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Literally Nothing Phases Newt

Honestly Newt could be halfway down a dragon’s gullet and Credence would hear a [muffled but enthusiastic] voice like “No need to worry Credence, I’ve got everything under control!” 

Credence is like “How do I not worry, you’re being EATEN BY A DRAGON??

And Newt says “Worrying means you suffer twice!”


@trenonny replied to your postsend us some sterek prompts, we is bored and…

One is a street hustler who specializes in three card monty and/or pickpocketing. The other is the person who ALWAYS somehow sees sees through the card swapping or catches them in the process of stealing - but never turns them in. Intrigue and interest ensue?

I only know of the three card monte trick because of Leverage, so this became a sorta Parker!Stiles, Sophie!Derek, and Hardison!Lydia thing (knowing of the show is not necessary to understanding this) (also, this video of the trick blew my mind)

Stiles takes great pleasure in swindling businessmen of all their money.  

Some people call him a hustler—often right after throwing the contents of their wallet at him and storming off—some say he’s an outright thief.  But Stiles doesn’t force people to give him their money, he doesn’t pick pockets (well, anymore), he’s just very smart about what he does.

Lets just say he’s his own kind of businessman.  The people swarm to him, willingly, and he graciously takes them for all the cash they’ve got on them.

Right now, a crowd’s gathered, attracted by his best friend—and inside woman extraordinaire—Lydia, loosing terribly at the Three-card Monte.  

Stiles throws the cards around the table, and the crowd easily follows the queen of hearts around, while Lydia pretends to fumble, and obviously picks the wrong card, to the muttering of the businessmen gathered around her.  A few of them snort, and brag that they could do a much better job.  Hook, line, and sinker.

Lydia winks at Stiles, and dumps a wad of cash on his upturned milk crate, before flouncing off.  The businessmen eye it up like it’s easily attainable manna from heaven, before pushing at each other, eager for a turn.

Stiles looks around the crowd for the richest, cockiest looking man.  Instead he spots, out of the corner of his eye, an atypically dressed guy.  The guy is downright gorgeous—all big hazel eyes, dark scruff, and muscles draped in coveralls, a baseball hat with the logo of a local museum, balanced on his head—his name tag declares him Miguel.  

He’s not Stiles’ usual spectator.  Miguel’s standing off to the side, a sly grin on his lips, almost like he knows, but since he isn’t giving the game up, Stiles lets him be.  

He licks his lips.  Miguel is a tall drink of water, but Stiles has a job to do.  He turns back to his game, and picks a man in a Hugo Boss suit, waving around his wallet like an idiot.

Unsurprisingly, twenty minutes and a few businessmen later, Stiles is counting out a few hundred dollar bills, and the hot guy in coveralls seems to have disappeared into the crowd.  Too bad, Stiles wouldn’t have minded his number.

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My edit - Klaroline & Kennett Double Date 

The one where Kol lands himself a date with a lovely woman by the name of Bonnie Bennett. The only problem is that he promised a guy’s night out with Klaus. Good thing she’s got a blonde companion to keep Nik distracted, Kol thought. Little did either of the Mikaelson brothers know - the two women smiling at them from across the room were the top con-artists in the country.  

“I hear you two got yourselves dates tonight,” Katherine smirked, knowing what Bonnie really had planned for them. 

“Yes. Thank you so much for that, Bonnie,” Caroline chided as she held up her drink towards the two men who were standing by the bar, waiting for them. She couldn’t believe she had to waste a perfectly good night out with those oafs. The things she did for her friends, she sighed. “Is this going to be like what happened in New Orleans with The Homecoming Job?”

“Of course not. That was just a grab-and-go thing,” Bonnie replied, smiling thinly at Kol. “This isn’t just a petty jewel heist, Care. This one’s more like The San Lorenzo Job." 

Knowing the men were watching, Caroline tried her best to hold back her surprise. "That took us months,” she scolded. Caroline didn’t like the idea of having to spend any more time with these men than necessary. Especially that Klaus character. Judging by the way he kept smiling at her, Caroline knew he was more trouble than he was worth.

“Like I said, this involves more than just walking away with a jewelry vault.” Bonnie shrugged. “Besides, you'll thank me once we get access to their private island.”

“Private island?” Caroline arched an eyebrow. That certainly piqued her interest. 

“Just a fraction of what the Mikaelson heirs have to offer.” Bonnie smirked.

Caroline simply nodded and clinked her drink with Bonnie’s. “Well then - here’s to the Mikaelson Job.” (x)

Chapter Fifty Two Part One

Harry’s eyes swung straight to Alex when she stepped into the doorway of her bedroom with a small smile on her lips, watching him as he relaxed on her bed, her eyes bright and full of love.

“She’s asleep,” she said with a bit of a chuckle. “Passed right out. I think all of the excitement got to her.”

“Yeah?” He chuckled when she nodded slowly and then he held out his hand for her. “Come here.”

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