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ID #86554

Name: Alex
Age: 20
Country: USA

Hi! I’m a university student studying Physics with a double in Philosophy. My hobbies include photography, playing piano and saxophone, jewelry making, yoga, and cooking. I love rainy warm days, good books, and tea. Reading philosophy and doing integrals takes up most of my time, but when I’m out of school I enjoy working for a non-profit in my city that helps educate kids in math and science. I really enjoy taking about social justice and philosophy, and value keeping an open mind about these topics. I love music, and have been playing some instrument or another my whole life. My favorite band is Radiohead, and I like to listen to indie rock mostly (The Smiths, Bon Iver, Artic Monkeys) but I also really like classic 70s rock (Grateful Dead), I also really like Philip Glass and minimalist music as well. I’m looking for a pen pal to get to talk to someone about all types of things, to make new connections and acquire new perspectives. Mostly though, I thought it’d be neat to have a pen pal because the idea of going from being strangers to sharing your thoughts feelings, experiences, and what it’s like around your part of the world just like that, seems impossible and amazing.

Preferences: 18+ any gender

This ring is a wug.

This is a wug.

Now there are two of them.

There are two ____.

The answer, of course, is friends.


  • 18 gauge copper wire, textured with a rawhide mallet
  • 20 gauge copper sheet, cut with jeweler’s saw
  • Solder for base metals
  • Sealed with Protecta-Clear

Lessons learned:

  • Annealed copper is surprisingly soft. Remember to work harden before finishing.
  • Protect fingers while sawing.
  • Move pieces out of puddles of sealant before it can dry.
  • Nail polish remover makes removing sealant easy.
  • Silicone polishing wheels take off hard edges. Try bristle brushes or felt in the future.
  • Silicone polishing wheels do not take off excess solder. Try needle files or sandpaper on a split mandrel.
  • Prepolish flat surfaces.
  • Simple projects are good! This didn’t take long and linguists approve.