jewelry rendering


new animation

Please have a look the animation in peace and 1080p.
The quality of the renderings speaks for itself!
8281 pics, render time 3-10 min per pics with 3 x TitanX.
Rendering with 3D Studio Max 16 and nvidia iray (lightworks).
Almost 1 month, my pc expected it.
Hope you like it: D

Everyone’s favorite earring!!

I was pretty unimpressed with my group jewelry render the other day and thought I’d do it piece by piece instead. So here is Burrich’s, Fitz’s, Beloved’s, Swift’s earring. It took 2 hours to render and was too big I had to resize it to fit tumblrs format!!  I’m super happy with it and hope all of you love it too. 

The Letter (1896). Ladislas Wladislaw Von Czachorski (Polish, 1850-1911). Oil on canvas laid down on board.

The hallmark of Czachorski’s style, and the basis of his fame, are his images of beautiful young women in rich interiors, painted with great realism. He has long been regarded a master of rendering fabrics, jewelry and other details to create the atmosphere of luxury and elegance.


Soldier 76!

Man, mask builds are hard!  I fought with this one for a solid week trying to get it to look right. There’s a ton going on in this, lots of complex curves, mostly in the visor and the main mouth covering.  That nose chamfer gave me some trouble, I’ll tell you.

I originally had this idea planned, where this would be a set of rings, where the visor would be a separate piece, and they’d fit together, but that wrap around made things difficult, and I eventually had to scrap it.

This piece was very close to getting sent to my design graveyard too, I was just getting discouraged and thought I wouldn’t be able to make it work. But, stuck with it, and it looks amazing now, if I do say so myself.  A little wider than I would have liked, but then it would either sit on the finger pretty awkwardly, or have been enormous.

No solid idea about what I’ll do next week, I’d better get to work, don’t want to be late like this one again.  I’m going to wait until Monday to post this on other sites, so, enjoy being exclusive until then, Tumblr!


So, how about that E3, eh?  It’s been a couple years since I’ve been, but yesterday’s Nintendo announcement panel blew just about everyone out of the water.  I, as always, loved all the Zelda announcements, and am super eager for the new game.  I’ll probably have to buy a WiiU now.

But, as with new games comes new art, comes new designs!  Nice and clear, front and center, is Zelda with a new crown.  How could I resist?

It obviously takes stylistic cues from Twilight Princess, however, instead of the organic design with smooth curves, we see here a harsh, angular circlet, lots of straight edges and tall points.


In Twilight Princess, Ganondorf had a pretty awesome crown setup going.  I wanted to capture the look and feel of the whole piece and translate it to something a little more useful.  Sure, the crown’s cool and all, but getting your hair to go along with it?  Way more intensive.

So I came up with this.  5 rings, wrist cuff, and matching hand plate.  It might not be the Triforce of Power, but it’ll look just as good on your left hand.  More than fit for a god-king, or the puppetmaster of the Twilight Realm, I’m super, super pleased with how it turned out.


So, this is what I came up with.  The client direction was almost non-existent on this one, which is wildly different from most occurrences.  This ring is pretty unique, as it’s one of only two or three entries things I’ve shown here that I’ve made for a client.  It’s even more unique, as I was only given a picture of the crest itself, and a link to another jeweler that had done a Zelda motif on a engagement ring previously.  I was actually very familiar with the other jeweler’s work, and I was not about to lift a design from a fellow fan.  So, I spent a couple days thinking about this one, working out all the details, and sat down today to make it real.

The entirety of the ring is a homage to the Zelda series.  The entirety of the band is patterned in the style of the blade of the Master Sword, who’s pommel forms two of the prongs that secure the stone down.  The obvious Hylian Crest forms the other two prongs, and cradles the center stone.

And the stone itself?  A “Princess” cut.

UPDATE: If you’re curious about getting one of these for yourself, send me a message.  I also do commissions!


Still alive?  You will be with something like this riding on your finger!

A nice mashup of the Aperture Science logo and the the game’s namesake portals, blue sapphires and orange citrine make either side a distinctive statement.  I suggest having two rings, and wear each with a different side facing outwards, personally.


The crown of Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, the King of Hyrule.  Showing up briefly at the end of Wind Waker, it’s a pretty simple design, which I attribute to the cel shading used for the game.  I spiced it up a little bit, incorporating elements also found in his character design, namely the stylized loops, and the ever-present Triforce.   A touch of royalty, if you will.


Pieces o’ Heart!  Well, one piece of heart, and one full one, if you want to get picky.  Hailing from Twilight Princess, both iterations came out wonderfully. 

The piece of heart was a unique challenge, as in the game you could see the red heart encapsulated in a rough hewn crystal, and as I try to make sure that all the pieces that I produce would be possible to acquire in the real world, I was faced with the task of attempting to mimic the look and feel of the irregular edges, while keeping it realistic.  I achieved that by just dumping a ton of different cuts and sizes into the empty space between gold border and ruby center.  I also tried a version where I used micro pavé stones for a more regular covering, but it came out looking so bad I didn’t even bother rendering it out.

Sadly, the full heart container is impossible to create as seen here, as I don’t think anyone would ever cut a ruby to that custom shape.  Sorry jewelry fans! 


GET STONED (hand painted gemstone medley) - Nail Challenge - Day 17 - glitter nails

Revlon - gold coin, Revlon - revlon red, Revlon - midnight affair, Revlon - mysterious, Revlon - pink posh, O.P.I. - royal rajah ruby, O.P.I. - deer valley spice, O.P.I. jewel of india, Love & Beauty - pink (strawberry scent), Love & Beauty - sky blue (sheer glitter), Love & Beauty - coral, Love & Beauty - sky blue (creme), Ruby kisses - black eutopia, Sally Hansen - hard to get, Sally Hansen - shell we dance, Bettina - metallic maroon,  Martha Stewart Craft Glitter - yellow gold, rhinestone cabochons, nail art beads, seche vite, seche clear.

phew so many polishes!! I love this mani so much ill be sad to take it off tomorrow! :(

To show that these are not decals (which i get asked a lot) i am going to introduce a step-by-step on how i created the blue gemstone! :)