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A Zodiac Gift Guide

“What should I get ____ for a gift?”

Aries: Aries are the athletes of the zodiacs. They like to keep busy and stay moving. A paid outing, such as rock climbing or paintball, will work as a gift. If you are more interested in a physical gift, look into sporting goods and/or athletic wear. Video games that keep you moving are also something to look into, such as the Just Dance series.

Taurus: Tauruses have a tendency to be homebodies. Thriving for their own personal space, Tauruses are responsive to their environment. Decorations for their home are a good choice. Does the Taurus feel most comfortable in their bedroom/living room? A pillow or throw blanket would be appreciated. Artwork is also an option!

Gemini: Many Geminis have an appreciation for the social scene. Is one of their favorite musicians coming to a nearby city? Concert tickets are always a great option for a Gemini. Too expensive or nothing around? Base a gift off of an inside joke. This will bring laughs and countless memories.

Cancer: People under this zodiac are often very family oriented and value those close to them. A gift relating to their family and friends is a prime choice. Photo gifts are incredibly suiting. For example, a scrapbook or a customized item (throw pillow, mug, blanket, etc).

Leo: Leos have a taste for luxury. There are plenty of gift options that do not require a ton of money. Jewelry, accessories, makeup, or beauty products will be a great option. Not sure what to get? A gift card to the Leos favorite store or a spa/salon are useful gifts as well.

Virgo: Analytical and meticulous, books will never fail to be a bad gift for a Virgo. Buy within your Virgo’s favorite genre. Blank journals will always be useful for writing and organizing their thoughts. Beauty products, makeup, and gift cards to their favorite coffee shop are practical and won’t go unused. 

Libra: Naturally creative themselves, a Libra would appreciate a handmade gift. A craft made in dedication to your friendship or relationship would be appreciated as well as one themed to their favorite tv show, movie, or musician. Not much of a crafter? Libras have a taste for fashion. Trendy jewelry, accessories, or gift cards to a clothing store will make the Libra just as happy.

Scorpio: Scorpios are dedicated and passionate people. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a gift related to their biggest passions. It may be a band, a book, a movie, or television show. Don’t worry about the gift’s monetary value. The Scorpio will treasure the thought you put into it and will appreciate your gift no matter what.

Sagittarius: Sagittariuses are fans of travel and adventure. If you have been travelling, a gift from your destination would be ideal. Exotic and unique items will find a spot in the heart of the Sagittarius. A travel journal or personalized photo map (for the Sagittarius to mark their travels) are options as well. Is the Sagittarius in your life not really into travel? Sagittariuses are also quite philosophical. Philosophy books (and maybe even poetry) may be a great alternative.

Capricorn: Practical gifts are the way to go for the Capricorns in your life. Instead of wondering what they could use, think about what they already do use. Items that will be put to use in their daily life are one of your best options. Shape this idea around the individual Capricorn and the material necessities you think are handy to them. 

Aquarius: Aquariuses have a taste for wit and sarcasm. Playful and lighthearted gifts will be a hit for sure. Games, such as Cards Against Humanity, to play with friends should be at the top of your list for the water bearer. Gag gifts or any sort of unusual gift will sure to bring some laughs, too.

Pisces: People under the last of the zodiacs are typically creative and regarded as escapists. Gifts like journals, sketch pads, and paints may be just the perfect gift! Pisces often tend to keep to themselves and express themselves through outlets other than communication. Choose gifts according to your Pisces’ creative outlet.

When Sending in a Manuscript, Add a Little Glitter

When you think about the volume of submissions a typical publishing house or literary agency receives, it can feel… well, a little scary. How are you going to stick out from the rest of the manuscripts piling up on the desks of agents and editors everywhere?  

Easy. Add a little sparkle.

In addition to your full manuscript, make sure you add some flair. To quote Tobias Funke from Arrested Development, it’s important to “fill each one of these bags with some glitter, [a] photo resume, some candy, and a note.”

You can also add other items to the submission, to really get your future agent or editor excited. 

  • Money.
  • A photo of their home and/or loved ones.
  • Very small rocks.
  • Keys. To what? Don’t tell them! Make it a mystery.
  • Starbucks gift cards.
  • Jewelry. 
  • Delicious snacks and dipping sauces. 
  • Another envelope that has another envelope inside, much like Russian nesting dolls. Inside the final, smallest one, leave a tiny letter that says “the gift was inside you all along.” They’ll know what it means.

Good luck!

My husband and i are going to be gone  for about a month. The shop is remaining open so we have some funds in the bank to come home to,  though with the shop staying open comes the ordeal of a long shipping wait. Any items purchased while we are away will be packaged and shipped as soon as  we return home ( around the 16th of November), they will also come with an extra treasure for your patience.

Ive queued and scheduled a bunch of posts to keep the blog from going stagnant….. Though messages and asks will have to wait  to get answered till we come home.

Upon returning home, instead of a monthly giveaway There will be a customer photo contest for various jewelry pieces and gift card… so customers, start brewing photo ideas!

Bryan and i will both be vending at a craft bazaar located in Beaverton on November 15th. It is being held in the beaverton high school gym <3 We have about 100 pieces of jewelry made for the event… wire necklaces, bones, leather earrings, curiosities, wreaths…. and more. So if you are in the area… pop by and say hello to the bones and I.

See you guys in a month! <3

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