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Sonic Character's Bedrooms
  • Sonic: Really sloppy. Socks, shoes, and gloves piled in the corner. Amy bought the furniture. Pictures of friends taped to the wall. Somewhat childish.
  • Tails: Has a bunk bed where the bottom bunk is a desk. Desk covered with inventions. Blueprints taped to the wall. Computer in corner. Messy. Kid's bedroom furniture.
  • Amy: Pink and pastel. Cute, girly furniture. Neat. Has a makeup stand with jewelry and make-up. Walk-in closet for dresses (and Sonic shrine.)
  • Shadow: Simple metal-frame bed. Very organized. Scratchy sheets. Alcohol on nightstand. Drab colors. Closet probably hides a gun. So does the nightstand.
  • Rouge: Classy bedroom. Fairly organized. Silk sheets. Has a boudoir with gems in it. Vanity with make up. Dark colors. Mood lighting somewhere.
  • Knuckles: Artifacts decorate the room. Punching bag and weights in the corner. Comfy bed. Two pillows. Non-fluffy comforter. Surprisingly organized.
  • Silver: Light-colored walls. Really comfy bed with a lot of pillows and a big fluffy comforter. Very neat. Has an art desk. String lights across the headboard.
  • Blaze: Bed with a canopy. Keeps jewelry on her nightstand along with her contacts. Expensive looking furniture bought for little. Nice place to be alone.
  • Vector and Espio: Share a bedroom. And a bunk bed. Vector's bed is always untidy. Espio's is always made. Vector's clothes in the corner. Espio has burning incense to improve smell.
  • Eggman: Tacky. Overly gaudy decor. Is kept neat but only because of robot servants. TV is always on to see if he's on the news. Medication is on the dresser.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them → Newt Scamander’s frown

The Niffler is standing in a shop window. In order to hide, it is emulating a jewelry stand, little arms outstretched, covered in diamonds.Newt stares at the Niffler in disbelief. Sensing Newt’s stare, the Niffler slowly turns.The two of them made eye contact.

Finn rant

Okay, here goes. I wanted to take the time to summarize everything that I hate about the Star Wars fandom and it’s treatment of Finn. This is all stuff that has annoyed and in some cases offended me that I’ve had to look at for well over  a year since joining this fandom. This is also everything that I’ve felt like I had to keep my mouth shut about because it seems like most people in the Star Wars fandom have no problem whatsoever with.

If you disagree with me, that’s great, and feel free to message me why. If you feel offended, then unfollow me, because that’s what I’ve been trying to do for over a year.


So the other day, a dear friend of mine told me that the finnreyfridays one-shot we were working on was sexist. Like actually sexist. Do you know why they told me it was sexist? Allow me to answer the question for you.

They told me it was sexist because the plot included Finn saving Rey. That’s why. I didn’t turn Rey into a helpless damsel-in-distress, I didn’t write Rey as a slutty scavenger who flirts with every guy she sees.

I wrote Rey as a skilled Jedi who was ambushed by Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren on a mission, and simply needed help. That’s it. It’s not an unrealistic situation at all, and Rey still got the upper hand on Kylo Ren. She was in danger and outnumbered, and Finn showed up and helped her.

And it’s became very clear to me that it offended my friend for one reason. That reason was that by simply because my having Finn rescue Rey, I apparently shattered Rey’s character and turned her into a helpless damsel-in-distress….

A few weeks ago there was photoset made by @shropshiregirl79 for finnreyfridays. It was a daily planet au with Finn as superman and Rey as Lois Lane. One of the pictures showed Rey in danger and Finn rescuing her, carrying her in his arms. Someone got mad about that and said they made Rey into a damsel-in-distress. 

Another situation arose where someone posted artwork of Finn and Rey as an old-style movie, with Finn a detective pointing a gun at someone while Rey clung to him. Once again, someone got mad and said it turned Rey into a damsel-in-distress. 

It’s become so taboo in this fandom just to have Finn saving, or even protecting Rey without people (probably white feminists) getting mad at it. Why is that? Is Finn’s only role only to be put in peril for Rey to rescue?

And if you’re one of the people who gets mad about that, let me ask you a question.
Would you be mad if it was Finn?


Here’s the deal. I joined the fandom well over a year ago. I can safely say I’ve read about

thirty to forty fics

where at some point,

Finn is inevitably captured or put in peril, and rescued by Rey or Poe.

I’ve seen

finnrey shippers

who supposedly love and appreciate Finn, joke around and call

Finn a damsel-in-distress (or trooper-in-distress)

and talk about how Rey does nothing but save him over and over, and everyone laughs and jokes about it.

I’ve read fics where on the off-chance that Finn does risk his life to save Rey, he gets criticized for it because he was being

RECKLESS and Rey HAD IT UNDER CONTROL. Seriously? Finn can’t even save Rey without it involving him being stupid or catching hell or it? 

It’s always, “Finn why did you do that?! You could’ve died!” instead of “Wow Finn thank you for saving me, I’m glad you’re okay. That was pretty brave.”

But nope. Can’t even have that. 

I’ve read fics where Finn is flat out tied up and gagged.

I’ve read a fics where Finn is captured, beaten, stripped down and hosed and left in a cell shivering in the corner helpless, wishing that Rey or Poe was there to save him (but it’s okay because ta-da they come to his rescue).

I’ve read a fic where the entire thing was just worshiping Rey. Literally. It’s Poe’s pov during a battle, and Finn is basically getting beat up and dragged away by stormtroopers, by the way that’s his entire role in the fic, just to get his ass kicked. He doesn’t do anything else.
So Finn’s getting beat up, and the rest of the fic is Poe being completely ENAMORED left in AWE by Rey’s amazing flawless skills fighting through the stormtroopers and kicking ass left and right and looking SOOO beautiful and graceful with her lightsaber and she rescues Finn and Poe thanks her and thanks her over and over again. 

That’s the entire fic. Kissing Rey’s ass and kicking Finn’s. And guess what? The readers ate that shit up. They loved it. 

So let me sum it up again. Finn can get beat up by stormtroopers, captured thousands of times, stripped, tortured, hosed down, and left shivering in a corner basically crying for Poe and Rey like bait, and people say that they appreciate Finn’s character for this? This is okay to everyone?

Yet if I write a one shot where Rey is outnumbered, defeats Kylo Ren but is then outnumbered and Finn comes to save her, then I’m destroying Rey’s character? Then I don’t appreciate her character? Then the entire one-shot is sexist garbage based on turning Rey into a damsel in distress?

Apparently so. Thanks fandom. 

Again, I’ve been putting up with this for over a year, and it took a lot of time for me to actually muster up the courage to rant about it. If this offends you, you’re probably apart of the problem.

Finnamon Roll?

Okay, another major trend I’m sick of is the constant EMASCULATION OF FINN. 
Let me sum up Finn’s character.  He suffers from trauma. He was taken away as a baby and raised to be a ruthless killing machine. He endured 20+ years of brainwashing, propaganda, and conditioning. He had no friends whatsoever (SLIP WAS NOT HIS FRIEND). He was the best stormtrooper cadet in his unit. He almost never missed a shot with a blaster. He was an outcast, and constantly criticized for having a heart.

In TFA, he suffers from trauma, is still an expert shot with a blaster, rescues Poe, keeps Rey from getting shot by stormtroopers, makes a tough decision to leave Rey because he knows what the First Order is capable of, and even begs her to come with him. He comes right back into the fight after seeing Hosnian Prime get destroyed, and is witnesses Rey get kidnapped by his worst nightmare. 
What does he do? He decides to help the Resistance, gives them vital information that only HE knew, volunteers to go to SKB. Captures Phasma and forces her at gunpoint to lower the shields, helps Rey escape from SKB, witnesses Han’s murder, watches Rey get slammed into a tree, before making the final decision to stand up to his worst nightmare, knowing he might die just to protect Rey. His last line in the entire movie is “Come get it.”

After summarizing his character, how come all I see on tumblr is “awwwwww look at my cute smol wittle Finny. He’s so harmless and adorable!!!” Like…excuse me? Is that all tumblr was able to get from that movie? So let me get this straight. Because Finn isn’t a cold-blooded murderer, he’s suddenly nothing but a squishy pile of hearts and flowers and sugar  who couldn’t hurt a fly? Really?

How come in most highschool aus, Finn’s portrayed as an overly-meek or powerless nerd? If anything, Finn would probably be a pretty strong guy who gets straight As and stands up for his friends no matter what. But that doesn’t mean he’s a bully either. 

This is what the fandom does with his character, instead of exploring the endless possibilities with his backstory and trauma. AND on the off-chance that someone writes an actual Finn-centric fic based on his backstory, it’s always just Finn and his stormtrooper buddies having a romance or exploring sex for some reason. We can’t even have a Finn story without it circulating around people he knows. It’s always about someone else at the end of the day.

What’s heartbreaking is that most of the things I’m complaining about happens in the stormpilot and finnrey ships (this is where I expect people to unfollow me). Like come on guys. I could see r/eylos doing this, but not you guys. You’re so much better than that. 

Space Prince Finn (More Emasculation)

Look, when I first heard the idea of Finn being a lost Prince, I was stoked. I was blown away. My reaction was,”Finally! This fandom’s actually given Finn something of his own! He could be royalty! How dope would that be!”

But…of course, this fandom has to take that amazing concept and uh…

Well, we ruined that too. We basically turn Finn into a jewelry stand, and a makeup model. Of course, I’m not saying men can’t wear what they want. If a man wants to wear makeup or wear jewelry, that’s completely fine and I encourage that. But here’s the issue. 

We constantly idolize Princess Leia and Queen/Senator Amidala because they are figures of royalty who can fight and take care of themselves, as well as look badass while they do it. 

So why is it that when we have Prince Finn, he’s once again, emasculated, put in dresses and given nail polish, lipstick, doused in glitter, and turned into a damsel-in-distress who not only needs constant rescue once again, but this time needs Rey/Poe as a bodyguard to protect him?

It’s a double standard. I’m sorry but you can’t praise Leia and Padme for being badass royals who don’t need protection, and turn around and make Finn the opposite. 

And again, it’s something that the fandom eats up for some reason. We’ll shun the Hutt-Slayer bikini (rightfully so. it’s disgusting), make it a point to make fun of the hutt-slayer bikini and constantly criticize it, yet draw Finn in it and everyone thinks it’s cute and hilarious. This is the shit that I’m sick of. 

Look at T’Challa, otherwise known as Black Panther. He is royalty, but he’s also very powerful, knows how to fight, is an amazing fighter, and is taken seriously. Very seriously. He is strong, brave, serious, and intimidating, yet he’s not a bully or a stereotype. 

THIS. THIS is what I expected Prince Finn to be. This is what Prince Finn would be if it were canon. He’d be a strong leader, handsome, noble, powerful, and intimidating. And he wouldn’t need constant protection from Rey and/or Poe. Especially not this constant emasculation and woobifying. 

We live in a day and age where Princesses are being portrayed as stronger and stronger, and are told that they can rescue themselves. So why is Finn being treated the opposite? Why is Finn being treated like he’s just there to look pretty for commissions and make out with Poe? Why does he need all-powerful Rey to always protect him? Why can’t he be taken more seriously?

I want you to think about this.


Okay. This was a lot to cover, and it’s something that’s been nagging at me for a while now. Look. I look up to Finn. I really do. He’s my hero. He’s the first main black lead in Star Wars, and that means the world to me. I want to see him grow and be appreciate and given an epic role moving forward, and I feel like the Star Wars fandom isn’t the place I’m going to find any of that. 

Not a day goes by where I’m not tempted to deactivate and walk away from the fandom entirely. There’s just too much shit Finn is put through that drives me insane. There’s too many things that I look at or read that make me feel like this fandom will never actually appreciate Finn the way the he deserves to be appreciated. Even the people who say that they love Finn tend to do this.

So I wanted to write this rant in case I ever deactivate because of this fandom. Just so you, the readers, can know why.

Thanks for reading. Means a lot. If you’re still wondering when the One-Shot is coming out, probably next week. I have to finish it on my own. 













aggressive-kagehinas  asked:

I have no idea of this has been answered already or not but. In the Mafia AU, what exactly did Otabek go to prison for??

Okay, this is something I was cagey about and sat on for a long time but I think I’m just going to say it now, aaaaaaa!!

Otabek has never been rich, and even now compared to Yuri who he looks after all day, he pales in comparison. Yuri has diamond chokers and fur blankets on his bed, Otabek has one good suit and a single shattered mirror in his bathroom. It doesn’t concern him now, but when he was younger it did, although not for the usual reasons. His father had fallen ill and was unable to support the family, or get the treatment needed. Every day after his underpaid teenage gig, Otabek would walk home past the houses of people with far more than they could ever need and back to his family trying to make any end meet at all. It pissed him off, to see his own family suffering while those bougie scum threw out their excess. 
When things took a turn for the worse for his family, Otabek made a plan - take what he needed from these families and sell it off to help his own. They’d probably never even notice things missing.

But the best laid plans always fall apart. He and his friends didn’t account for the family they picked to be home – Otabek had been sure they were going on vacation. They didn’t account for the dog. They didn’t account for the police arriving so quick. And Otabek certainly didn’t account for his friends to turn tail on him the second things went sour, leaving him alone standing there, jewelry in hand under the flashlight of the police, bleeding from his eyebrow where the mother had smashed him across the face with a vase after finding him.

After that, his family fell apart further - with Otabek sent to prison, his father became too sick and eventually died. His mother estranged herself from Otabek, angry at his foolish choice, blaming him for both his fathers eventual death because of his greed and the fracture in their family. Only his sister stuck by him after that, visiting him from time to time, his only connection to the outside world and family.

So… to answer your question tldr, robbery and home invasion.

Finally - Daryl Dixon


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Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Type: Small Amount of Angst/Fluff

Setting: Alexandria Era/Pre-Negan

Warning: Cursing, idk what else (Please message me if you spot any)

*not my gif*

Originally posted by onlydarylnormanfic

It’s a hot, bright day in Alexandria. The sun was beating down in the small community as the people worked in the baking heat, drenched in sweat. As you trotted down the steps of your shared home with Abraham and Rosita, you see Daryl Dixon, helping load up for a run. His toned arms were glistening in the sun with sweat, his angel wing vest hanging loosely on his torso. You bite your lip as you take in his appearance. 

You had been with the group before Rick joined. Since the very beginning you had an attraction to Daryl. Something in the way he moved just made your body ache for him. But, life being its unfair self, you two ended up as friends and nothing more. You had hoped and prayed every time you saw him for him to grab your face and kiss your lips and hold you, but obviously that wasn’t happening any time soon.

“You know,” Maggie said, joining your side, “staring ain’t gonna do nothing.”

Exactly! you’re right. I’m gonna go up to him right now and profess my love to him and we can run off into the sunset together,” you said sarcastically, rolling your eyes as Maggie laughed next to you.

“Don’t think thats the best idea. You wouldn’t make it a mile without being fronted by walkers,” she giggled.

“Well there goes my plan, guess I can’t do anything about it now,” You said shortly, walking up the steps to your house. Maggie followed you and grabbed your arm, stopping you.

“Well, talking to him might be a start,” Maggie said, serious now.

“Now you see my problem. I can’t just talk to him without making a fool of myself,” you sigh, running your fingers through your hair.

“I can solve that,” Maggie smirked. You opened your mouth to protest, but Maggie was quick. 

“Daryl!” Maggie said, hopping down the steps. The man turned and started walking over to you as you crossed your arms tightly over your chest and walked down the steps. Your eyes focused on a pebble on the ground as he got nearer. 

“Hey, I’m not feeling that great, so I don’t think I can go on that run. But my good friend Y/N here has offered to go in my place,” Maggie said, a smile playing on her lips. Her hand patted your shoulder as you took in a breath and looked up, meeting eyes with the beautiful man. 

“Yeah, I can go in Maggie’s place. Only if its okay with you. I don’t want to-” You rambled on as Maggie’s grip tightened on your shoulder. You got the message and finished, “overstep.”

“Yeah, sure. We leave in a few minutes.” He said simply and nodded, walking away.

As soon as he was far enough away, you turned to Maggie, throwing her hand off your shoulder. 

“What the fuck was that!” You said, nearly yelling.

“Hey you should be thanking me!”

Thanking you? I’m going to embarrass myself!”

“I can’t help that I’m not feeling well,” She said, forcing herself to do the fakest cough you have ever seen. You playfully push her shoulder.

“You should go get ready. I don’t want to keep you from him,” Maggie smiles. You shout a profanity at her as she walks down the steps and walks away.

You walk into the house and into your bathroom. You look in the mirror and splash some water onto your face and run a hand through your tangled hair. You walk down the steps and grab a gun from the armory, then head to the car. 

Spencer is standing outside the car with Carol at his side. Daryl approaches from a building and asks what the plan is.

“Well we just need basic supplies and I was told there was a place a few miles South that will have what we need,” Rick explains. You all nod, then open the door to the backseat, and crawl in. You sit next to Carol behind the driver seat and Rick drives with Daryl in the passenger seat. You can’t help yourself when you see Daryl sitting there, messing with something on his crossbow. Carol coughs and you look at her. She’s smirking at you, but you just bashfully smile and look down, your hair hiding your flushed cheeks. 

When all of you reach the spot, you see it is a run down supermarket. You get out from the car and Rick loads his gun and speaks.

“I say we split up,” Rick says, giving Daryl a second list. “I’ll go with Y/N, Daryk go with Carol.”

You groan on the inside, but nod on the outside. Fate just wasn’t on your side. Your gun is at the ready as you enter the store. You and Rick go to one side of the rather large store as Carol and Daryl go to the other side. 

The first thing on Rick’s list was blankets, so you head to that part of the store, which just happens to be next to the clothes. You look around, making sure there are no walkers, and grab a bag.

“Since we’re already here, I’m going to grab some new clothes. Im running low because most of my clothes have been ripped. Can’t seem to remember why,” You say, and Rick laughs along with you.

You start throwing random shirts that look your size into a bag and you see a necklace on a jewelry stand. You grab your gun and walk over to it. It’s a small, thin chain with a small arrow on it. You reach to take it off the stand, but out of no where a walker had tackled you from behind. You screamed, falling onto the ground with the walker on top of you. The walker goes limp on top of you as Rick stabs it. He bends down to push it off of you as you breathe hard. Rick offers you his hand and you take it, standing up. You lock eyes with the tall man. He lets go of your hand after while and you cast your eyes back towards the necklace that is now still clutched in your hand. As Rick tries to walk away you stop him.

“Hey,” you say and he turns around. “Can you put this necklace on me real quick?” You ask, holding the necklace out. He puts his gun in the waistband of his pants and smiles.

“Sure thing,” he says, sauntering over to you. He grabs the necklace from your hand and wraps it around your neck, clasping it in the back. You turn to face him and say a ‘thanks’, before Rick chuckles.

“You’ve got a big of walker goo on your face,” he laughs, reaching for your face. He puts his hands on either side of your face as you laugh with him.

“Gross! Get it off me!” You smile, glad there is some time in this dark world where you can actually laugh.

He wipes the walker goo off your face as you hear footsteps running. You turn and turn to see Daryl and Carol appear out of an aisle and Daryl’s eyes fall onto you and Ricks compromising position. 

“Sorry, we heard a scream and didn’t know what it was…” Carol says as you jump apart from Rick.

“No it’s okay, we were just about done anyways, what about you?” Rick asks Carol. You block out their voices as you see Daryl’s eyes boring into you.

“Good, then lets head out,” Rick says. You tear your eyes from Daryl and grab your bag of clothes, slinging it over your shoulder. 

You head out of the store, trailing a bit behind, walking with Rick. A few feet in front of you, you see Daryl and Carol in a deep conversation. You see Carol smile at him and it makes your insides burn. You hated seeing him with some other girl. You wanted to be the one laughing with him. You wanted to be the one walking with him. You wanted to be the one with him, quite simply.

When you got home, you were sitting on the bed, holding the charm on your necklace between your thumb and forefinger. You sighed and stood up, walking out of the house. You decided that if fate wasn’t on your side, you were going to put it on your side. 

You walk to Carols house and walk up the steps to her front door, and before you could knock, the door opens and there stands Daryl. You two stare at each other for a moments before he takes in a breath as if to say something, but just brushes past you and down the steps. You exhale and shake your head, walking in her house and calling her name.

“Hey, Y/N what’s up?” she asks and you close the door. 

“Carol, I have a problem. And I thought I would come to you because you probably know what to say but I understand if-” You’re cut off by Carol smiling.

“You’re in love with Daryl,” She states, chuckling.

“What- Where- How did you-” You trip over words.

“Oh Y/N,” She says, placing her hands on your shoulders, “Sweet, wonderful Y/N, you do realize Daryl just came in here all in a hissy because he was worried you were in love with Rick?”

“Wait what?” You ask.

“Honey, he is hopelessly in love with you. If you haven’t noticed by now, you must be blind, deaf, and stupid,” she laughs, “And funny thing is, he obviously hasn’t picked up on how much you practically drool over him, which makes him also blind, deaf, and stupid.”

“He likes me?” You ask, your heart racing.

“More like in love. He has been since I can remember. Now if you are still not going to make the move, I will gladly,” she says.

“No way in hell I’m making the first move! What if he doesn’t like me anymore because he thinks I like Rick? What if he just isn’t into me anymore?” You ramble on.

“Fine then, stay here,” Carol says, walking out the door. She opens the door and lo and behold, Daryl is standing at the bottom of the steps, staring up at Carol. She walks down the steps, grabs him by his vest, and shoves him into the house. I stare at him as he stares at me. Both of our eyes are locked on each other. Unmoving. 

“Now, I’m going to leave. And when I do, will you two please just kiss or something? Or profess your undying love? This game you two play is so damn tiring,” she states, closing the door and leaving. It’s silent for a few moments before Daryl walks over to right in front of you. You look up at him, eyes moving slowly to his lips. You cup his face and throw your lips onto his. His lips move beautifully with yours as his hands cup your face.

“Thought you were with Rick.” He said, breaking the kiss.

“I’ve always liked you. Ever since the beginning. I thought you weren’t into me,” you breathed.

“I never thought I would get to kiss you,” he whispers.

“Well shut up and do it again,” You smile as he leans in again to meet his lips yo yours.

From in the house, you can hear Maggie shouting ‘finally’ outside as she looked inside through the open window and saw you and Daryl.

The same word was running through your mind. Finally.

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The Descendant Materialization (Barry Allen x Reader)

Rating: G

Summary: In a universe where you, the Reader, are National City’s very own Supergirl (and dating the ever-dashing Flash), a surprise arises when one of your descendants accidentally travels back in time to your present day…

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Circumstance (Part 4)

Sorry for the wait! I made it extra long though ;)

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Rowaelin daughter x Feysand son

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5 Part 6

When Ember wakes up the next day, there is almost no one on the street outside the window. The sun is only just raising above the mountainous skyline and from what Feyre told her last night, she’s sure that morning is probably the slowest time in the Night Court. Carefully, Ember folds the nice smelling blanket and sets it on the meticulous bed that she hasn’t even sat on yet.

Pulling some fresh clothes out of her suitcase, Ember puts her hair up and glances in the mirror once. It was nearing winter in Terrasen when she left so her collection of clothes are mostly long-sleeved and warm. In Velaris however, it seems incredibly warm outside, and Ember knows that she will probably have to find something else to wear.

Only Feyre, Rhysand, and the Morrigan are downstairs, all chatting around the island in the kitchen. “Good morning, Ember,” Rhys greets when he sees her hesitating in the doorway. His eyes meet hers and Ember has to take a step back in surprise. Having the dream so recently brought the violet color to the forefront of her mind and she is shocked to see such similar orbs in real life for the first time. Rhys’ eyes however, are just off, the ones in her dream just a bit more blue than his.

The adults don’t seem to notice her shock, however, and the Morrigan skitters over to her excitedly. “Time for a girls day out!” She exclaims, looping her arm through Ember’s elbow. The girl stares at her, wide-eyed.

“Don’t break her, Mor, her parents expect her home in one piece.” Rhys reminds his cousin with a small smirk.

The Morrigan winks. “No promises.” It does not help Ember’s nervousness.

“Have fun!” Feyre calls as the woman pulls Ember out of the room.

The Morrigan is practically skipping as they make their way onto the sparse street. “We’ll grab some food on the way to the tailor.” She tells Ember.

“The tailor, Morrigan?” The princess wonders, barely able to keep up with the woman’s fast pace.

The Morrigan groans. “Do not call me that. It’s just Mor.” Ember nods. “We gotta get you some Night Court attire or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Everyone already knows that a princess is visiting, we don’t need them all staring at your clothes too.”

Ember’s face heats. She looks down at her clothes and compares it to the people around her, realizing that her tunic and thick pants really do contrast with the thin and baggy attire of others. “Well, um, okay…”

“Great! I know just the place.”

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Cat Cafe - Todoroki x fem!reader

I couldn’t really get myself to write anything else gomen. But I have more time this week to actually write?? I only have to work three days thank the gods ahhh. I meant to upload this waaaaaay earlier but I was freaking out bc my homework online was being stupid and I couldn’t find all questions I needed to answer. Rip, i guess I’ll die. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! (I swear my faves and cats are my aesthetic ahhh)

Words: 2,170

You were way too excited for your own good. And I mean, strangely excited to the point where you found yourself not being able to sleep the night before. You tossed and turned for what seemed like ages until you decided to play some sort of weird game of switching between the same three apps on your phone before you decided to just get up and accept your sleepless fate. This happened a lot, whether it was for a good reason or out of anxiety for a test, you never found yourself to be able to keep still and prevent your thoughts from straying endlessly.

After getting out of bed you found yourself stumbling into your kitchen and lazily flicking on the lights. It took you a second to contemplate the choices before of what to make yourself to eat. Looking at the clock you saw it to be roughly close to six in the morning. You wouldn’t be meeting your boyfriend for another three hours so wasn’t like you didn’t have time contemplate what to do. To be honest you were seriously thinking of texting him to see if was awake, but knowing how much of a light sleeper he was you’d just be waking him up. You opted to just make yourself a cup of tea or really just anything warm at this point.

While waiting for your dumb drink to finish cooling down you shuffled over to the tv and turned it on. The blaring noise of the tv startled you considerably and you rushed to fumble with the remote to turn it down. Your face was flushed slightly from your own embarrassment despite the fact that you were alone and the feeling of adrenaline rushed through you. Well, there was no way you could go back to sleep now. You strolled back into the kitchen and got your drink along with some sort of snack before heading back into your living room and plopped down on the couch.

Just as you had gotten comfortable you heard a knock on your door. You squinted out of confusion but got up and made your way to the door nonetheless. When you opened the door you were surprised to see your boyfriend standing there, looking a little disheveled, or as disheveled as a pretty boy like him could look. His hair looked a little bit more ruffled and out of place than usual but it honestly made him look even more charming. You also noticed his eyes betrayed some sort of vague tiredness that you weren’t extremely used to seeing.

“Shouto? What are you doing here?” You asked quickly moving out of the way to let him in.

“I had a feeling you’d be up this early.” He replied in his usual tone. “Did you not get my text?”

“Uh… no?” You squeaked out before rushing to look at your phone on the kitchen table. Sure enough there were a few unread texts from your boyfriend. You felt a little embarrassed.

There was a groan from you as you locked your phone and rested your head against his shoulder. He gave you a quizzical look and went to comfort you by giving you a few reassuring pats on your back.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said with a small chuckle. “It worked out anyways.”

“It’s because you know me so well.” You said with a fake sentimental sniffle. “I’m so proud.”

You couldn’t see but he made a sort of lost expression on his face before he realized you weren’t actually about to cry. Sometimes he couldn’t tell with you… One time you had burst into tears after seeing a miniature fake cup of coffee in one of those new jewelry stands at the mall and it nearly gave him a heart attack. You were probably going to pull the same thing today since the two of you were going to a cat cafe after weeks of you trying to set up a day to go.

He felt you shift and go to give him a hug to which he went to return, although he was a little surprised by your sudden gesture. You buried your face in his shoulder and let out a small content sigh after inhaling his scent. He always smelled like something refreshing like mint or eucalyptus… It made you question whether or not you should start being one of those people who pretty much bathed in rose water so you could smell like some sort of spa goddess. But to be honest you didn’t have time to be the self care deity you’ve always wanted to be because of school, seeing how you barely had time to fit even this date into both of your schedules.

“It’s nice to see you this early without it being something related to school.” You murmured, squeezing him a little tighter. He returned your affection wholeheartedly before he pressed a kiss to your temple.

“Yeah, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to hold you like this, too.” Shouto replied quietly.

The two of you stood like that for a little bit longer, trying to make up for lost time during the semester. But you’d need a different day for the other sort of attention the two of you had been craving. You parted and went to look at your phone again. A little time had passed, but not enough so that you could head out early. At least now you could chug the rest of your drink and scarf down our choice of snack so you could get out of your pajamas. You were sure you looked like a right mess considering you hadn’t changed or even washed your face. Walking over you picked up your now slightly warm drink and chugged about half of it. It didn’t really taste that great now that it had been sitting there for a little bit.

“You can change the channel, I need to get ready anyways.” You offered to your boyfriend while swirling the contents of your drink.

Shouto gave you sort of a lost look and you realized he didn’t really watch tv much. Habits were habits though and you always told your friends to change the channel if they wanted to to. Chugging the rest of your drink you hurried off to your room and picked out your outfit. A simple large sweater and jeans since it was a little cold outside this morning. You threw that on and then sauntered to the bathroom to take care of of your hygienic needs so you wouldn’t look like you just rolled out of bed. Not that you really cared if you did or not but you were sure your boyfriend didn’t want to walk around with goblin looking you…

You returned in record time to find Shouto messing with the ends of his jacket, looking a little sleepy himself. He could’ve gone with a few more hours of sleep and you felt bad for making him get up so early on your only days off. So you plopped down next to him on the couch and snuggled up to him. At least you could snuggled with him for a good while before you had to get up and go anywhere.

Time seemed to float on by precariously fast and you found yourself a little heartbroken to have to get up already. Looking over at your boyfriend you were even more saddened by the fact that you had to wake him up seeing as he had fallen asleep next to you on the couch. Luckily you moved enough so that it only gently jostled him awake and his sleepily rubbed his eyes. Too cute…

“We gotta gooooo.” You drawled sweetly, nudging his side softly.

He only hummed in response and you left his side to grab your keys and wait by the door. He trailed after you, obviously trying to kick of the remnants of sleep so he could keep up with your excited demeanor.You both slipped on your shoes before heading off on your way to the cat cafe. You were practically skipping you were so excited. You had always seen them online and in the news and such but you had never had the pleasure of going yourself. But now was the time! It was the ideal date for you and being able to go with your sweetheart  was arguably the best feeling in the world right now.

It didn’t take long for you to get there either. The place was remarkably close to your house meaning you’d be able to stay longer. The second you walked in, hand in hand with Shouto, you nearly burst into tears right then and there. A lovely little calico kitty had greeted you upon entry and thrown herself at your feet. She meowed brightly and rolled around like a gleeful little slug. You cooed and called at the cat immediately as your boyfriend looked over the place for a spot to sit. You buried your hands into the plush fur of the cat before you  which earned you a few playful swipes and meows.

“There’s a spot over by the cat tree.” Shouto informed you. You hummed and stood back up to look.

“Then let’ go, there’s so many over there…!” You chirped, practically racing over there.

A large white cat was sitting in a hammock by the window to which you stopped to pet. He was obviously sunning himself in the morning rays because he seemed a little perturbed by your sudden appearance. He let a out a gruff meow and sniffled at your hand before deeming it worthy of petting him. You personally felt honored and took the blessing in stride. Shouto approached and got the approval of the white cat as well, going to scratch the side of the cats face and then under the chin.

You Skipped over to your table afterwards and took a look at the menus- everything appropriately named and cat themed for the cafe. It was all a little too much and you felt the tears welling in your eyes.

“I’m going to cry it’s too cute.” You sniffled. Your boyfriend shook his head.

“You’re too cute…” He said.

“E-Eh?” You stammered out, “Since when did you become such a smooth talker?”

You puffed out your cheeks to try and distract from the fact that you were now a little flustered. Shouto didn’t comment on it, instead going to tuck a piece of your hair behind your hair to show your pretty face. The cats of the cafe were vying for your attention, but you could only pay attention to the duo colored hair besides you. It’d been awhile since your heart had started pounding like this in your chest and if it wasn’t for the insistent meowing of the cats then you were sure he’s be able to hear it, too.

“It’s true, you’re always cute.” He said. You felt your face flare up in another rush of heat.

Was he trying to kill you? You averted your gaze and nervously fiddled with your fingers, going to push them against each other over and over again. You had no idea what to say or do next. You spotted another cat, trotting over to you with all due haste and noticed something special about its eyes. You picked the kitty up, and held it over to the boy beside you.

“Look it’s you.” You said with a small smile.

Sure enough, it was a cat that looked very similar to him. Shouto seemed transfixed on the heterochromic eyes of the cat and went to hold it in his lap. He already seemed really attached to it and the look in his eyes told you he was unusually excited about it. You laughed and looked at the other cats in the cat tree by the two of you. There were so many cats…

For the rest of the time you sort of got into a competition on who could find the cutest cat and compare it to the other. You didn’t win, mostly before the whole gesture was too much for your poor little heart and you found yourself too flustered to continue. And you swore Shouto was enjoying himself a little too much afterwards. But it was nice, and afterwards you headed back to your house for a much needed cat nap. You found your lack of sleep had caught up to you about halfway through your second piece of coffee cafe and nearly fell asleep in a pile of cats.

Just before you fell asleep back on the couch in your house you felt a warm sensation on your lips and realized it was a kiss. The sensation made your heart flutter, although it was short lived. Not a second later you felt the grip around your waist tighten and a smile etched onto your face. Nothing was better than a day of cats, sweets, and your dear boyfriend.  


JUMP FESTA 2018 GOODS ~Showa Note~

•TeniMikuji (JF2018 Limited)

Release Date: December 16-17, 2017
Price: 300 JPY each
Specification: Bookmark Type with PP, with Ribbon
Size: 5.5cm x 9.1cm

•Shikishiki Collection

This will be given as a prize for getting  大大吉、大吉、大凶 and 大大凶  with the size of the shikishiki is 24.2cm x 27.3cm. On the other hand, you can get 12.1 cm x 13.6 cm shikishiki if you draw  大吉 and大凶


Release Date: December 16, 2017 (General Sales starts on January 2018)
Price: 1,200 JPY + tax each
Material: Zinc Alloy, Acrylic
Size: 4cm x 4cm
Characters: Echizen, Tezuka, Atobe, Hiyoshi, Yukimura, Kirihara, Shiraishi and Zaizen
Privilege: Each brooch will come with the corresponding character post card

•Paper Accessory

Release Date: General Sales starts on late January 2018
Price: 1,500 JPY + tax each
Material: Plastic, Paper, Metal
Size: 24.5cm x 5.5cm
Characters: Seigaku, Hyotei, Rikkai, Shitenhouji
*The jewels can be used as a keyholder by attaching a ball chain

•Jewelry Stand

Release Date: December 16, 2017 (General Sales starts on late January 2018)
Price: 3,200 JPY + tax each
Material: Plastic, Paper, Metal
Size: 24.5cm x 5.5cm
Characters: Seigaku, Hyotei, Rikkai, Shitenhouji
*The jewels can be used as a keyholder by attaching a ball chain

*Buy both Paper Accessory and the Jewelry Stand for only 4,700 JPY + tax that comes with an A4 Art Sheet

Two inches taller

“The things I do for friendship” Raven said to herself. There was just only so many times she could say no to Starfire.  Her exuberant alien friend was like an elemental force, overpowering and persistent. So now she was in the never-ending purgatory of the ‘Mall of shopping’.

Seriously how many stores does it take to sell overpriced clothes and useless junk? It seemed that Starfire was on a mission to find out.  Four department stores, half a dozen boutiques, and for some reason a kitchenware store where she had to try everything. The worst part was that she wanted Raven’s opinion about every top, pant, and vegetable peeler. The lingerie shop was going to require hours of meditation to deal with those mental images.  

Raven was starting to get a pounding headache. It didn’t help that the one bookstore in the mall was recently replaced by a shop selling perfume, cause the mall apparently needed a 5th. Still Starfire was happy. Raven reminded herself that It wasn’t just about buying pretty things. Starfire held a genuine curiosity about earth, about people.  It was one of the things the two women had in common.  While Raven preferred to explore a cultures literature Starfire preferred to explore what they created, and how it was used…


And what they wore.

Starfire’s exclamation upped the tempo of the base drum in Raven’s head. The Young alien found a massive shoe store and was quickly flying between isles looking at footwear each pair more convoluted then the next.  She was ecstatic, Raven needed a break. While her friend was distracted by the myriad of choices she slipped away looking for a quiet corner. She just needed a few minutes to re-enforce her mental barriers and little quiet and privacy before this quest could continue.

Raven ducked down a vacant isle thinking she could claim on the benches and chant for a few minutes.  She found herself surrounded by black leather.  At first, she thought she wondered into the men’s section, these were not the dainty, strappy insanely made foot torture devices Starfire was cooing over.  Some looked like work, or military combat boots. Others had soles almost 4 inches thick, some were so tall they would go all the up to the thigh.

The cloaked woman turned to head back down the aisle when a pair of boots caught her eye.  They were more practical then some of the others. Rich black leather with chrome eyelets for the laces. The treads on them looked like it belonged on a construction tire.  She gingerly extended her hand not understanding her new fascination, it was just a pair of boots.  But there was something about them, a mix of beauty and utility.  

She picked up one and nearly dropped it, they were heavier then they looked and once she was examining it in her hand discovered that they had steel toes.  She stood there running her fingers over the leather, and cord style laces.  The next thing she knew she was sitting on the bench and the boots were on her feet.  

“Starfire must be rubbing off on me” She said to the air.  This was silly she didn’t need shoes. She didn’t need really anything. This was a useless indulgence.   She was going to take them off and go find her friend before she bought something crazy, like the time she bought the leaf blower thinking it was a kitchen tool.  She was not going to buy these boots.

She reached down to undo the laces yet something pulled at her.  There would be no harm in looking would there? I mean if she could just see how out-of-place these things looked on her it would just prove her right. Raven looked up and saw a full-length mirror at the end of the isle.  She stood up and was slightly off balance.  The soles were not extreme but were thick enough to move her center of gravity.  

“So, this is what 5"4 feels like, okay” she said to herself as the carefully tried a few steps.  At first, she felt like there were weights around her feet, but by the time she got to the mirror she had adjusted.  The heft made her strides bolder.  When she faced herself in the mirror she even looked different.  The boots came up to mid-calf, and despite covering much of her legs they somehow looked longer.  For some reason, she was taking a wider stance then usual and is squared and pushed back her shoulders.  The woman in the glass looked older more confident than the Raven she knew.

“They look good on you.”  

Raven knew that voice, and had to fight down the urge to scream.  

“I take that back. They look great on you”  

She pulled her cloak closed to conceal herself and the boots and turned around.  Beast Boy in all his annoying greenness stood there his hands behind his back pure amusement on his face.

“Rae your taller” he quipped.  It was true Beast Boy was slightly shorter than her, but with the thick tread of the boots she could see clearly over the top of his head.  

"What are you doing here?” Her monotone voice leaking rage.  

Beast Boy held up a small plastic bag with a colorful logo of a game controller.  "Monkey night II return of the Chimp came out today” he said with a smile.

“You didn’t buy a video game in a shoe store!”

“I saw you and Star wonder in. Thought I would say hi!”

“Yes, cause it’s not like we live together and going to see each other in a few hours” She turned away bending her knees slightly to make sure that her cloak completely obscured the boots.  

“To be honest I am not crazy about leather, but if the cow saw how you look in those I think it would make the sacrifice willingly.” That goofy grin of his

“Beast Boy I always knew one day I would have to kill you, didn’t think it was going to be in a shoe store!”

“Then can the condemned have a last request?” He asked and Before Raven could respond. “Can you open you cloak again? Cause you really do look great on those.”  

Rage and embarrassment quickly debated homicide or escape.  Raven pushed back Beast boy and had the boots back on the shelf and her shoes in her hand. She has stormed away before Beast Boy knew what happened.  She quickly caught up with Starfire whose attention was being captured by a small jewelry stand.  

For the first time in her life she was grateful for Starfire’s shopping habit.  It was a welcome distraction from the encounter with Beast Boy in the shoe store.  "They look great on you" in Beast Boy’s voice kept echoing in the back of her mind.  The whole experience brought up an avalanche of emotions that was not use too.  

Maybe it was because the whole shopping expedition had worn down her control, or the surprise of Beast Boy had catching her.  "They look great on you" was not a phrase that she was accustomed too.  At least not when it came to her.  

When the two women got back to the tower Raven went straight to her room.  She meditated for nearly two hours carefully rebuilding her control. When she felt like herself again her eyes opened and unfolded herself out of the lotus position.  Her eyes fell on a rectangular box sitting on the bed.  In her haste to put her mind in order she had not noticed it when she came into her room.  

She walked over to the bed. On the box was a yellow post it, a short note that read 'I am sorry’.  The size and the shape of the box hinted at its contents but Raven was still cautious opening it.  There they were the boots she had tried on in the store.

Beast Boy laid his bed. The game he just bought sit still in its packaging still in the bag all but forgotten on the floor. He stared at the ceiling not sure what he did wrong and starting to wonder if what he did might have made things worse.  

A knock came at the door.  "Cy yes you can play the game” Beast Boy shouted grabbing the game back and going to the door.  It was Beast Boy’s turn to be surprised when instead of his large metal friend he saw Raven’s amethyst eyes.

“uh Hi Raven” He said quietly carefully saying her name in the what she preferred.  

Raven stood there her hood up and in her smooth monotone asked, “Did you mean it?”

Beast Boy covered his mouth with both hands afraid of something smart ass leaping out of it. Then he slowly nodded his head.  

“Then thank you for the gift” She said quietly and turned to walk down the hallway, but after a few steps turned back toward Beast Boy still looking after her.  Raven casually lowered her hood and unclasped her cloak and pulled it from her shoulders. She folded it neatly over one of her arms and walked away from Beast Boy in nothing but her unitard and the boots he just purchased for her.

Beast Boy watched her stride away and with every step he could feel his heart thunder in his ears. The way she walked that slight sway in her hips, those long legs would stay with him. Suddenly video games didn’t seem quite so important.

I would like to thank @loubuggins and @there-is-one-mirror-in-my-house for there input. On this one. I was trying to reach a bit out of my comfort zone. I wanted to be in Raven’s head and her trying something that wasn’t really her.  A woman buying shoes is very stereotypical but how would someone that is very atypical do a typical thing.  How would she react if she was found out indulging herself? 

*NSFW* EXO (Sehun) reaction to his S/O trying to be dominant

(gif credit to owner)

Requested by @ceeisinthehouse Thanks, babe! I hope you like it! ;)

A/N: For EXO’s smutty member week, we will be posting a single reaction for each member. I know that we still have other reactions to go through (No worries… they will get done), but we felt this was a good time to do this. I hope you all enjoy it! <3 xoxo


Oh Sehun

You and Sehun arrived home after visiting his family over the weekend. He would mention joining you in the shower as you both entered the bedroom and you stood by the night table removing your jewelry. He would stand behind you and kiss your neck while he slowly unbuttoned your blouse, letting the satin fall off your body and caressing your arms before undoing your bra. His hands would lightly trail from your stomach up to your breasts, kneading them and slightly pinching your nipples. You knew he was ready to go when you felt his throbbing member on your backside as he pushed up against you.

Suddenly, you turned around and shoved him onto the bed. Surprised, he just looked at you as you undid his jeans and slowly slid them off along with his boxers. He positioned himself in bed and waited for you to slip out of your skirt. You pressed your body onto his feeling the warmth of his naked body on yours; pushing him fully onto the bed. After you turned your face when he tried to kiss you, he tried to grab onto your body but you slapped his hands away and pinned them over his head. You ordered for him not to move or use his hands as you straddled him, gently sliding his cock into you. Loud moans filled the bedroom as you rode him and he submitted to your touches.

“Fuck! I didn’t think you had it in you, Jagiyah,” he would say as he resisted putting his hands on your body.

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Lets Talk About Sex

Request: How about an Alec imagine where he asks Jace for advice about sex since he’s a virgin and all but has been dating the reader (female if you don’t mind ) for quite some time now so he kind of worries and stuff even though she is a Virgin still too :) just make it a little fluffy , awkward whatever haha

 Pairing: ReaderXAlec

 Word count: 2.5k

 Warnings: Mention of sex but that’s it really 

Author’s Note: Hey everyone sorry that its been so long! I hope you enjoy the imagine, I think I went a bit off track but anyways 💃🏻 How is your day going? I hope you are all doing great! LYSM 💗 



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Alec’s POV

“ Jace could I talk to you?” I mumble quietly as I open his bedroom door. He was currently sprawled across his bed with his phone in his hands. He looked up and smiled.

“ Yeah, sure… Whats up?” He says focusing back to his phone. I quickly closed his door and moved to sit on the end of his bed. Jace’s room was always clean, neat and organized. It was something people would never guess about him, unless you really knew him.

“ I just have a few questions…” I say looking at my callused hands, they were currently red from training.

“What kind of questions?” He finally asks, putting his phone down. Paying full attention to me. I suddenly regretted doing this.

“ Its about me and Y/N” I mumble, just loud enough for him to hear me.

“ Why? Whats wrong? She isn’t pregnant is she?!” Jace says getting fluster, his eyes filled with panic.

“ Emm… Actually, I… Eh.. Was going to ask you- eh- to - em” after struggling to get my words out I cleared my throat “ How do you have sex?”

Jace almost choked on air but he soon recovered and began to laugh.

“ What? I just assumed you and Clary have done it” I say, about to stand up to leave, only to be stopped by Jace’s hand on my shoulder.

“ Wait, don’t leave” he chuckles, letting me go. “ Sorry I didn’t mean to laugh, its just I never expected you to ask me about that… Like… Ever”

“ Its fine… I came to you because you are the only one I trust” I say playing with my hands.

“ What do you want to know?” He asks looking serious.

“Its mine and Y/n’s 2nd anniversary tomorrow and I wanted to make it special… I wanted to ask you how could I make it special?” I question, looking him in the eye, he suddenly softened.

“ So its your first time?” He asks, I nod slowly, avoiding eye contact.

“ Right, so first of all you want to take her out on a date type of thing, make it really romantic, Y/n will live that. Then bring her back here, take her to your room. And ask her if she is ready and if she is just go with it.” he instructs as I take in what he is telling me.

“ But what do I do if she is ready?” I ask, by the angel this is getting awkward.

“ Em… Alec do you remember the birds and the bees story? The one that your Mum told us?” He says scratching his neck.

“ Sort of… So I just go along with it?”

“ Alec, at the time you will know” he chuckles.

“ Right” I laugh. “ Thanks Jace” I say as I get up. When I reach the door I quickly turn.

“ Sorry, if that was awkward, its just I have no clue on what I’m doing” I laugh, Jace cracks a smile.

“ Don’t worry about it”

Y/n’s POV

“ Good Morning beautiful” You hear Alec say, You groaned and snuggled further into the duvet. Only to have two strong arms grab you from behind, pulling you across the bed so that you guys were spooning. Alec’s breath tickled as he drew nearer. Eventually he started to kiss your neck softly as he whispered “ I love you” repeatedly, making you grin.

Moving around quickly to face him, you got to see his face. He looked so good in the morning, tousled hair, grey sweat pants and a deep, husky voice. Slowly you close the space between you and peck his lips.

“ Good Morning handsome” You mumble as you place a palm on his cheek, he instantly snuggled into your hand.

“ So, what are we doing today?” You yawn out, opening your eyes to see your adorable boyfriend staring at you with a small smile.

“ Well, I was planning on letting you and Izzy go shopping, then I have a special evening planned out for us” he says quietly as he closes his eyes again. You take this to your advantage as you move your face closer to his, running your hands up his bare toned chest.

“Sounds perfect” you whisper, leaning in to place your lips on his, he quickly responded by pulling you closer.

“ I love you too by the way” you mumble against his lips,then quickly rolled out of bed.

“ Where are you going?” Alec whined, as he stretched across the bed.

“ I’m going shopping” you wink, walking to the bathroom. Hearing Alec sigh behind you make you giggle.

You and Izzy were currently in a clothes shop looking at the new collections, as a shadowhunter you weren’t supposed to have all of this “fancy mundane” stuff. But it was something you and Izzy couldn’t withhold from, shopping was like an addiction.

“ Can we stop by the DVD shop on the way back?” You ask Izzy whilst examining a pair of black skinny jeans.

“ Sure, what are you looking for, to buy in there?” She says, totally engrossed in the small jewelry stand.

“ Well I was hoping to find a film for me and Alec to watch tonight, after we get back from dinner” you say as you place the jeans into your basket, moving to the blouses, only to hear Izzy snickering.

“ What?” You ask in confusion, tilting your head.

“ You do realize Alec has something else planned for tonight she grins as she picks a silver necklace up to examine it.

” I don’t understand"

“ Basically, tonight is the night! You have been will Alec for so long now and you are the only one that really understands him for being him and you know that he doesn’t let many people into his life. He told Jace that he is ready, ready to show you how much he loves you.” She says with slight enthusiasm, as she places the necklace in her basket. You were gobsmacked, Alec was ready?!

“ Wait! Hold up, are you saying Alec is ready to have sex?” You whisper/ shout as loud as you could without drawing attention from other customers.

“ Well.. Duh” Izzy says in a sarcastic tone as she picks up a short red dress. By the Angel! You didn’t really know how to process the fact Alec was ready for that sort of step. Questions flew around your head. What was going to happen? Were you ready for this?!

“Oh my God” you mutter to yourself, grabbing your phone. You has two missed calls and a text. All from Alec. One text read:

Hey Y/n, sorry to bother you, I just had a quick question what flowers do you like best? Xx

A small smile creeped on your face, he was so obvious but adorable at the same time. Then suddenly you received an attachment text from him, you clicked it, only to open a cute selfie of your boyfriend doing an impression of the sassy hand emoji. This caused you to burst out laughing, people began to stare but they became apart of the background. You suddenly thought to yourself, Yes I am ready.

You had just gotten back to the Institute when you were bombarded by Max. As soon as you entered the doorway he had ran up to you and hugged your leg. He was the definition of cuteness, you hoped that when you and Alec have children that they would be as great at Max was.

Max was also very into the idea of having somebody younger than him in the house, but that wasn’t going to be for a long time.

“ Hey Max” You say with a soft smile as you ruffle his fluffy hair.

“Hey Y/n, I missed you whilst you were gone.” He mumbles into your leg. You bend down so that your facing him on his level.

“Well, next time I go shopping what if you come with me?” You say as you stroke his curls from his eyes. As soon as you said this his face light up like a Christmas tree.

“Really?!” He says in excitement, jumping into your arms.

“ Of course! I need my partner in crime, just don’t tell Izzy” you say grinning at the small child as you return his hug.

“ I wont speak a word” he says pulling away, motioning with his hands that his lips were sealed.

“ Good, right I’m going to go get ready for tonight, I will see you in the morning for waffles, strawberries and Nutella” you say as you head up the stairs, turning at the top to grin at Max.

You finally make it to yours and Alec’s room, you hurry in, struggling with the handle because of all the shopping bags. You internally curse yourself for buying an outfit that you did not need. The door suddenly opened in a swift movement.

“ Hey” You hear Alec say from your room.

“ Hi” you say in return as you dump your bags on the bed.

“ So, what did you get” He says walking out of your en suit bathroom in just a towel. You blush at the sight and quickly look back at the bags .

“ A dress and some other bits and bobs” you stutter out, looking up to see Alec’s hair dripping with water, you watched as a bead of it run down his neck and over his toned chest… Damn you thought. You had never had been flustered like this before.

You quickly grabbed the bag that held your dress and headed to the bathroom. After a quick shower you dried yourself and slipped into your new dress. You weren’t really one for wearing dresses but tonight was a special occasion. The dress was a sleek fitting, above the knee black dress that went really well with your burgundy lace up booties.

You quickly dried and curled your hair, added minimal make up and headed out.

“ Woah” Alec breathed as you entered the room, his face was in shock, his mouth wide open and his eyes were scanning every inch of your body.

“ You look amazing Y/n” he finally says once he composes himself. You get a chance to appreciate his appearance as he does so. He had gelled his hair in its usual style and was wearing a black suit with a clean, crisp white shirt. She looked unbelievably good.

“ Not so bad yourself” You grin back, earning one in return.

“ Shall we?” He says holding out his hand for you to hold, which you gladly took.

The date was the best it could of been, the food was delicious at the restaurant. Alec had took you to a fancy place that he would never have been caught dead in, he really was trying to impress. After the meal he told you he had a surprise.

You both arrived at the surprise venue in a taxi. As you got out of the car you realized it was the theater where the ballet was showed. You had told Alec when you guys were younger that you had always wanted to be a dancer. You quickly looked up to him as grinned.

After the show of Swan Lake, your favorite, you guys headed back to the institute.

You could tell Alec was nervous because he had all of a sudden become really quite.

“ Hey, you okay” you way as you slip you hand in his. He looked down at your intertwined hands and smiled.

“ I’m great” he mumbles back with a smile.

As soon as you entered your room you flung yourself onto your bed.

“ Alec?” You sigh.

“ yeah” he replies heading over to you.

“ Can you take me heels off please?” You mumble into your arm, which was draped over your face.

“ Sure, anything for my Y/n” he says, doing as you had asked. After he laid down next to you, looking up at the ceiling. You took this as an opportunity to appreciate his delicate face. His soft, smooth skin glowed with natural blush, due to it being chilly outside. His long, black eyelashes flutter lightly on his cheekbone as he blinks lazily, he was the definition to godlike.

You moved your hand to his thick hair then ran your fingers through it, bringing his attention back to you. He gives you a boyish grin as he gently places his palm onto your cheek.

“ You’re so beautiful” he whispers as his thumb rubs your cheek. You smiled shyly into his hand. Compliments like this was one of the many ways Alec made you feel special.

“ Alec… Can I ask you something?” You whisper into his hand.

“ Yes of course” his eyes cascading down to your lips then returning to your eyes.

“ Izzy told me that you are ready” you blurt out and instantly regretted it.

“ Izzy… What?!” He says quickly, wide eyed, panic flashed across them. “ I don’t want you to think I’m pushing this, If you aren’t ready I totally understand” he quickly looked at his hands and muttered “ to be honest I don’t know if I am”

“Alec” you move to place your hands on his shoulders “ we don’t have to do anything if that’s what you want, and if you do then great… I’m ready if you are” you say resting your head on his shoulder. He turned his head to face you.

“ Are you sure? I mean I have no idea what to do” he mumbles, his eyes escaping yours, dashing to his intertwined hands.

“ Me either… ” you say quietly.

“Maybe we can just cuddle for a while?” He suggests, looking up for approval, you nod with a grin.

You both move so that you were spooning, you felt suddenly safe when you were in Alec’s arms. A strong barrier that blocked the whole of the shadow world out, keeping you safe…

After what seemed like hours of talking about recent TV shows and books, you decided to go put your pajamas on. You return to your room to find Alec under the duvet with his eyes closed.

You wander over to him, turning the lights off as you do so. You climbed into your bed and was suddenly engulfed into a huge bear hug from behind.

“ Jace said I would know when the time was right…” He whispers in your ear, his hot breath made you shiver.

“ And when is the time right” you say nervously, turning around to face him. His eyes glistening in the light from your window.

“ I would say round about now” he mumbles as he cups your cheek, bringing you in for a kiss, you kiss back instantly.

“ I love you so much” he mumbles against your lips, making you smile.

“ I love you ” You say softly, those three words had escaped your mouth on many occasions but this time it just felt different. But this time you really meant it..

First Kiss (Fakiru fic)

Neither could recall when the feeling began.

Their fingers interlocked, even as they pulled away to tease fingertip to fingertip. Not a molecule between them, even as their uneven paces hurried through the store.

Searching, hoping to find an unoccupied corner. Every moment was tense, like the pair were off to commit a crime.

Ahiru’s lips were dry. Her tongue poked out to wet them again. Something in her mind begging and pleading for him to stop walking already so she could pull him down and-

Fakir’s eyes darted between her behind himself and the path ahead. If only they could find somewhere to roost, even just a moment. Would it be brief, though, if they started-

He paused. She bumped into him. Their feet were still clumsy, despite all the time they’d spent together with their minds synced by the pen.

Without a drop of ink, she could hear his voice through their hands. She could feel the heat of his cheeks without so much of a peek. She could feel his heart churning, flopping over and over with nerves. Or was that her own?

A gentle tug pulled her nearer to him. They’d stopped once more near the front of the little shop. Her flyaway skirt jingled a nearby jewelry stand. He was facing her now, eyes dead set on hers. His hand, rough with history of sword fighting and training grazed her cheek. Cupped it in that way that held her entire being.
Cheeks ablaze, her own hand cupped over his. She gazed longingly, icy bright eyes now dimmed and glossy, unable to make out anything but the outline of his form.

“Your face is so damned soft,” He spoke finally, voice sarcastic and more rude than he intended. “I.. Like it that way,” Fakir fumbled with his words, never breaking his gaze from hers.

Their moment was interrupted with a soft chuckle from the old lady behind the counter. Immediately, the two broke away, their hands falling into place again as they exited the shop quickly. Never buying a thing.

For some reason, they ran. Down the street and through the dark corridors of the town. All familiarity abandoned them, as they searched for somewhere other than home.

Somewhere private, somewhere alone. Somewhere safe to just-!

The churning was back. Ahiru felt almost sick with excitement. Hazey eyes locked on his form, all she could focus on was following his lead. Sending her pleading, begging thoughts through their hands held so tenderly and close.

He could hear her. Oh god, he could hear everything she wanted. Without pen or ink or parchment or book. But maybe those were his thoughts to. How much he was dying, just to-

Fakir turned, tugging her close. Ahiru’s eyes were wide with adoration and begging still.

And yet he paused.

Fingers curled in thought, his head turned as a silly grin spread across his ever serious face. Could he really? Did he deserve her? This beautiful, adorable girl pleading for- for-!

Anxiety had the best of him. His mood was dropping as the saturation of his cheeks rose.

“Pretty please, Fakir? With a ducky on top?” Words stumbled out of her mouth, before Ahiru could stop herself. Was that her own voice? “Please?”

That was it. Once his head turned, their lips drew together in a quick little peck like magnets drawn together. Unsteady and unsure if it even happened, they tried again. This time, the magnetic force stronger and both could feel the gentle tug. Noses bumping every time either drew back.

As she drew back, Ahiru let out a shaky little sigh, before leaning in and stealing a third kiss.

Fluff Month Day 28 - "I got this for you, but..."

Pairing/Characters: Ladrien :)

“I got this for you, but…” Adrien rolled off, staring dejectedly at the bent up bracelet held in his hands.

He and Ladybug had been wandering the market place for the past few hours, touring around the city as if they hadn’t lived there their whole lives. It had started when Adrien first offered to take Ladybug for ice-cream after she had “saved him” from a particularly brutal akuma attack. She had agreed, flush faced and bright eyed, and Adrien had set up the date. First they went for ice-cream, as promised, but after that the two found themselves incapable of parting from each other’s company. Now their Sunday afternoon “dates” were a weekly occurrence.

This week’s Sunday date was a tour of the city, which included a lot of shopping, playing around on fountains, and eating more free samples than should be physically possible. Ladybug had somehow managed to convince her kwami to only provide her mask for these dates, and the pink skirt and black and white striped shirt she wore were soaking wet from when she had fallen into a fountain a few streets back. Adrien’s jeans and black tee shirt were also wet, from when he had jumped in after her to “save her,” but just wound up falling in as well.

Ladybug glanced at the bracelet in Adrien’s hands before smiling, and shaking her head.

“What happened?” She asked, amusement obvious on her face.

They had just re-connected after separating for a minute so that Ladybug could use the restroom, and Adrien could wander around a small jewelry stand across the street. He had picked out a bracelet there for Ladybug, silver with red and black gemstones, but on his way back across the street he had accidentally dropped it, and it had promptly been run over by a passing motorcycle.

“Would you believe that a motorcycle ran over it?” Adrien winced, flipping the bracelet over in his hands once more.

Ladybug laughed beside him, and he shot her a grateful smile. Adrien was hard on himself, a lot. It was a fact he was slowly beginning to realize with all the time he spent with Ladybug, and he was grateful for her never taking anything he did “wrong” seriously. She never got mad, or upset. It was a relief to him, since all his time at home was spent trying to avoid his dad’s sternness by not making mistakes. Here, with Ladybug, he could make mistakes—be human—and not get punished for it. He wasn’t Adrien Agreste, he was just…Adrien.

“I love it,” Ladybug said, taking the bracelet from Adrien. She let her hand linger on his for a moment, before holding the bracelet up and slipping it on.

“Look, it still fits,” she assured him.

“But it’s all bent.”

Ladybug raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms over her chest. She would have looked intimidating if it weren’t for the smile still on her face.

“Just because it’s bent doesn’t mean it’s broken, Adrien.”

Adrien sucked in his breath as Ladybug flounced away, her face lighting up as she caught sight of some other shop window down the street. He didn’t think she realized just how much those words meant to him.

He grinned as she looked back at him, waving him along before turning back to the window and pressing her nose up against it. He would bet money that it was a fashion store—nothing else made Ladybug that excited. Adrien had discovered, over the past few weeks, that she had quite a passion for fashion and designing.

“Look at this!” She exclaimed as he caught up to her. “It’s matching Chat Noir and Ladybug shirts! We should totally match.”

Adrien nodded before looking away and blushing. Another thing Ladybug definitely didn’t realize: he WAS Chat Noir, so they really didn’t need tee shirts to match.

“That one has a pun on it,” she chuckled. Adrien turned to see her eyes had softened, and she looked away from the window. “That’s totally something Chat would say.”

Adrien smiled and rubbed his arm awkwardly. He could feel his face burning, but he shoved it aside as much as he could and brought out his Chat Noir side instead.

“My fashion sense is punderful,” he read off the shirt, winking at Ladybug as she turned to him, surprised.

“That’s exactly how he would say it too,” she laughed.

Adrien joined in, laughing with Ladybug until she sighed and took his hand in hers. His laughter abruptly stopped.

“Want to see my favorite shop?” Ladybug asked, swinging their interlocked hands back and forth, oblivious to the fact that Adrien’s face was redder than a tomato and his mouth was open in shock. This was a thing friends did, right? Friends held hands all the time! But did she mean it as a friend type gesture or….

Adrien stopped his train of thought as Ladybug tugged him down the sidewalk.

“You okay there?” She asked, concern seeping into her voice as he bent over to see his face.

Adrien forced himself to ignore the fact that her hand, her BARE HAND was still in his, and he nodded.

“I’m punderful.”

“Pffffttt, really!?”