Now Pre-ordering for custom jewelry!

Recently I posted cardboard prototypes of the jewelry seen above and I’m now gearing up for the real product. Since I need to make several of these at the same time, I’m now taking pre-orders.

 I’m hoping to create these pendants in either sterling silver or stainless steel. Custom spirit pendants will have a small gemstone of your choice. The other symbols are sigil charms/pendants meant to help you through your daily life. They also will be reiki charged and activated with it’s intention. The image above is just a reference of what it will look like when you see it but there is no guarantee that the finish will look the same (since it is a digital reproduction after all). 

The price will be $25-50 depending on what you want to order (this includes shipping costs). You can order necklaces, earrings, charms and bracelets! If there is something else that you want made of your spirit or sigil, I can make a truly custom order just for you! 

How to pre-order

Send an email to with the subject as “Jewelry Pre-order”

Include your:

  • First and Last name and email (for Paypal purposes)
  • Preferred Name (so I know what to call you)
  • Tumblr url (Have your ask box open)
  • What you want
  • If there is any information about your spirit you would like to share. (this is if you want a custom spirit pendant)
  • Gemstone (for custom spirit pendant)
  • Shipping Address
Please use the form above! It makes it easier to organize!

You will not be billed until I give you a cost estimate. 

The time-frame it will take to have these all completed will be about 2-4 weeks. If it comes any sooner I will be sure to send them right away. :) 

If I need any more information, I will be sure to email you!

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