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ancient Mew pendant

- holographic Pokemon card, Ice Resin

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Mark Montano is one crafty dude with some seriously fun projects. You may recognize the name from his “BIg Ass” series of craft books including “The Big Ass Book of Bling”. He shares on his blog how to make Christian Lacroix inspired Recycled paper Jewelry with a pictorial or a video. I am totally impressed.

This ring is a wug.

This is a wug.

Now there are two of them.

There are two ____.

The answer, of course, is friends.


  • 18 gauge copper wire, textured with a rawhide mallet
  • 20 gauge copper sheet, cut with jeweler’s saw
  • Solder for base metals
  • Sealed with Protecta-Clear

Lessons learned:

  • Annealed copper is surprisingly soft. Remember to work harden before finishing.
  • Protect fingers while sawing.
  • Move pieces out of puddles of sealant before it can dry.
  • Nail polish remover makes removing sealant easy.
  • Silicone polishing wheels take off hard edges. Try bristle brushes or felt in the future.
  • Silicone polishing wheels do not take off excess solder. Try needle files or sandpaper on a split mandrel.
  • Prepolish flat surfaces.
  • Simple projects are good! This didn’t take long and linguists approve.

The ever-neglected blog has been updated. Unfortunately, it is not a happy entry. I try to stay positive with my work, but this had to be said. Fortunately, it does end with some very pretty turquoise.