Item: Amulet of Proof Against Proof Against ___; when making attacks of the type indicated, the amulet negates any special resistance the target may have.

  • Green: Acid
  • Light Blue: Cold
  • Bronze: Bludgeoning
  • Red: Fire
  • Orange: Force
  • Lavender: Lightning
  • Black: Necrotic
  • White: Piercing
  • Purple: Poison
  • Pink: Psychic
  • Yellow: Radiant
  • Silver: Slashing
  • Dark Blue: Thunder

Okay so, just a heads up. Someone from the WotC’s legal department contacted me through Etsy about copyright issues regarding the Ravnica pendants. I’ll be changing the names to something less on-the-nose but they will still be searchable by the guild names so you won’t have to worry about that.

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✨Sterling Silver Labradorite necklaces✨

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