy, so you wear a simple green dress.  As the other young ladies make snide comments about your lack of jewels and adornments, Prince Loki asks you to be his first dance… and every dance for the evening.  


Moi qui essaie modestement de crocheter, je peux vous dire que le travail de , est absolument incroyable. En plus, c'est doublement beau : l'assemblage des couleurs, les compositions sont assez géniales je trouve (et c'est rare de voir de jolis bijoux en crochet !), mais l'histoire derrière est également très jolie ; en effet, il s'agit d'une histoire de famille, avec la grand-mère turque qui chapeaute tout ça, avec ses filles et petits-fils. Un savoir-faire ancien et des idées neuves. Une histoire de fil, de fils, de filiation.


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Finally, the sun blessed us with some of its beauty and we were able to take some photographs of our new Hairwraps. If you’re thinking of making a purchase for any of our jewellery or treasures, please don’t forget, we now have a permanent discount code for all of the beauties of tumblr, you can receive 10% off with the code “EUPHORIC”. There’s also a heap of new vegan friendly jewellery online now aswell! (Because animal love is super important, too!)