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Hello everyone !!

Welcome to Matoya’s Cave.

This is some of the things that I have made for my Etsy shop. If you like what you see go and take a look around. If you want to see updates and new things I will add follow me on Instagram.




The “Inspired Ahsoka Tano Necklace” is now on sale on my etsy shop, Black Flower Store :)!

The pendant/charm is handmade from polymer clay, painted in white, blue, and brown/gold paint, and designed to represent Ahsoka’s montrals and lekku from the Clone Wars series. The necklace is also adjustable in length!

I added a new item to my shop, The “Jane Austen Literature Charm Bracelet”.

“Pride and Prejudice”, “Sense and Sensibility”, and “Emma” book charms adorn the bracelet alongside faux pearls and beads. The charm bracelet is also adjustable in length!

Available at Black Flower Store on


Plugs, Belly Rings, Accessories, Jewelry Supplies, Art, and Vintage

Plugs from $2-$5 a pair! I add new stuff all the time. Take a look :)


all jewel pendants are now permanently priced at 9USD – check out these listings for all available colors! int'l buyers, please contact us via Etsy for shipping options!

Bronze Jewel - 18"
Bronze Jewel - 24"
Silver Jewel - 18"
Silver Jewel - 24"

please reblog to spread the word about ROOK & ROBIN! picture pendants, classic cameos, and handsome keychains coming soon!


I’m almost done with the first prototype of the beautiful festival top that I’m going to be adding to my etsy! I’m so in love with it already :) Also my mannequin is wearing one of my citrine point necklaces that’ll be added to the shop soon as well!

An ombre jellyfish inspired by the depths of the ocean. :) Completely handmade out of polymer clay and available here on my Etsy store: