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pimpernels tagged me in a thing. so here we are:

1 Insecurity: That I’m… replaceable? in terms of friendships. idk how to put it. 
2 Fears: abandonment and spiders. 
3 Turn Ons: Long-ish hair, talks with their hands, has something (anything) that they get super passionate about.
4 Life Goals: graduating, getting a job in my field of study (any job), living alone for a while, a family after that.
5 Things I Like: YA novels, drawing, writing, sundresses, candles
6 Weaknesses: short-lived crushes, upper-body strength, judging books by their cover (literally and figuratively), dollmakers, math, fake-relationship fics
7 Things I Love: the ocean, celtic jewelry, online friendships, thunderstorms, collections of ticket stubs, fields of flowers, graveyards
8 People I Tag: ummmm sophaoat, modernity-personified, suzie-guru, actuallyeris, iyedes, thranduilandlegolas, tenderlumpling, humanityinahandbag

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