Okay so when we first moved to this area last year, I joined some of the local fb groups. This lady in the sales groups always posts the most gorgeous vintage furniture that she restores. One day I contacted her about a small table and lamp- both perfect for taking pictures for my shop. So we meet up, I pay her and get my stuff. We chatted a little bit and talked about our businesses. I make jewelry, she restores vintage furniture. I think to myself “hm, we should be friends. She doesn’t seem to be too much older than me, she’s probably in her late 20s, early 30s at the latest” (everyone around here is retired and in their 60s and 70s so I haven’t really found people to connect with)
But I end up kind of forgetting and never talking to her again
Then last month I bumped into her at the post office. She remembered me and she asked me about my jewelry again. I was really surprised that she remembered and I almost didn’t even recognize her. But we chatted again. When I got home, I finally decided I should add her on fb and maybe we can be friends. So I did.

So then today I finally clicked on her about page and saw she has 2 daughters who are on fb.
One is in college.
In college!!!
What!! How on earth is she old enough for it to be biblically possible for her to have a daughter in college? I’m so surprised bahahah