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Altean Lance and Galra Keith meet for the first time.

So it goes like this, Alteans and Galrans have an alliance and are bff, nobody is evil, except those radicals who want to overthrow Alfor and stuff, so, Keith’s dad was on a mission to explore from earth and ended un in Halyex (totally made up name), the Galra planet, he met keith’s mom, fell in love and married and stuff. Now, he was bff with Zarkon so when his wife died, he raised keith, taught him how to fully control his galra side and fight, when he was 6 their ship was raided by space pirates and his dad died protecting him.

After that Zarkon adopted him legally, Keith(6) and Lotor (9) became friends while bonding over swords and he actually considers him a brother, keith (15) met shiro (20)  when the latter ended up lost, stranded and with one arm less after a failed mission, the galra helped Shiro and gave him a robo arm and he decided to stay on the planet while sending the holts back to earth with help from the galra ppl.

Later on a trip to Altea Shiro met Allura (19) and got to know her, they fell in love and have been courting since then, fast forward 5 years, they are planning Shiro’s wedding and are going to Altea for it along Zarkon, Keith decides to tag along, even tought he doesn’t like doing “prince” things, but he wants to be there for his bff so he goes, and as he is waiting for Zarkon and Alfor to finish talking, bored out of his mind, he suddenly sees Blue, he wips around to take a look and BAM, he now knows for sure hes gay, really really gay,(he knew he’d had a crush on Shiro at some point but that doesn’t count), the guy back there was gorgeous and pretty and looked quite smug and had a mischevious smile on  and damn,  that’s how he met prince Lance.

Both of them are in their formal clothes, alfor told lance to cover himself a bit for important events and so he designed his clothes to be modest but fashionable.

Fun facts:

-Lance was messing with technology on the castle one day and managed to contact earth by accident, he contacted pidge and hunk, pidge asked for info about his family and he told them what he knew, that they were safe and going back home (except shiro), after that they talked everyday and they are now bff, Lance is thinking of taking them for a visit soon.

-Allura wanted to marry earlier, but Shiro thought that if he didn’t woo her correctly and troughtly, Alfor was going to kill him, so he courted her, for 5 years.

-Keith can control his Galra side totally, and change parts of his body as he pleases, he prefers staying human but leaves purple spots around his eyes because he is secrely an emo.

-Keith is still searching for the pirates who killed his dad, he thinks the blade of marmora may have some info, and sice his mom was part of it, he thinks maybe they’ll tell him.

-The blade is a secret organization that deals with matters that are not safe for the civilians, they are like the CIA, spies and stuff.

-Lotor and Lance flirt all the time, but in truth they don’t love each other, they just like to flirt and step up their game until they are laughing too hard to care, they are bros.

-Galra are more practical than alteans, that’s why their clothes are more simple compared to the altean ones, while they wear jewelry and layers of clothes, galra prefer to always be on guard or prepared for an emergency.

-Galra have sensitive eyes, that’s why they wear always almost black colors or dulled colors, except magenta, they really seem to like that color.