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If I got the materials to do completely metal free jewelry (IE plastic ear ‘wires’ and seed bead* toggle or plastic breakaway clasps), would there be anyone interested in that? I’m tempted to get the stuff but I question if there would even be a market for it.
*Seed beads are tiny glass beads, though some varieties have a metal coating

It would be nice to have on hand, but I wonder if I’m not better off just getting more nickel free stuff. They’re not SUPER expensive, I’m more concerned about getting a ton of earring ‘wires’ that I wind up not using.

I know some people, like one of my buddies, can’t wear like 99% of the metals out there. But he’s a dude, and doesn’t wear earrings as far as I’m aware. I seem to be doing okay with just seed bead clasps for him.

Please tell me what you think, either by answering here or in an ask–breakaway clasps vs seed bead toggles, and if you or anyone you know would be interested in plastic ear ‘wires’. Necessary question mark?


etsyfindoftheday | 5.13.17

STEAL OF THE WEEK: miniature cloth tassels by ingredientsforlovely

with etsy’s new maker mart all up and running, i thought i’d show off some jewelry-making supplies here and there throughout my handmade and vintage goodies :) as a lover of color, i was immediately drawn to these soft-looking and vibrant cotton tassels. you get a set of 6 to create with — all for under $4!

New Blog!

So! I’m a poor college student and I need money for important things like textbooks and food. I’d like to take some pressure off my parents and take out smaller loans, but my mental health means I can’t really do a job and my course load during the school year.
I used to make jewelry and I’ve decided to take it up again. Please check out and spread the word about my sales blog:
by CrystalGemStudio
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I’m selling Steven Universe inspired bracelets! They’re all made to order with a mix of real and artificial gems, and there’s more styles on the way once I get more beads!

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Name: Kira
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hello! I’m Kira, and I’m a huge nerd. I tend to talk a lot about TV shows (like Steven Universe, Modern Family, Parks and Rec, The Big Bang Theory, etc), movies, and books. I’m a huge fan of writing, and I love to talk about stories that I’m writing and share ideas with other people. I’m also a jewelry maker who is studying geology (I hope to be a bench jeweler in the future). I speak English, though I am semi-fluent in French, and I plan on learning Japanese in the future.

Preferences: I’d prefer to talk with people older than 16, and I’d like to start out emailing (though I’m fine switching to snail mail in the future once I get to know you)


Face the scrap and make inchies - YouTube

Today on #makersgetreal is behind the scenes, so here’s just some – just a small sample – of works in progress: Endless pendants that need chain (I am always, always out of chain), ideas for pieces no farther than “this is a nice color palette,” identical necklaces that all need a perfect component that I’ve not yet found…. Also some bits that don’t have a proper home in my supplies: A bee that I pulled off my dog’s tail (it was already dead), a shredded butterfly wing I found in the yard, a gigantic butterfly pendant that doesn’t fit in anything but the pink box…. Anything that doesn’t fit in the little cubbies of the acrylic stand goes in miscellaneous jars and bottles: half-finished custom jewelry, half-finished Patreon jewelry, overflow of supplies since I ran out of drawers in my drawer cabinet…. And even more! The real takeaway from this is I’d have a lot more jewelry in the shop if I could just keep on top of my chain supply. 😅📿